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•Sharing High Spirits🦄 •Building Community 🤟 •Exploring Distilleries 🥃 •DM For Collaborations and Features 📩 As an emerging Bourbon Influencer on instagram my page and following is seeing organic and steady growth. I have experience working with brands such as; Wollersheim, Old Elk, Barrel Bourbon, Chicken Cock, Smokewagon, Traverse City and Central Standard. I love speaking with distillers and industry pros, tasting spirits, reviewing products, sharing with others and beyond. My current milestone is to reach 6k+ followers by May 5 2020 which is my birthday! I would love to work with other influecers, distillers and industry relevant people. Hoping to become more and more involved with the industry post covid by attending spirits shows too.

Location Milwaukee, WI Southeastern
Country United States of America
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So happy to have our first North Carolina distiller and the highly awarded @southerndistilling coming to the Wisconsin Whiskey Festival in 2023!! Say welcome to Southern Star. ⭐️ 🥃 #whiskey #southern #star #southernstar #southerndistilling #northcarolina #statesville #rye #bourbon #carolinas #mke #wisco

Another newcomer in 2023! Please welcome @threechordbourbon to the Wisconsin Whiskey Festival! #whiskey #bourbon #rye #music #guitar #threechord #chords #guitarchords

Working my way through the @brokenbarrelwhiskey lineup. This dram is the 88 proof California oak, KY Straight bourbon. With a 70% corn, 21% rye and 9% malted barley mash bill and an oak bill of 80%cab staves and 20% new French oak. I get a lot of younger green tannins but at 44abv it stays fairly approachable with a constantly dry and spiced mouthfeel. A bit too rye spicy for me neat, so I think it’s best on a rock for my preferences. Looking forward to the rest. Cheers!

Very excited to welcome back @cedarridgeiowa to the 2023 Wisconsin Whiskey Festival. Our friends @espnmilwaukee Greg Scalzo and Ben Brust (AKA Scalzo&Brust) will be pouring their single barrel/s as well! We are partnering with @goodkarmabrands this year to tell you all about it on @espnmilwaukee @espnmadison and @101.7thetruth SO STAY TUNED AND TICKETS ARE LIVE IN JULY!! #whiskey #bourbon #americanwhiskey #rye #distilling #craftdistilling #whisky #cedarridge #scalzoandbrust #espn #espnmilwaukee #espnmadison #thetruth #radio #goodkarma

PROUDLY SUPPORTING ILLINOIS CRAFT SPIRITS!!! Distillinois is just two days away! Remember: All proceeds go towards improving business and regulatory environments for Illinois' Craft Distillers, so please come out and support! Tickets start at just $25, giving you access to spirits from Illinois' most innovative distilleries (including unreleased gems!) and craft cocktails from Chicago's leading mixologists in partnership with the US Bartenders' Guild. LINK IN STORY!!

Ugh. This New $75,000 Bourbon Will Be Launched into Orbit and Aged in Outer Space for One Year This whiskey better be out of this world.

Special day calls for a special pour. Cracking this batch 1, W.B. Saffell that I’ve been sitting on this for 2 years? No time like the present. #wbsaffell #whiskeybarons #bourbon #whiskey

Excited to welcome back @doorcountydistillery to the 2023 Wisconsin Whiskey Festival! Glad to have more Door County WI brands repping our great state. See you in October!!

Sad news from @hoteltangodistillery

SUPER pumped to have the whole @brokenbarrelwhiskey lineup this season. These bourbons, ryes and American whiskey range 88-95-100-105-115 proof so there’s a wheelhouse for everyone I think. One thing of note is that they are ALL straight whiskies. That means everyone is at least 4 years old. Looking forward to enjoying DSP-KY-10! #whiskey #bourbon #rye #bourbonwhiskey #ryewhiskey #americanwhiskey #straightbourbon #straightrye #straightamericanwhiskey

And in more Sazerac @buffalotracedistillery news, Rob Riggle has gone the way of a barrel man to launch Bourbon Barrel-Aged Fireball Dragon Reserve. The burning question is of course. WHY THOUGH?! Yes, I do plan to buy it.. 😝 #fireball #whisky #whiskey #bourbon #bourbonbarrel #barrelaged #bourbonbarrelaged

Something new coming from @buffalotracedistillery There has already been a few sneak peeks by nobody pages for some reason, but it’s out there! Yes, I am bitter and jealous. Lol The Daniel Weller experimental line is inspired by Daniel and his pioneering spirit, with plans to release one limited expression every other year, when each experiment is deemed ready for bottling by Master Distiller Harlen Wheatley. The inaugural release is made with Emmer wheat, an ancient Egyptian grain that's rarely seen in modern-day stills, and mainly used to make beer and bread. Archaeologists have found evidence of Emmer wheat domestication over 6,000 years ago, and its symbol is etched into the Egyptian pyramids. The mashbill is not the only variable in this experiment. It was distilled in the E.H. Taylor, Jr. Microstill, which Harlen spent two years custom-designing. A combination pot and column still. Aged for nearly 12 years, Daniel Weller Emmer Wheat is bottled at 94 proof. The nose is fresh and nutty, with notes of orange zest, hazelnut, cinnamon and caramel; the palate a well-rounded blend of bold oak, sweet honey and orchard fruits with a complex oak-forward finish complemented by baking spice and leather notes. In homage to Daniel's pioneering journey, each release from the Daniel Weller series is packaged in a clear 750ml glass bottle with a unique compass stopper. Once opened, underneath the stopper one will find the coordinates pinpointing the location of Daniel's farm near Botland, KY. Daniel Weller Emmer Wheat will be rolling out in limited quantities as of June 2023 at 499.99 #bourbon #weller #blantons #pappy #buffalotrace #buffalotracedistillery #buffalotraceantiquecollection #buffalotracebourbon #danielweller #wheat #wheatwhiskey #wheatedbourbon #wheatbourbon #wheatedbourbons

I swear i get a lot done around here! #bourbon #whiskey #rye #chores #marriedlife #jkmywifeisawesome #ididntactuallyhaveanywhiskeyyesterday #eventhoughiwouldhavelikedit #lovemywife #ky #mke #wi #wis #wisco

When you’re 20 minutes away from @jhenrybourbon it would be silly not to stop by on your free time… 🥃

So happy to welcome back @ingramwhiskey to the 2023 Wisconsin Whiskey Festival! They’re expanding like gang busters this year and that Mississippi River Whiskey is something else… Come see what’s up in October! #whiskey #bourbon #mississippi #mississippiriver #kentucky #ky #mke #milwaukee #wisco #wisconsin

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