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It all started back in 2011 with one simple goal – to spread the Bourbon Gospel. And for the past several years we’ve had a hell of a time doing it. Through our shared love of America’s native spirit we’ve met new people, swapped stories and even starred in few of our own.

But, along the way, we realized we had stumbled into something far more interesting, and frankly more fulfilling, than whatever was in our glass at the time. A remarkable kinship – born in bourbon, but cemented through genuine curiosity for the world of liquor and the resulting unfiltered conversations we call banter. It’s a big reason we’re here today and the soul of what we’re planning for tomorrow.

We’ve got our sights on going beyond spreading the Bourbon Gospel. We’re looking to unite a band of curious drinkers, original thinkers and just downright candid folks over intoxicating conversation. In renewing our commitment to unpretentious booze reviews, approachable content, and honest barstool talk, we’re creating a community fueled by personal passion and opinion unlike any other.

With a colorful cast of characters – from professional palates and cocktail connoisseurs to casual drinkers and bottom-shelf dwellers – our opinions may be varied but our mission singular: to help you drink curious. Please, pull up a chair and let the banter begin.

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As our social feeds are inundated with countless year-end "top" and "favorite" spirit lists this week, do your homework. Published lists are a great way to learn about new spirits but don't take rankings to heart without reading about them and finding out if they align with what you like in a specific category or style. Everyone's palate is different, and tasting recommendations are subjective. And at the end of the day, drink what you want. #DrinkCurious #bourbon #whiskey #whisky #tequila #rum

We dare you to say Snicker Doodle three times while looking in the mirror. In fact, we double dog dare you. Join us as @dodgerbluebourbon and @chief.drinking.officer discuss why Xmas cookies aren't just for Xmas. Oh yeah, we talk about a bunch of bourbon, and bourbon bullshit, too. Listen via our profile link -> LISTEN: New Podcast Episode Button

"With a price that won't offend and an even-handed blend that showcases both the base spirit and the finishing cask in equal measure, Christian Krogstad has once again demonstrated Westward's deft touch for craftsmanship." 🥃 SHARE WITH: It's a no-brainer to share this with anyone that knows their bourbon but you should get major points by sharing this one with your boss or father-in-law. The nose alone will make them think you spent way more than $55 on this bottle. 🥃 WORTH THE PRICE: Absolutely compared to so many other $55+ bottles hitting the market that aren't worth your time or money. It almost makes you forget you're not drinking a single-barrel cask strength release. 🥃 BOTTLE, BAR OR BUST: Bottle. Stock up now. This one is going to fly off the shelves, folks. 🥃 OVERALL: What begins with plum, leather, and roasted barley soon morphs into walnut, black pepper, and red grape on the palate. This harmonious blend of flavors takes turns strutting their stuff as the flavor wheel spins round and round on repeat sips with each note being given room to grow. Marked by a lushness on the front end of the palate before the wine influence gives way to a tannic finish that keeps you reaching for more, there's a lot to like about this expression. Westward has been producing American single malts since 2004, meaning they're no strangers to the category which has truly been blossoming... Read the full review via our profile link 👉 MOST RECENT POSTS

"With Mixed Blood Whiskey the brand hopes to realize this ethos of inclusivity by crafting a rich but approachable bottle that can satisfy enthusiasts and newcomers alike. In that endeavor I’d say they’ve been fairly successful as Mixed Blood has a surprisingly viscous texture and a cavalcade of sweet flavors ranging from honeyed cornbread to butterscotch with some complimentary notes of walnut shell and white pepper spice as well. " 🥃 SHARE WITH: Newcomers to whiskey drinking who want an approachable but flavorful first experience. 🥃 BOTTLE, BAR OR BUST: Bottle. While enthusiasts will typically turn to something with more age or proof, this is a welcome addition to any bar shelf because of its well developed texture, reasonable price, and surprisingly rich flavor. 🥃 OVERALL: Du Nord Social Spirits has been on quite the journey since becoming the first black-owned distillery in America back in 2013. They’ve recently rebranded (changing their name from Du Nord Craft Spirits) to emphasize their position as a conduit for social change as well as their desire to shape a more inclusive spirits industry. Founder Chris Montana has been leading by example, first by filling the role as the American Craft Spirits Association’s first African-American President, and later by founding the Du Nord Foundation which he hopes will address racial inequities and build economic justice in his hometown of Minneapolis. In his own words Chris had this to say about the reasoning behind the rebrand: “It tells the story that we want our spirits to be enjoyed with friends … Read the full review via our profile link 👉 MOST RECENT POSTS

