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Hey there! My name is Dani and I am an avid traveler. In addition to being the Lead Community Manager for Perlu, I also run my own travel blog.

After living abroad in Australia for 16 months, I developed a desire to see the world and write about it! My blog is focused on giving people tips and tricks to save money and get the most out of their traveling experiences.

I have a strong belief in being authentic and honest. All photos used are my own, with occasional pieces from guest contributors and Instagram posts. I only write about places that I have actually visited and experiences I've had on my own - and will be clear if something was simply a recommendation!


My blog is focused on giving people tips and tricks to save money and get the most out of their traveling experiences. You'll notice that I focus a lot on food, animals, craft beer, and budget tips. Located in Central New York State, I often feature events and places in New York from a local's perspective.


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Syracuse Brewery Tour

Exploring the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail

Things to do on the Syracuse University Campus

Location Syracuse, New York Central New York
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Hey y’all! Since we aren’t able to travel these days, I’ve started ‘traveling’ around my neighborhood lately. One of my besties meets me (and sometimes the hubby) in the driveway to come along, but don’t worry - the dog leashes are six feet long, so it’s an easy gauge to know we are a safe distance apart! I’ve got to say, these walks definitely help my mental and emotional heath. It’s hard not to let the anxiety build up with everything going on. How are you holding up? What are you doing to keep your sanity while being quarantined? I’ve been watching the Harry Potter movies constantly on @syfy alllll week long. Proud #Ravenclaw here! . . #dogwalker #quarantine #quarantinelife #socialdistancing #travelsomeday #bestfriends #getoutside #syracuse #newyork #centralnewyork #ilovenewyork #iloveny #harrypotter #stayhome #stayhomesavelives #stayhealthy #dogmom #mykidshavepaws #dogwalking #centralnewyork #upstateny #upstatenewyork #travelblogger #exploremore #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #stopthespread #wereallinthistogether #weareallinthistogether #proudtobeftb

Virtual Tours from Around the World

Virtual Tours from Around the World Use these links to jump to the section that interests you the most: Art Museums Cultural Museums Science & History Museums Historic & Famous Landmarks Zoos & Aquariums Parks & Outdoor Spaces Streaming Concerts & Performances Additional Resources One of Australia’s largest art museums, the Art Gallery of New South Wales is available for online exploration. While it’s nowhere near the millions of pieces of art you can see in person, it’s free and available from home! One of the oldest and most famous art museums in the world is available to explore online.

I voted. If you are fighting... • against racism • for equal rights • for human rights • for our planet • for healthcare • for education • for a better world for our children • for our country ... then get out and vote! Whether it be in person or by mail, don’t take our right to vote for granted. People fought so hard for a democracy, then for women, then for Blacks... be grateful that you have the right to have a say in the future of our country. It is literally the easiest thing you can do to try to make a difference. Do it. . . . #primaryelection #primaries #ivoted #vote #rockthevote #electionday #syracuse #newyork #syracuseny #american #equalrights #womensrights #civilrights #dotherightthing #biden2020 #voteblue #votevotevote #vote2020 #voteforchange #voted #makeadifference #iloveny #ilovenewyork #proudtobeanamerican #pollingstation

A Beer Lover's Weekend in Cooperstown, NY

Throughout the winter months, the Inn at Cooperstown holds a monthly Bed & Brew package along with Ommegang Brewery. is Cooperstown/Otsego County Tourism Board, The Inn at Cooperstown, and Ommegang Brewery for hosting my husband and me during our weekend in Cooperstown. About The Inn at Cooperstown Owned by Marc & Sherrie Kingsley since 2003, The Inn at Cooperstown is everything you’d hope for in an inn. When you book your Bed & Brew weekend in Cooperstown, you’re encouraged to bring some beer to share with the other guests.

Hello everyone! It’s a strange world we are living in right now. I’ve taken this opportunity to give my home office a fresh facelift - and the timing is great, because I just got my new Victoria metro map in the mail from @thecameragraphic. It’s the perfect addition for my work space since I can look up and reminisce about the time I spent living in Melbourne. I can’t wait to print some old photos to put around the frame. Jake is the artist at The Camera Graphic, and he does a great job. The best part? It’s an online shop, so right now you can order from home! Get yourself a map of a place you’ve visited, or get one for a friend to remind them of a time they spent living in another city. So how are you holding up? What’s your home office look like? Tag me in your photos so I can see them! On a personal note, I’m lucky to work for @perlusocial, a subcompany of @terakeet, and we can continue to work remotely at full capacity. My heart goes out to all the people who have lost their jobs and also those who are on the front lines - healthcare providers, delivery drivers, those in the food industry, and more - my husband included! Just remember that we are all in this together and we will get through! In the meantime, I’ll probably be sharing some flashbacks to keep us all inspired. #sponsored #remotework #workfromhome #workfromhomelife #homeoffice #thecameragraphic #minimalistmetromap #metromapart #linemapposter #proudtobeftb #femaletravelbloggers #bloggerlife #blogginglife #travelblogger #workingremotely #visitmelbourne #melbourne #melbourneaustralia #minimalistart #australia #studyabroad #coronavirus #quarantine #harrypotter #wanderer #wewillgetthroughthis #doyourpart #girlswhotravel #girlslovetravel #wanderingwomen

Snorkeling in Silfra in the Winter in Iceland

Unlike most places you go snorkeling, Silfra doesn’t have many fish, so that’s not what draws people in. How to Book a Tour to Snorkel in Silfra Silfra is located in Thingvellir National Park, and snorkeling is only accessible with a guide. As I mentioned, make sure that you’re wearing thermals under your clothing and you’ve got warm hats, gloves, and boots – and maybe a change of socks – While not necessarily the cheapest thing to do in Iceland, snorkeling in Silfra in the winter is something I’ll remember forever.

