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I’m a bourbon fanatic, and am interested in all things related to the bourbon or whiskey industry. I started my Instagram page in 2018 and created my website to host full reviews shortly thereafter. My Instagram page has grown to over 11,600 followers. I’ve worked with many bourbon and whiskey labels in the past, either promoting their products or reviewing their whiskey. These include Barrell Bourbon, TommyRotter, Cask Cartel, Traverse City Whiskey Co, Journeyman and more. I’ve also worked with several whiskey apparel companies, featuring glasses, clear ice makers and other unique products. I’m interested in partnering with more whiskey brands by promoting the product, reviewing it or both.

Location Columbus, GA Southeast US
Country United States of America
Member Since NOVEMBER 04, 2019
Social Audience 16K Last Month
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bourbon_smith 16K Last Month Last 3 Months
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Weather cooling off, NFL kickoff and a new barrel proof whiskey. If you need me for the next 3 hours, I'll be in my happy place. @coalitionwhiskey #rye #whiskey

New pours on a Tuesday! This is a 4yr, barrel proof MGP straight bourbon that clocks in at 114.6 proof. 4-5 years ago at $50-55 it would've been a "premium" bourbon, but I dare say in 2021 it's almost a value buy. Any fans of The Representative out there? #bourbon #whiskey

Here's a new bottle I picked up last weekend. @thomassmoorebourbon Port Finish. I've been on a bit of a cask finished kick for the last few months so this was calling out to me on shelf. If you like heavy finishes, this one is definitely for you. I don't know how old the bourbon is, but the port finish is definitely bold and the star of the show here. Have you tried this particular bottle yet? #bourbon #whiskey

I haven't posted much lately. That's not because my love for bourbon and whiskey has faded, it has just been a busy month and I haven't had many new bottles or pours to share. Today that changed! My area is finally getting some allocations of @oldcarterwhiskeyco and I was fortunate to snag this one today. The reviews have been very positive, so I can't wait to get into it. Cheers! #rye #whiskey

Cell service is spotty out here, but this margarita is full strength. Cheers everybody! #beach #margarita

I'm a bourbon guy for sure, but there are a few situations that call for something else. For instance, it's tough to beat a frosty post-mow beer in the summer. What about you? What are some situations where you reach for something besides bourbon? #beer #bourbon

I came across this red, white and blue @smokewagonbourbon today and couldn't pass it up! I love Smoke Wagon, and I'm a sucker for a good bottle design, so this was an auto-buy. #bourbon #whiskey

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