Naimah Smith

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I'm Naimah. I’m a Published Writer and Content Creator based in NYC! My content involves, "Spreading Kindness and Positivity One Post At A Time" I'm here to empower women who are interested in mental health, wellness, dating while disabled, and lgbt+, pop culture, and travel content from a local New Yorker.

You can find my work here:

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A Local’s Guide: 4 “Social Distance Friendly” Places In New York City to Visit

A great way to spend your day in N would be taking a trip to one of the many museums around the city, one in holds both an extensive history of art, film and culture, while providing the experience of lifetime, (I’ve been twice so far); located in Midtown Manhattan, accessible by the E, and M to Fifth Avenue and 53 Street or the B, D, F or M to a quick walk will bring you a plethora of art and creative inspiration housed under one roof, other than Friday’s General Admission for adults is , while children 16 and under are free.

Feeling Is ... Art

Not by trade, or by the title - see, the artist in me is , and aching for the type of success any young creative dreams of, to be seen, and heard, and have their art speak for themselves. I've learned a few things about choosing a creative field that has no guidelines, or instruction manual, no safety net tucked securely underneath me or even a backup plan. Choosing to be an artist at this age isn't surprising to anyone anymore, its the status quo, to be authentically you in a world like this, is a blessing in disguise. When you are an artist; you have chosen to show the world; just how beautiful it is, how mesmerizing and special being on this plane of existence makes you feel, you did it.

It's Okay To Feel Insecure

Happiness to me is being so aware of your insecurities, your inner voice, and where you are in life that nothing anyone says bothers you anymore. n’t think I was pretty enough to post on my own Instagram or just take random selfies when I felt happy or good about myself. Here’s to sleepless nights and too much coffee and a room filled with books with creased over edges. This is the first day of the making sure your energy and your passions and your creativity are seen.

Be Kind To Everyone You Meet

It was the fact that I couldn’t quite articulate to the person sharing their concern about my nervousness, that my anxiety isn’t just selective to presentations or speaking to others, it’s an all-encompassing rollercoaster ride of feelings that won’t seem to let me get off. A disorder or illness is something generalized by particular traits that doctors use to classify one disorder from another; but how a person reacts to it and deals with it, is a case by case dealing — For me, it’s a feeling like the world is going to end if I don’t make it to a job interview in time, or even having crying spells before I go outside, ordering food at a restaurant, or even acknowledging the cashier in the check out line without any verbal communication but eye contact. Some of my usual responses would have been: Being able to understand that anxiety is how my body reacts to situations of stress, duress, pressure, and even basic communication has helped me figure out how to handle interactions in my daily life with care, and in a way that doesn’t trigger stress, or make me feel like I’m a bug under constant heat and pressure.

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