Hey y’all! It’s time to get brutally honest. Life has been weird lately. Scary. Uncomfortable. Uncertain. These are definitely the strangest times I’ve experienced. I haven’t felt comfortable creating content. Not really. I’ve done a lot of resharing in stories and on Facebook, but now I’m ready to get back into the action. And with that said, I want to recognize the current racial tensions in my country. It’s scary. It’s shameful that this is till occurring. And it’s heartbreaking. I can’t believe we are still having conversations to fight for equal rights for people. How is this not common sense by now? Everyone should be treated equally. Everyone. The end. Throughout all of this, I’ve been doing a lot of work with @mountgayrumus during my full-time job with @perlusocial, helping them to amplify a campaign in which they are supporting furloughed bartenders across the country. It’s an incredibly noble effort, and I’m proud to be a part of it - even if it’s behind the scenes. Before starting the #MountGayMoments campaign, I got to visit the @mountgayrum office in New York to try the new blends of Black Barrel and XO. They are incredible! If you haven’t tried them, you definitely should. (PS you can order some online at Reserve Bar!) While in their office, I always got to learn about the history of Mount Gay in Barbados and their newest master distiller, Trudiann Branker. The bartender who served us was Darrio Prescod (@thatbajanguy), the US ambassador - also from Barbados! In fact, 95% of Mount Gay employees are black. So with all this uncertainty and social distancing, grab yourself a bottle of Mount Gay, find a friend from a different race/culture/ethnicity/sexuality, and have a virtual happy hour. I promise it will make your day a little better. Now, if I can make it to Barbados to tour the distillery in person, that would be amazing! . . . #MoreThanARum #MountGay #rum #barbados #supportblackbusinesses #cocktails #cocktailsofinstagram #drinkstagram #drinks #drinkresponsibly #mixology #newyorkcity #dayjob #bestdrinkever #quarantineandchill #bartenders #mountgayrum #travelblogger #sheisnotlost #proudtobeftb #thattravelblog #letsgo #instadrink #rumtasting

Changing the Guard Ceremonies in London: Everything You Need to Know

Even better, on our recent trip to London, we got to see all three: Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, and Horse Guards Parade. Even after the royal family moved into Buckingham Palace in the 1800s, the Royal Guard remained at St. James’s Palace. When: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 11am Similar to the ceremony at Buckingham Palace, Windsor’s Changing the Guard Because the ceremony is held inside the gates of Horse Guards Parade, it is crucial to arrive early, as the entrance tunnel gets very crowded, and then closed off shortly before the ceremony starts for the cavalry to get through.

We’re FINALLY starting to see some nice weather here in central New York. And nothing shows signs of springtime more than the Canadian goose family I saw recently! Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge has always been a favorite of mine. And when I wanted something special to do for my birthday weekend, I couldn’t think of anything better than driving through the refuge in the Finger Lakes and birdwatching from the car. A perfect activity during social distancing! I was lucky enough to see lots of birds and even a turtle sunbathing himself. Herons, cranes, ducks, geese, and several others I can’t name were out and about for visitors to enjoy. But my favorite? A pair of Canadian geese and their five little goslings. They. Were. Adorable. Just look at those little yellow floofs! What’s been your favorite social distancing activity? Have you been able to explore more locally during these crazy times? #springtime #wildlife #wildlifephotography #wildliferefuge #montezuma #fingerlakes #fingerlakesny #iloveny #ilovenewyork #canadiangeese #gosling #goose #weareflx #femaletravelbloggers #proudtobeftb #socialdistancing #babyanimals #flx #centralnewyork #onlyinnewyork #visitcny #naturalnewyork #newyorkonly #yesny #upstatenewyork #upstateny #visittheusa #exploreny #letsguide #senecafalls

Obligatory selfie in Times Square! Last week I had a whirlwind trip to NYC for a work meeting and grad school alumni event. Between the two events, I had just enough time to snap a few photos at the heart of Manhattan. I can’t explain it, but every single time I’m in Times Square, it feels magical. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve been there (dozens), I’m always in awe of it all. What do you think? Is Times Square special? Or is it overrated? #proudtobeftb #femaletravelbloggers #newyorkonly #onlyinnewyork #girlswhotravel #femaletraveler #traveltolive #womenwhotravel #girlslovetravel #letsgo #seetheworld #localguides #letsguide #thattravelblog #exploremore #travelblogger #wanderlust #newyorkblogger #globelletravels #sheisnotlost #timessquare #manhattan #iloveny #ilovenyc #bucketlisttravel #ladiesgoneglobal #dametraveler #wanderful #cityphotography #citylife

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