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Hi there, I’m Erica, a super energetic creator. I strive to give my most authentic self with all I do and all I promote. I am a proud member of the LGBT+ community and hold a very positive perspective lifestyle. I have been a professionally trained dancer going on 27 years and a licensed beauty professional for 12+ years. Mental health, as well as physical health are a huge part of my life and a edgy aesthetic is how I express myself. My goal is to spread love and confidence for my followers to be their dream version of themselves. Hope to work with you and build something beautiful. (L)gbtqia+🌈💅🏼 she/her 💌

Member Since APRIL 08, 2021
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Drenched in @blackandmoonco 💧🥵🖤 Skirt|Mesh shirt|Tank - @blackandmoonco Studded belt - @hottopic Hat - @amazon Harness & shoes - @nastygal Necklace- @mobdark_ Makeup - @meltcosmetics . . . #gothgirls#goth#gothaesthetic#alt#altgirls#ootd#fashioninspo#blackmoonco

🪄my favorite kind of self care 🤗 2 week checkup with @aestheticsbydarlene_ (the best of the best y’all already know) for the Botox in my forehead … but I couldn’t leave without getting poked again lol. Last year in April we did Botox in my masseter muscle ( Jaw ) this helped me soooo much with TMJ pain from clenching and grinding my teeth. I had relief from April- December so that was a huge win for me and I had to do it again lol. Alsssooo, this can help with facial symmetry since over worked masseter muscles can cause a imbalance from one side of your face to the other 🙌🏼🙌🏼 📍 @hebeskinhealth , Claremont CA 💉 @aestheticsbydarlene_ #hebe#hebeskinhealth#aesthetic#jawtox#botox#slimface#tmj#claremont#claremontaesthetics

Last nights | PHOTO DUMP | If you haven’t checked to see if @emo_orchestra is touring near you… GO DO IT RIGHT NOW😭🤌🏼😮‍💨 100/10… @escapethefate you were fucking incredible !!!! Thank you @alyssapoppin for being my ride or die🖤 . . . #emoorchestra#escapethefate#tour#elderemo#photodump#theorpheum#losangeles

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