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I’m a bourbon fanatic, and am interested in all things related to the bourbon or whiskey industry. I started my Instagram page in 2018 and created my website to host full reviews shortly thereafter. My Instagram page has grown to over 11,600 followers. I’ve worked with many bourbon and whiskey labels in the past, either promoting their products or reviewing their whiskey. These include Barrell Bourbon, TommyRotter, Cask Cartel, Traverse City Whiskey Co, Journeyman and more. I’ve also worked with several whiskey apparel companies, featuring glasses, clear ice makers and other unique products. I’m interested in partnering with more whiskey brands by promoting the product, reviewing it or both.

Location Columbus, GA Southeast US
Country United States of America
Member Since NOVEMBER 04, 2019
Social Audience 15K Last Month
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bourbon_smith 15K Last Month Last 3 Months
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Labor Day plus the week the NFL season kicks off (and with it, fantasy football) is enough of a reason for me to crack into some of the good stuff! This is a 2017, which has me thinking, what's the oldest OPEN bottle you have? #bourbon #whiskey #nfl #laborday

. . . . . . #bourbon_smith #bourbonwhiskey #americanwhiskey #bourbongram #whiskeygram #bourbonporn #whiskeyporn #instawhiskey #instawhisky #charredoak #whiskeymoments #whiskymagazine #oklahomajoes #oklahomajoesmoker #oldfashioned #smokedcocktail

Tonight calls for some of the good stuff! @smokewagonbourbon WC Elevator Batch. #bourbon #whiskey

Birthday pours! Which are you going for, the Lot B or the WLW? Sneaky 3rd option if you swipe to the next pic. #bourbon #whiskey

BIG NEWS! Back in November, I got the chance to do something that has long been on my bucket list. I hopped on a private plane, flew to Kentucky and blended together my own custom batch of bourbon! The experience was awesome, and I learned a lot. Choosing bourbons that will taste better together than on their own is no easy task and I've got a new respect for those master blenders out there. It took a lot of tinkering, but I'm proud of the blend that I created. It's a blend of 4 different wheated bourbons, all from *Indiana*, bottled at a full-flavored 113 proof. It's a batch of just 30 bottles, and I grabbed 5, so only 25 left. Available exclusively at @maplepartyshop starting this week! A huge thanks to @maplepartyshop for their generosity in letting me do this! #bourbon #whiskey #custom

Sunday night new pour! This Nulu toasted rye is fantastic. A ton of depth, plenty of kick but not overly hot. I'm a huge fan. Have you tried this one? Ps, stay tuned tomorrow for an exciting announcement 😉. #whiskey #ryewhiskey #rye

NEW REVIEW! Barrell Bourbon's annual release of New Year, the 2022 batch. This is always good, but read on to see how this year's batch stacks up! Nose: Full of sugar with a nice splash of cherry cobbler! There's a floral element as well as an earthy element. It may be my Christmas tree, but I swear there's a hint of an evergreen tree in the nose. Very appealing. Palate: The evergreen note from the nose is definitely for real and jumps out. I also get elements of clove and honey, with a citrus kick towards the back. There's plenty of oak as well. The mouthfeel is a bit dry, but not overly so. Finish: Peppery with more of the earthy elements from the nose, but it fades quicker than expected. On the back end the sweeter notes return, this time vanilla and honey. Overall: This is really good, and that pine tree/evergreen element gives it a uniqueness that a lot of bourbons are searching for. It's tough to rank against other batches of the New Year release, but this one stands up well. I'll definitely be having another glass to ring in the new year! #bourbon #whiskey #bourbonreview

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