Eni Maj

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📍🇺🇸 NYC Model turned mama 😜🇳🇬//🇬🇧 Blogger: www.enimaj.com

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#NYFW Highlights 🤎 Supporting wonderful charities with beautiful people ✨ #rhondaskiss shot by @bytalhamdi

The best love is the kind that awakens the soul Plants a fire in your heart Brings peace to your mind Relaxes your nervous system Nothing is ever lost The body ages, becomes sluggish But the embers left from earlier fires will always flame again. // Eni 2023.

Shot in the dark series // . “She’s a dreamer, And she Loves hard.” . @fusihype

I wish you would just take me in….with all of my flaws. I can show you a love deeper than you ever imagined ♾️

I’m creating a stream That overflows Abundant So that I can see And bring Light and Love Onto others . @ardellbeauty on the makeup, and the wonderful Shawn behind the camera

Last month I got invited to shoot at one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to ❤️✨ It really fed my soul, I felt so rooted and vulnerable. I have so much gratitude. There are so many magical places on our Earth. I pray I get to see more.

Pieces of Me You never had all of me You had a piece A moment in time. If you were patient enough If you took the time to unravel me Layer by layer Maybe, Just maybe You would have had me entirely And seen my flower bloom In all it’s glory My pieces left here and there Has left me feeling incomplete So I want them back All of the pieces of me That I’ve given away So that I can feel whole again - written by Eni, 2023 . . @eniandbelle

Wish you were here 🤎 @inamoratawoman . Shot and edited by @ninamia.ph

We’ve all broken our rules for someone… @inamoratawoman . Shot and edited by @ninamia.ph

There are endless possibilities 🤎


It started off as an ophthalmology practice 15 years ago, and has now gone on to becoming a Medi-spa where Dr. Giyaur has gone on to perform thousands of eye microsurgeries, eyelid lifting procedures, and cosmetic enhancements. As an ophthalmologist, she is uniquely positioned to provide esthetic services to her patients and has detailed knowledge of facial anatomy and extensive experience when dealing with delicate tissues of the face, and years of training and experience enable her to offer the widest range of facial aesthetic services to her patients. In fact because I DO keep fit it actually makes it worse because the loss of volume I have which makes me look tired is because of a lack of fat under my eyes) and I was advised to consider a Radiesse Facial filler which you can find out more about on the link below: If you don’t understand the process of the skins structure but as we get older (and also genetic and environmental issues also apply here), the skin’s production of collagen and elastin slowly decreases, causing tissues to lose their elasticity and structure.


that are described to be handcrafted herbal hair treatments using Lavender oil, that promotes healthy hair growth and length retention. Real lavender oil promotes healthy hair growth and length retention in this uplifting herbal growth system. The Lavender Quench Deep Conditioner ($18); The Lavender Whipped Cream Leave In Extra-Slip ($14) ; The Lavender Shaken Hair Spritzer ($11.99); The Lavender Crush Defining Gel Extra Hold ($22); The Lavender Edge Glaze ($8.99); The Lavender Fresh Cleanse Shampoo ($8).


Now working with natural materials like linen, leather and cotton Jahje designs her heirloom nursery items in between family time with her husband Joe and their 2 “baby jives”, Gavril and Elodie. My little one absolutely loved playing around on the soft surface of their swaddle and as you can see at one point enjoyed it too much that it went from him playing and being excited about his new swaddle to him absolutely loving its feel against his skin and snuggling down (with an extra layer of comfort between the Baby Jives swaddle and the floor thanks to Baloo Living’s weighted blanket) to try to catch a snooze. I felt completely safe and secure (no worries of burning myself as the steam is very safe and concentrated tight in the nozzle of the steamer which means that even if you feel the steam, it isn’t hot enough to burn you – unless of course you stick your fingers right on it which is advised against) and it was just so comfortable not having to plug in an iron or mess around with an ironing board – I received the I-steamer in blue because I loved the neutral color and it came very intact with a plug for the steamer, and a detachable and refillable case which you can fill up to 120 ml of water that can steam several items of clothing.


The instructions of how to use each product is contained within the kit, but how I personally decided to use the kit was to use the LED teeth whitening kit initially (they recommend using this every 2-3 days to avoid over-sensitivity until you reach your desired smile) and then twice a day I was using the activated charcoal. Wow’s LED kit uses a combination of carbamide peroxide and LED technology, and you can use it for up to 20 minutes (no less than 10) and it is extremely comfortable because you mold your own teeth and mouth shape to the mouth guards that are given so the whitening tools can fit securely and comfortably in your mouth. but I have continued to use the activated charcoal to brush my teeth (reducing this down from twice a day to just once at night before bed, just to avoid the extra mess) to maintain the whiteness of my teeth and honestly I have so much left over that I feel like you really get your money’s worth because you only have to use the smallest amount of the gel that is provided (carbide peroxide) for each whitening session. Propylene Glycol USP, water, kosher glycerin usp, hydrogen peroxide, carbomer, triethalanomine, peppermint essential oil Premium Whitening Pen:

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