edward wagner

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Hi All! I'm the Founder/CEO of a small medical device company called Blue Echo Care (BEC) focused mainly on ENT related devices. About 8 months ago my cousin and I were having a conversation over dinner about the need for more health specific vegan and gluten-free vitamins which led to the beginning stages of development of an allergy and asthma focused anti-inflammatory, vegan and gluten-free vitamin. Fast forward to January of 2019 and the product was released to unexpectedly good sales through Amazon and our website without the use of any advertising. After researching the right channel for our team to pursue advertising, we decided to focus on getting our brand in front of instagram and youtube influencers and after an exhaustive search identifying the right platform to reach out to said influencers, we decided on Perlu because of the emphasis this company puts on bolstering long term, strong and mutually beneficial relationships between Brands and Influencers. Looking forward to the opportunity to work with all of you!

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