Dejeuné H.

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I help entrepreneurs and blossoming brands convey their personal and or brand’s voice through style and art.

Location Washington D.C., DC
Country United States
Member Since APRIL 15, 2020
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Hello new followers and continued supporters! I feel like we need to get reacquainted, my name is Dejeuné H. I am a style expert that teach modern women how to elevate their style and confidences through knowledge. I also enjoy cold wine and long walks through the park lol. But I want to know who you are, where you’re from and how I can guide you on your style journey. Let me know in the comments💋

Yes poor fitting clothes is a real emotion. I get it and we’ve all been there at some point in time. It sucks when the look you envisioned looks like someone’s curtains on you. To this problem here are some solutions💡 • Know your measurements. Not your size but your measurements. It’ll make selecting sizes from the size charts more efficient. •Try your clothes on before you buy! I know Covid makes this more of a challenge in certain areas. (When I go shopping I were clothing I can slip things over.) •Get a good tailor. Because all body shapes are created differently there will not always be a one size fit all so some clothing will need to be tailored to fit your body shape. The Style Language e-book goes into this style dilemma and provides many tips and solutions plus so much more. It’s on sale for $5 ! Buy yours now #linkinbio

I feel like “Living Room Chic” will become a dressing style. And honestly as wild as things are in the world getting dressed up without an occasion should be our née norm. What’d you think ?

Patiently waiting so accept all of the abundance 2021 has to bring Happy New Year🥂🎆

When you wear many hats it’s not easy to see that you need help in certain areas of your life and it’s definitely not easy asking for help. I’m so grateful that I can assist with making some loads lighter. Hiring a stylist is the self-care you didn’t know you needed. 🤍

“I have nothing to wear😰” I hear it all the time. Typically from women who have clothes spilling out of their closet. So how can you own so many clothes and shop on the regular ? ••• 1. You’re missing wardrobe essentials👖 or basics. These are the adhesives to your wardrobe, they connect the dots to a functional. : 2. You aimlessly add to cart🛒typically the shopaholic or emotional 🛍shopper. So the clothes are filling an emotional void and have no function to your wardrobe. : 3. You don’t have a concept of your authentic style. So as soon as that “hot new item” drops you cop it and it usually has an expiration date so it’s only worn once if at all. (Hello F****on N*va) : 4. Your closet is on full which sounds great except it’s TOO full. So full in fact that you can’t navigate your wardrobe because it’s so 😓overwhelming. So instead of going into your fully stocked closet and getting dressed in less than ⏱20 min you get frustrated and end up wearing the same old garments. ••• So where do you fall at on this list🤔

Less is actually more when it comes to effortless style🤌🏾. The key is investing in quality wardrobe essentials NOT every trend that comes out. Wardrobe essentials👖 can be mixed in with statement pieces and worn time and time again. If you need help elevating your style start with wardrobe essentials - download the FREE Wardrobe Essential Checklist📝 I made just for you. Drop any of your style questions below👇🏾 : : : : : : : : : : #yourstyleisforever #stylelanguage #styletiptuesday #personalstyledc #helpmystyle #dresstoimpress #styleinsideout #stylehelp #talktuesday #trends #wardrobeessentials #yourstyleisforever #exploreunder3k #personalstylist #elevateyourstyle #wardrobepharmacist #momprenuer #mondaymeetings #helpmystyle #discoverunder3k #stylemum#dmvpersonalstylist #letmehelpyourstyle #stylegoals #wardrobegoals #buildyourwardrobe

Just in time for last minute holiday shopping! Get complimentary store or home delivery if you’re in the D.C. area. •Use my associate link in bio. •ID: 94326 •Store: 4077 •Checkout as a guest. •Use email DM or email me with any questions. Happy Shopping!

T H A N K Y O U !! Your love and support has been so appreciated !! I’ve actually extended the sale sooo you can still grab your Little Black Bag at 30% off until 11:59PM use the code: BLK at checkout🖤

Get your Little Black Bag 30% off for a limited time only. Use the code: BLK

Everyone has that moment when their perfect outfit is ruined by something out the blue like a food spill or popped button. I want help you keep your look in tip top shape with all of the wardrobe malfunction fixers. Get the perfect stocking stuffer for the stylista in your life today for 30% off. Use the code: BLK ps...the Style Language E-Book is only $5 !

Happy Fashion Friday, hello new followers and subscribers! My name is Dejeuné H. I am a personal stylist to the modern day woman. Life is hectic especially when you’re running your household, business or sometimes both but that’s no reason not to look like the goddess that you are. This is where I come in to make all of your style dreams come true. Is your style a reflection of who you are? If the answer is anything other than “Hell yeah !” We need to change that immediately. Book your free consultation today.

A year ago today I hosted the first Style Language Workshop where I taught a group of women about the importance of knowing your body type, what flatters their figure and the importance of intentional dressing and shopping. These styling techniques helped them to get dressed stress free and to feel more empowered through their personal style. Can you use some style assistance ? Download your Style Language e-book today! Link in bio.

How to work with me: 1. Book your free(for now) phone consultation to talk about style goals. This is so important to determine that we’re the best fit for each other. There isn’t a one size fits all with stylist, so though I would loveee to help everyone enhance their style I know that’s not realistic. The best client is the one ready and willing to dress for the life they deserve. Is that you ? Book today. Happy Fashion Friday ! : : : : #personaldevelopment #motivation #inspiration #success #entrepreneur #personalgrowth #styleideas #styleguide #whatiwore #nothingtowear #instastyle #helpmystyle #styleworkshop #defineyourstyle #styletherapy #stylelanguage #dcstyleevents #dcstylist #dcisfashion #dcitystyle #dcstylist #dcisfashion #yourstyleisforever #WardrobeArchitect #wardrobeedit #wardrobebasics #wardrobemusthave #WardrobeCoach #wardrobestaple

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