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Hi All! I'm the Founder/CEO of a small medical device company called Blue Echo Care (BEC) focused mainly on ENT related devices. About 8 months ago my cousin and I were having a conversation over dinner about the need for more health specific vegan and gluten-free vitamins which led to the beginning stages of development of an allergy and asthma focused anti-inflammatory, vegan and gluten-free vitamin. Fast forward to January of 2019 and the product was released to unexpectedly good sales through Amazon and our website without the use of any advertising. After researching the right channel for our team to pursue advertising, we decided to focus on getting our brand in front of instagram and youtube influencers and after an exhaustive search identifying the right platform to reach out to said influencers, we decided on Perlu because of the emphasis this company puts on bolstering long term, strong and mutually beneficial relationships between Brands and Influencers. Looking forward to the opportunity to work with all of you!

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How Lungs Work

When you breathe in (inhale), your lungs are taking oxygen from the air and distributing it into your bloodstream. Your bloodstream carries carbon dioxide away from your cells and back up to your lungs, where it leaves your body when you breathe out (exhale). They are responsible for taking the oxygen out of the air you inhale, and passing it on to your capillaries, which are the tiniest of your blood vessels. This allows them to quickly exchange oxygen molecules for carbon dioxide molecules and let the blood keep pumping around your body.

Why The Nebulizer Could Be The Future For CBD Users

Though people with COPD and Asthma have long known the benefits of using Nebulizer Machines to reduce chronic respiratory and lung inflammation (the first nebulizer was invented back in 1858), the nebulizer has only recently entered the spotlight in the CBD community as an efficient device for delivering Cannabinoids. Most nebulizer users will mix water soluble medicines prescribed to alleviate Asthma and COPD. But its important to remember even though the mechanisms of inhaling through a nebulizer are quite similar to that of a vaporizer, one of the stark differences is how the water compounds from the cool mist will deliver nearly 100% of the CBD to the lungs where the vapor, even though invisible, will still result in loss CBD. From a purely anecdotal perspective, I’ve spoken with several Blue Echo Care nebulizer customers that use water soluble CBD’s and

Why Using Cotton Swabs Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

Who hasn’t felt the satisfaction of using one and seeing the accumulation of wax on the end of the cotton tip and thinking how much better they felt knowing their ears are now clean? The only problem is that using cotton swabs can push ear wax (also called cerumen) deeper in to the ear canal causing the potential for even more blockage in the future and potentially hearing loss. In fact, the American Academy of Otolaryngologists (doctors who specialize in conditions of the eyes, ears, nose and throat) have stated that cotton tipped swabs like Q-tips should NEVER be used to clean the ear canal. There are alternative at-home solutions available that have proven success but always seek medical attention if you’re feeling pain and discomfort in your ears or blockage is so great that hearing has become an issue.

Living In An Ear Wax World

One of the more serious symptoms and often overlooked as being caused by ear wax, the dizziness and nausea associated with ear wax blockages can cause a heavy toll on health and well-being. A great number of people develop ear wax challenges due to use of hearing aids and ear plugs. One of the ways to get rid of ear wax is with FDA approved ear drops to remove ear wax. With Cleanse right, you can: Safely remove ear wax at the comfort of your home Have a brand that you trust for Ear Wax Removal

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