Natalie Lesnefsky

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I've been blogging for 11+ years and have loved sharing our family life and naturally growing an amazing community of readers. We share our family adventures, home decor, parties, recipes, DIY projects and more! Love sharing brands that are a good fit and I think my people will love.

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#ad Every dollar counts these days! I feel like we are going through groceries faster than normal- these boys are hungry! ;) And those sports expenses are adding up! Maybe you’re feeling this in your home too…so how does winning $500 sound??I wanted to share with you guys about the @go2bank Tax Sweeps! When you direct deposit your tax refund into your GO2bank account, you’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win $500! Plus, you get your tax refund up to 5 days early when you direct deposit! Opening a GO2bank account is super easy! It takes less than two minutes! No minimum balance Required. VISIT: (LINK INCLUDED HERE)VIDEO AND STORY TEXT OVERLAYS: “This video brought to you by GO2bank™.” #ad #GO2bankTaxSweeps #GO2bank

Take us back to Magic Kingdom! 🥰 Genie+ is a game changer and the only way we were able to ride EVERYTHING we wanted to ride! We started our morning with taking the ferry over- our favorite way to arrive! 🥰✨ We were hoping to be able to snag our FAVORITE ride, Seven Dwarves Mine Train, with an individual lightening lane. You have to buy this and since we stayed at an AirBnb, and not on site,we had to wait till park opens to get it and usually all spots are taken. Somehow we snagged late afternoon spots!! We were all pumped because last time we waited 2 hours and this time we could walk right on! I used our first Genie+ booking on Jungle Cruise which was a late morning time. We immediately entered the park and headed to Tomorrowland! It’s fun to do a ride eveyone can do to start the day so we rode Buzz Lightyear’s Space ranger spin. Then right next door the big kids went to ride Space Mountain (it was only a 30 min wait!) While they did that, right next door was a chance to meet/wave at Buzz and Stitch! Both little boys were dressed like stitch so my heart was about to explode when they saw him! We filled up our popcorn buckets and chilled by the castle watching the show with all the characters while we waited. Magic Kingdom really is the best park for littles… so much fun for them around every corner! Chase was able to ride majority of the rides with us too. You can always do the rider switch which is so handy when you have littles who can’t/don’t want to ride… but we made some great family memories on rides all together! After the show we all headed to my favorite nostalgic ride- Little Mermaid! We walked right on and it is just one of those rides that feels classic Disney World to me! 🥹✨ Is there a ride that is the classic one for you?? . . #disneyworldtrip #disneyworldplanning #disneywithkids #magickingdom #genieplus #momtomany #disneytrip #sixkids #ohheymama #athomewithnatalie #ncmom #scmom #thesearethedays #motherhood #momlife #disneymom #disneyparks #disneyfamily #bigfamily #disneygram #disneycreator #disneylove #waltdisneyworld

Best purchase of our Disney Trip was this Pluto hat. 🤣 We dove right back into regular life this week but had lots of fun memories to hold onto! 🥰 Have you been to Hollywood Studios before? Our kids are ages 14 to almost 3 and there was something for everyone! 🥰

After we met some characters and rode Mickey and Minnie’s Railway we headed over to the Star Wars section of Hollywood studios! Our Micah was most excited for this and his face as we walked through the tunnel was everything! After eating lunch at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo and exploring a little… we walked on Millenium Falcon Smugglers Run ride using our 3rd Genie+. While waiting for Sienna and Ben to ride again (using rider switch) we were able to meet some Storm Troopers! The next genie+ ride I booked was back in Toy Story Land- was torn between booking toy story mania ride or Rock ‘n’ roller coaster…Both lightening lanes fill up so I went with the ride that everyone could ride. (Toy story mania) it was also worth not waiting in line with the littles… the big kids could handle waiting better. (So that’s something to keep in mind when choosing which to grab before they’re gone!) I loved how we rode the Star Tours ride and while Ben went back on using the rider switch (taking 2 kids) I was able to take the rest to the Backlot Express (next to ride) and have food ready at the tables when they walked off the ride! We were able to get in a bunch more rides with little to no wait using genie+. The only ride we did that wasn’t a walk on was Rock ‘n’ Roller Coster. But while I did that 50 minute line with the three big kids…Ben took the littles to the Fantasmic show and fireworks right across from the ride! We ate all the sweet treats, smiled at all the fun around us and had plenty of kid meltdowns in between haha. A great first day at the Disney Parks! Follow for more ‘Disney World with Kids’ tips! Going through all the parks we did and enjoying looking back at our fun! 🥹✨🥰 . . #disneyworldtrip #disneyworldplanning #disneywithkids #hollywoodstudios #genieplus #momtomany #disneytrip #sixkids #ohheymama #athomewithnatalie #ncmom #scmom #thesearethedays #motherhood #momlife #disneymom #disneyparks #disneyfamily #bigfamily #disneygram #disneycreator #disneylove #waltdisneyworld

