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•Sharing High Spirits🦄 •Building Community 🤟 •Exploring Distilleries 🥃 •DM For Collaborations and Features 📩 As an emerging Bourbon Influencer on instagram my page and following is seeing organic and steady growth. I have experience working with brands such as; Wollersheim, Old Elk, Barrel Bourbon, Chicken Cock, Smokewagon, Traverse City and Central Standard. I love speaking with distillers and industry pros, tasting spirits, reviewing products, sharing with others and beyond. My current milestone is to reach 6k+ followers by May 5 2020 which is my birthday! I would love to work with other influecers, distillers and industry relevant people. Hoping to become more and more involved with the industry post covid by attending spirits shows too.

Location Milwaukee, WI Southeastern
Country United States of America
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Legit bourbon collection at @vintagebrewingcomadison Even saw someone get that Blantons down for a dram so it’s not just an ornament. Also plenty of craft WI stuff like @jhenrybourbon @wollersheimdistillery @dancinggoatdistillery @driftlessglen

Very excited to try this @rebelbourbon single barrel that was selected by @siegelsliquor and @okliquor If you are a greater milwaukee area resident you should definitely be hitting either place up for bourbon and a craft beer selection that’s hard to beat! If you read this far, stay tuned as I have more exciting news to come with these two stores….

@distillery291 2021 will be the first time the new whiskeys will be available outside of Colorado. HR: (HIGH RYE) 291’s High Rye Colorado Bourbon was first created when a miscommunication between 291 founder, Michael Myers and Head Distiller, Eric Jett resulted in a double dose of rye accidentally added to the bourbon recipe. The “spicy cousin” to the flagship bourbon is branded as “HR” and with malted rye making up over 30% of the recipe. After aging, the result was a delicious, complex bourbon that strikes a balance between 291’s Colorado Bourbon Whiskey and its Colorado Whiskey. This whiskey has a spice and fruitiness to round out the vanilla and oak. It became so popular with fans that the Colorado-based distillery now offers it in a limited run each year. Made from corn, malted rye and malted barley mash. 64.1% Alc/Vol – 128.2 PROOF Find more details at @lanereport

@txwhiskey launches bourbon distilled at Fort Worth’s Whiskey Ranch. TX Whiskey on Oct. 7 announced the launch of TX Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Cognac Casks, the third expression in TX Whiskey’s Barrel Finish Series. It follows the award-winning TX Straight Bourbon Tawny Port Finish and PX Sherry Finish, propelling the growth of the Fort Worth-based TX Whiskey brand. The third and final experimental release marks a bittersweet milestone as the last expression and final gift from TX Whiskey’s tenured Master Distiller, Rob Arnold, who will be stepping down after a decade of service.

@gooseisland debuts canned bourbon cocktails The Chicago brewery enters the growing canned-cocktail industry.

Fall is here so you know what that means…. @aaron_from_nvdistilling @smokewagonbourbon @thebourbonandryeclub

How often do you REALLY clean your whiskey glass. Every dram? After the last nip? Weekly!? Tell me your dirty glass secrets. 😆 🥃

I get what I want, get out of my way. 😆 • • • • #whiskey #bourbon

Master taster and all around Badass @jackiezykan is celebrating her birthday today! 🥳 🎂 🎉 Jackie is responsible for taking @oldforester to the next level with her selection of the birthday bourbon release, the new single barrel selections at cask strength, the 117 series, basically anything that tastes good from OlFo is given the green light by her. Keep on rocking Jackie!! #HBDJackieZ