"This is a unique rye. It doesn’t have much of the typical spice on the palate that you can usually pick out from a Rye if you were tasing it blind. At $65, you have for sure paid more for less. " 🥃 SHARE WITH: Bourbon and Rye fans. People that prefer their spirits on the sweeter side with less of the dry tannic and oak flavors that can accompany barrel-aged spirits. 🥃 WORTH THE PRICE: I think so. This is a unique rye. It doesn’t have much of the typical spice on the palate that you can usually pick out from a Rye if you were tasing it blind. At $65, you have for sure paid more for less. This is a 6-year-old Rye that they made themselves and didn’t just source and repackage like so many new or “craft” products out there. At 6 years old, this one falls in line with the $10 per year plus $10 pricing that a lot of smaller brands follow. I just wish more brands adhered to the same guidelines. This one has a considerable amount of sweetness that stands out well above your typical Rye spice notes. If you are looking to try a new Rye that will surprise you in a good way, this is it. If you like your Rye spicy and standard, this is probably not what you want. 🥃 BOTTLE, BAR OR BUST: Bottle for me. I don’t usually gravitate to Rye. When I have a choice, I almost always pick a bourbon over a rye. But I enjoyed this one. Possibly since it doesn’t have the usual Rye spice to it. 🥃 OVERALL: I got a ton of sweetness on both the nose and the palate. I tasted this on two separate occasions to make sure I got a good handle on it for this review and both times I got a lot of pumpkin pie or pumpkin spice notes from not only the nose but on the palate as well. There was some dark fruit on the nose as well as a hint of maple sweetness on the palate. There was not much oak, especially for a Rye that has been aged 6 years but that is not a bad thing with this one. I think if there was more oak it might have been a bit odd with the sweetness. Even though Old Potrero has been distilling their own Rye for many years... Read the full review via our profile link 👉 MOST RECENT POSTS

🎙️🎙️ NEW EPISODE JUST RELEASED 🎙️🎙️ The 28th episode of the Bourbon & Banter podcast – Jack Bourbon? - is now available for your listening and drinking pleasure. As you can tell from the title, this podcast addresses the most often-asked question in American whiskey. Tune in today and hear all about Jack Daniel's newest product and so much more. Listen via our profile link -> LISTEN: New Podcast Episode Button #podcast #podcasting #podcasts #spotify #podcastlife #podcaster #podcastersofinstagram #podcasters #applepodcasts #podcastshow #newpodcast #applepodcast #spotifypodcast #storytelling #googlepodcasts #humor #contentcreator #bourbon #DrinkCurioius #jackdaniels #whiskey

🥃 SAVE 15% ON TICKETS PURCHASED BEFORE NOVEMBER 1ST 🥃 We hope you'll enjoy us at this year's Bourbon & Barbeque Louisville where we'll launch our new podcast DrinkCurious Live. Come for the bourbon and food, and join us for some banter as we sit down with industry folks and legendary pitmasters over a few drinks. #bourbon #bourbontrail #kentuckybourbontrail #loudiesunite #foodie #louisville #kentucky #barbeque #barbecue #bbq #grilling #cooking #foodieevent #waterfrontpark #bblwaterfront #bourbongram #drinkcurious #bourbonbanter

Enter to win free tickets to Bourbon & Barbeque Louisville Bourbon & Banter is giving away a pair of VIP tickets ($850 value) and two pairs of General Admission ($530 value) to members of the DrinkCurious community. If you'd like to enter to win, you must sign up for DrinkCurious via the link in our profile. Join for free or sign-up for a paid membership to gain access to additional perks like free swag, below-retail price single barrel picks, virtual events and much more. Once signed up, go to ANNOUNCEMENTS and comment on the giveaway post. We will pick the winners on Sunday, 10/16, so sign up soon. Learn more about DrinkCurious and sign-up via the link in our profile –> DrinkCurious • Learn More & Join!

"While batch 1 quickly sold out and was released to tepid reviews, batch 2 represents a strong step forward." Read our full review of Hidden Barn Batch 2 and discover how Batch 2 is setting the tone for future @hidden_barn releases. Read the full review via our profile link 👉 MOST RECENT POSTS #bourbon #whiskey #whisky #spirits #whiskylover #bourbonwhiskey #tasting #dram #whiskygram #whiskeygram #whiskeylover #distillery #whiskylove #kentucky #cask #singlebarrel #imbibe #whiskylovers #craftspirits #drinkporn #drinkoftheday #instadram #drinkstagram #whiskeytasting #thirsty #barrel #liquor #booze #drinkcurious #instadrinks

A bit of a walk but I’ve never seen a more beautiful plane. Thanks to @united for going the extra mile and getting us all to Denver tonight. Major kudos to the turn around flight crew as well.

It's hard to believe Bourbon Heritage Month 2022 is already in the rearview mirror, but what a month it was. Thanks to everyone that helped us make this our best celebration yet. Cheers! Read the full review via our profile link 👉 MOST RECENT POSTS

It's the start of Day 2 of our @wyomingwhiskey adventure and we're heading to the dstillery today for our tour and to pick a private barrel for @bourbonbanter. Here's a few photos of the area surrounding our hotel in Thermapolis - home of the world's largest mineral hot spring.

Final leg of our long awaited trek to Wyoming Whiskey.

Last week I was in Toledo for a whiskey tasting with a bit of time to kill. I visited the folks at Toledo Spirits and talked them into giving me the nickel tour and tasting. It turned into a four-hour visit complete with a tour, spirits tasting, extensive banter, beer drinking in their basement bar, more spirits drinking and finally, an offsite lunch. I returned to my hotel with about 45 minutes to rest, freshen up and head over to the tasting at my client's building. If you find yourself in Toledo with some time to kill, I recommend visiting Toledo Spirits. They're sourcing bourbon for now, but they're doing some fun stuff with it. Including the first ever double-aged bourbon, where the secondary aging container is a casket. Yes, you read that correctly. It's a casket-aged bourbon. They also have a promising American single malt aged for 5+ years and it is their own distillate. Plus, they have a bunch of other interesting spirits that are fun to explore. They may even have the best strawberry vodka and strawberry vodka lemonade I've ever tasted. If you're up for a true #DrinkCurious experience, check them out next time you travel through Toledo. It will be time well spent with some great folks. Cheers!

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