Danielle Benjamin

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Hello! I manage the Perlu influencer community, helping every one of you to grow your brand and network with other influencers. I am here to answer any and all questions you have about the Perlu platform, so feel free to send me a message!

What makes me different?

I'm an influencer myself! I run my own blog and social media accounts, focused on travel. I look forward to connecting with you. Connect with my blog on Perlu.

With a Masters degree in English, one of my best strengths is writing and editing articles for my blog. After living abroad in Australia for 16 months, I developed a desire to see the world and write about it!


My blog is focused on giving people tips and tricks to save money and get the most out of their traveling experiences. You'll notice that I focus a lot on food, animals, craft beer, and budget tips. Located in Central New York State, I often feature events and places in New York from a local's perspective.


80% from the USA

78% women

52% aged 25-34


Syracuse Brewery Tour

Exploring the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail

Things to do on the Syracuse University Campus

Location Syracuse, New York
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A Beer Lover's Weekend in Cooperstown, NY

Throughout the winter months, the Inn at Cooperstown holds a monthly Bed & Brew package along with Ommegang Brewery. is Cooperstown/Otsego County Tourism Board, The Inn at Cooperstown, and Ommegang Brewery for hosting my husband and me during our weekend in Cooperstown. About The Inn at Cooperstown Owned by Marc & Sherrie Kingsley since 2003, The Inn at Cooperstown is everything you’d hope for in an inn. When you book your Bed & Brew weekend in Cooperstown, you’re encouraged to bring some beer to share with the other guests.

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Snorkeling in Silfra in the Winter in Iceland

Unlike most places you go snorkeling, Silfra doesn’t have many fish, so that’s not what draws people in. How to Book a Tour to Snorkel in Silfra Silfra is located in Thingvellir National Park, and snorkeling is only accessible with a guide. As I mentioned, make sure that you’re wearing thermals under your clothing and you’ve got warm hats, gloves, and boots – and maybe a change of socks – While not necessarily the cheapest thing to do in Iceland, snorkeling in Silfra in the winter is something I’ll remember forever.

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Changing the Guard Ceremonies in London: Everything You Need to Know

Even better, on our recent trip to London, we got to see all three: Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, and Horse Guards Parade. Even after the royal family moved into Buckingham Palace in the 1800s, the Royal Guard remained at St. James’s Palace. When: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 11am Similar to the ceremony at Buckingham Palace, Windsor’s Changing the Guard Because the ceremony is held inside the gates of Horse Guards Parade, it is crucial to arrive early, as the entrance tunnel gets very crowded, and then closed off shortly before the ceremony starts for the cavalry to get through.

I did it! I finally published my guide to Wynwood and Little Havana, Miami. Fresh on the blog this morning 🎨 One of the biggest problems I had while writing this article was choosing which photos to include. It was incredibly hard to narrow them down because Wynwood is just full of amazing art - like this one! The vibrant colors, dancing butterflies, and the haunting look in her eyes really resonate with me, making it one of my favorite murals in Wynwood right now. By the way, if you want some eye candy, be sure to check out the post. There are lots of photo galleries! . . . #miami #wynwood #wynwoodmiami #visitmiami #onlyinflorida #visitflorida #streetart #streetartchat #photography #proudtobeftb #girlswhotravel #femaletravelbloggers #femaletraveler #loveFL #womenwhotravel #girlslovetravel #letsgo #seetheworld #localguides #streetartgirls #natgeotravel #letsguide #thattravelblog #foundinmiami #streetartofficial #butterflies #wanderlust #wynwoodwalls #miamistreetart #loveflorida

How to Plan the Best Road Trip Ever

With several cross-country road trips under my belt, I’m here to help show you how to plan the best road trip ever. One of the coolest features is that once you’ve picked all the stops along your road trip, the app will estimate your total distance, driving time, and even how much gas will cost. Here’s a list to help you get the car packed for your road trip. Sweatpants and a t-shirt with a hoodie is my road trip outfit of choice – with flip-flops for the car ride and sneakers to easily change into for stops.

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Life is short. I’ve been tragically reminded of that fact with the death of my cousin last week. It’s been hard to deal with, hence my absence from social media. My cousin was my inspiration to start my travel blog when he first got sick 3 years ago. He didn’t know how much time he had left, and he talked about the importance of spending your time doing what you love with the people you love. You never know how much time you’ll have left, so live life to the fullest. Visit your family. Eat that extra piece of cake. Book that vacation. Most of all, strive for happiness. Here’s to a renewed ambition in 2020. For new adventures and bigger goals to accomplish. I want to make him proud. This photo was taken before a wedding at @vizcaya_museum in Miami, Florida. It felt like the trail represented new adventures and new opportunities. As Robert Frost would say, take the road less traveled - for that will make all the difference. . . . #reflection #livelifetothefullest #letthemeatcake #multiplemyeloma #cancersucks #fuckcancer #myinspiration #proudtobeftb #girlswhotravel #femaletravelbloggers #femaletraveler #traveltolive #womenwhotravel #girlslovetravel #letsgo #seetheworld #localguides #natgeotravel #letsguide #thattravelblog #exploremore #miami #travelblogger #wanderlust #florida #visitflorida #lovefl #vizcayamuseum #lifeisshort #visitmiami