We started our Disney trip with 6 kids at Hollywood Studios! It was a new park for all of us and had something for everyone! We used Genie+ (A MUST!) and were able to snag the Slinky Ride for early morning! (Our Genie+ strategy: choose our top rides first, based on which ones run out of lightening lanes quicker as the day goes on.) Make sure to do rider switch! Ben and I were able to do all the rides too even when Chase couldn’t. A kid can ride with you again. (Sometimes 1,2 or all 6 rode again.) We headed straight to the Toy Story area and rode Alien Swirling Saucers (20 min line) and walked onto Slinky! As soon as I scanned into Slinky I chose our next Genie+ ride: Micky and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad. (That one fills up fast too.) We had some time before our next Genie + ride so we did some character meet ups right in that area and the Disney Junior Dance Party. (Chase LOVED that and it was a good feet break for the kids. Video at end!) We had snacks and watched Characters. Get the refillable popcorn buckets! We used them at all the parks! Then we rode Mickey and Minnie’s Ride. It was a great morning! Follow for more ‘Disney World with Kids’ tips! Going through all the parks we did and enjoying looking back at our fun! 🥹✨🥰 #disneyworldtrip #disneyworldplanning #disneywithkids #hollywoodstudios #genieplus #momtomany #disneytrip #sixkids #ohheymama #athomewithnatalie #ncmom #scmom #thesearethedays #motherhood #momlife #disneymom #disneyparks #disneyfamily #bigfamily #disneygram #disneycreator #disneylove #waltdisneyworld

✨✨Just wrapped up our Disney Trip and feeling so grateful for this time and all the sweet memories we made as a family! ✨✨ Taking 6 kids is PURE chaos haha but soo many pockets of joy that I wish I could bottle up. WORTH IT!!!!!!✨✨ I’ll share all the things soon! 🥰 I honestly feel like we crushed this trip we did SO MUCH in our 3 days. I can’t wait to chat all about genie +, rides we loved, what videos I watched that helped the most, what we packed and things that made a trip with big and little kids easier! ✨✨ A special shoutout to my amazing husband and teammate @blesnefsky who makes every adventure more fun!

We made it to Orland for our Disney World Trip! Today we crushed our 9 hour drive (it was shocking. God heard my prayers!! 😅) and then we hung out at @disneysprings! We did dinner at @chickenguy (delicioussssss) and souvenir shopping. Then headed out to get some rest for our big day tomorrow. First up: Hollywood Studios! Everyone is asleep here but me… I’m just too excited for all the memories to be made. It’s pure chaos. But MAGIC! ✨That’s how it goes with a big family!

Winter break vibes: when daddy goes back to work. 🤣🤪 They officially ransacked the pantry daily.

✨We surprised the kids with a special Christmas present…We’re going to Disney! ✨ Their reaction was pretty much all I could hope for haha. 🥹 Asher helped me make countdown paper chains. (We are days away from going now!) It was so fun finally sharing the details with them… I was about to burst with excitement! haha. The water bottle/sticker idea was inspo from @homeofuandme. The stickers are from @wishuponmagic and @wildjunestudio. I linked all my Amazon finds for the trip on a new board on my Amazon page. Linked in bio! The last time we went Hunter was 4 weeks old and now he’s 5! It was a great trip even with our hands full.. so VERY excited for this trip. Give me all your Disney tips and tricks I’m here for it!

Asher’s Literati Box- A Book Club Subscription!

You hop on their site and choose the club you want to sign up for (based on age.) Literati Kids book clubs bring the world’s best children’s books to your door each month. Literati helps us discover new ones loved by teachers, librarians, and other parents! You take a fun little quiz and it will suggest your first book club to try out.

Chase’s 1st Birthday- Presents + Cake

At first he wasn’t sure what to think of the squishy cold frosting but once he got a little taste, his eyes lit up! ’s first cake is seeing their chubby little fingers pinch up tiny pieces to eat. One of the fun parts of a big family…is that when it’s someone’s birthday everyone gets in on the new toy fun! Fisher-Price Little People DC Super Friends Fisher-Price

Favorite Curly Hair Products for my Daughter!

I love seeing the young lady Sophia is growing into but when I look at her, I will forever picture her my first little one! I recently had a special few days with just her and the baby and one of our “fun things” we planned was a middle school photo shoot! Long Sleeve Tee- Old Navy (different color) Women’s Cardigan, Universal Thread, Cream in :) This little photoshoot time is always going to be a special memory we look back on.

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