As the camping season winds down I can’t help but think about the amazing hospitality my wife and I enjoyed while at @hatchdistilling in beautiful Egg Harbor, WI. In addition to some sourced distillates, Chris is turning out some amazing whiskeys and other spirits too. Now that he’s been at it for a while, his selection is seeing greater age statements too! While there I tried and bought three of his whiskeys. ☘️ 1916 Bourbon Whiskey is his take on the Irish varieties and hits the head on the nail. The malted and unmalted barely gives it a fantastic snappy flavor profile similar to your favorite Irish whiskey, but this is bourbon! 👨‍⚕️ Doc Wahl Straight Single Malt Whiskey. This 100% malt whiskey calls on three varieties of malt and illicits the complex profiles of American single malts and those of further descent as well. At 90 proof this whiskey is very easy and needs nothing but the glass it’s in. 🌽 Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Sourced from panther distilling in northern Minnesota and aged 3 years at Hatch before bottling lends itself to whiskey that’s high in its sweet corn notes but also a lovely rye spice. Also at 90 proof this one deserves a rock or two 🧊 to really open up the flavor profile. Another huge thanks to Chris and the crew at @hatchdistilling for their fantastic hospitality on what was a cold and rainy day. This whiskey is fantastic and I suggest you find it if you’re in Door County. CHEERS!

Ooooh baby! What could possibly be in this box??? 📦 😁

Have you found Booker 2021-03 yet?! I’m on the HUNT!!

@angelsenvy Cask Strength 2021 Bourbon Coming In December! Be sure to have your 500 main account ready for distillery access…. Plans call for “just” 14,760 bottles to be available at select retailers in all 50 U.S. states, pricing around $230 per 750 ml bottle which is national distribution!! The Angel’s Envy 2021 Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Port Wine Barrels, noted the distillery, marks the tenth release in this program. For this year it is bottled at 120.7 proof (60.35% ABV) and packaged in a commemorative and collectible carved hardwood box.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Kentucky Distillers' Association said distillers in the state are expected to pay a record $33 million in barrel taxes for aging bourbon for 2021. While the association has pushed for lawmakers to help with this before, Eric Gregory said with the exponential growth — now is the time. "This is really hampering growth and investment in Kentucky, and it really harms our ability to track new distillers to the state, because other states are using this against us," Gregory said. The association said Kentucky is the only state to tax spirits aging each year. "This is a discriminatory tax on Kentucky bourbon because we're one of very few spirits that actually spend years upon years aging in a warehouse," Gregory said. "I mean the blessing and the curse of bourbon is you can't make it overnight." Wally Dant is the president and distiller for the newly-opened Log Still Distillery in New Haven, Kentucky. He said despite his family's history in the commonwealth, the barrel tax was on his mind during the process of deciding on a location for the distillery. "Whether you're a craft distiller or a large heritage distiller, you're really looking at a significant impact on not only on their bottom line, but their ability to reinvest," Dant said.

Bad News for Bourbon Lovers: No George T. Stagg in 2021 @buffalotracedistillery @nytimes The Buffalo Trace Distillery says barrels of the cult favorite whiskey produced in 2006 did not live up to its standards. Among bourbon enthusiasts, the annual release of George T. Stagg, a barrel-proof, unfiltered bourbon produced by Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky, is a big event. Fans typically pay many times the suggested retail price of $99 — if they can find a bottle. This year, they won’t find any, no matter how hard they look. The distillery planned to announce Wednesday that, for the first time, it would not release any George T. Stagg bourbon this year because the barrels of the 14-year-old whiskey that had been prepared in 2006 and earmarked for the annual bottling were not up to Stagg standards. “It just didn’t look right,” Drew Mayville, the master blender at Buffalo Trace, said of the uncooperative bourbon. “It didn’t match the taste profile we expect from Stagg.” Mr. Mayville described that distinct flavor as having notes of dark chocolate, leather and dark cherries, though he added that releases vary slightly from year to year. The 2006 whiskey, he said, was too light and undeveloped in character to represent the Stagg brand, which the two-century-old distillery describes as “extremely hearty.” The company has yet to identify a root cause of the problem. Every new Stagg release is compared with previously released barrels to ensure consistency, and sampled by a team of seasoned taste testers. According to Buffalo Trace — which also helps produce the highly coveted whiskey Pappy Van Winkle — if one taster gives a thumbs down, the barrel is sent back to be aged longer. The barrels in question will be set aside and their future progress monitored, Mr. Mayville said. He said he considered using 2007 barrels for this year’s release, but decided against it, because it would disrupt a long-running tradition. A Buffalo Trace spokeswoman said that holding back on the Stagg release would cost the company millions of dollars in lost sales.

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