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Beautiful Booze started in early 2013 as a resource for the cocktail professional, enthusiast and home bartender with a website and social media network dedicated to recipe development and photography. Since then, our website has grown into a popular source for the home cocktail enthusiast and professional bartenders alike and the Beautiful Booze Instagram account has naturally cultivated almost 80,000 followers. Today, we work directly with noteworthy companies on projects including content development, travel, professional photography, social media marketing and so much more.

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Margarita Time! Taco night just got easier with @caymanjack ready-to-drink Margaritas handcrafted with agave nectar. No shaking; just sipping! #ad 21+ Y’all know I am constantly making cocktails for friends & family, BUT sometimes I want to enjoy a FUN night with friends and family without shaking cocktails all night. I recently tried CAYMAN JACK®️ Margaritas and they are so DELISH. Just pop them in the fridge and they are ready to go without any extra ingredients or mess in the kitchen lol! Just rim a glass with salt, add ice and you are ready to experience an easy taco & Marg night! What is your favorite food pairing with Margaritas? #CaymanJack #BeautifulBooze #Margarita #taconight

Summer Vibes!🍹Excited to make more cocktails with Canadian Whisky including this Salted Strawberry & Grapefruit Gold Rush featuring @swearjarcraftdistillers 6 year old whisky which is available NOW at @totalwine 🥃 This whisky is an award-winning whisky & so delish in cocktails – plus I SWEAR this cocktail will make your week AMAZING! See the full recipe below: Salted Strawberry & Grapefruit Gold Rush🍓 Ingredients 2 ounces of Swear Jar Whisky 1 ounce Salted Strawberry Honey Syrup 3/4 ounce Lemon Juice 2 ounces Grapefruit Juice Method Add Swear Jar Whisky, Salted Strawberry Honey Syrup, Lemon Juice and Grapefruit Juice to a shaker with ice Shake then strain into a coupe glass Garnish with grapefruit peel Find Swear Jar Whisky at @totalwine & won a gold medal @sfwspiritscomp #SwearJarWhiskyPartner #SwearJarCraftDistillers #Whisky #Cocktails #50BestCocktails #WhiskyLover #TotalWine #Cocktail

Excited to celebrate National Tequila Day with a Beautiful & Tropical @herradurateq Cocktail that amplifies the flavors of the tequila using extraordinary & fresh ingredients including pineapple juice, lime juice, honey syrup, and some blue curaçao🍹I love the color & this cocktail has me dreaming of the beach in Mexico🏝💙 A couple of years ago when I was in Mexico, I rode the Herradura Tequila Train & got to learn all about this tequila that has been operating since 1870! This experience was so much fun. See the recipe below: Blue Cenote 💙 Ingredients 1.5 ounces Herradura Silver Tequila ½ ounce blue curaçao 1 ounce lime juice 1 ounce pineapple juice ½ ounce honey syrup 5 dashes aromatic bitters Method: Combine all ingredients, except bitters, in a cocktail shaker with ice Shake to chill and combine the ingredients Fill hurricane glass with crushed ice (or highball) Float aromatic bitters over the top of the cocktail Garnish & Enjoy! #Sponsored #21+ #NationalTequilaDay #ExtraordinaryAwaits #TequilaHerradura #BeautifulBooze

Is it HAPPY HOUR yet?🍹I have the perfect cocktail for any occasion; the Sparkling Vodka GIMLET, featuring @veuveduvernay Ice Rosé🥂Y’all already know blueberry syrup is one of my favorite ingredients, so I knew I had to create a fun happy hour cocktail to enjoy all summer long that is enhanced with the flavors of VdV Ice Rosé. VdV Ice Rosé is full of red fruit aromas & has a gorgeous pink color. It’s perfect to sip on with friends or great in cocktails! See one of my fav recipes below: VdV Sparkling Vodka Gimlet 🍾 Ingredients 1 ounce vodka ¾ ounce lime juice ½ ounce blueberry syrup* (See recipe below) 2 ounces VdV Ice Rosé Method Add all ingredients to a shaker except VdV Ice Rosé Shake then strain over crushed ice then top with VdV Ice Rosé Garnish with blueberries and edible flowers Blueberry Syrup Recipe* 🫐 Ingredients 1 cup water 1 cup sugar 1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries Method Add all ingredients to a medium saucepan to simmer Stir until sugar is dissolved Take off heat and cool Strain out blueberries Then enjoy Find Veuve Du Vernay Ice Rosé at these retailers: @worldmarket, @publix , @walmart & @totalwine #VdVPartner #veuveduvernay #SparklingWine #Wine #WineCocktails #Spritz #VdV #VeuveDuVernayIceRosé #Summer #BeautifulBooze #France

Is it the weekend yet? I am still hanging in New Orleans until Saturday working and taking some time to explore! 🍹🥃 Pouring up this cocktail which is also on the cover of my book! It’s a little bit boozy, bitter & tropical! 📖 I LIKE BOOZE 🍹🥃🍸 Recipe: Ingredients 1 ounce Mezcal Espadin ½ ounce Campari ½ ounce Blanc Vermouth ½ ounce Licor 43 ¼ ounce Crème de Banane Method Stir it up and ENJOY What’s your fav mid week cocktail?

San Francisco Dreaming😍 🌁🌉Stopped in SF for a couple days to explore on the road trip back east & it was so much fun! Let’s be honest besides visiting the Golden Gate Bridge all I did was eat & drink! 🍹🌯🌮🍣🍱🍜🍨🧋🦪🥟🍕🍝🥖 I ended up sipping on some incredible wine & exploring cocktail bars with some amazing company ➡️ @bitbyafox & @craftandcocktails - our first stop was @konasstreetmarketbar 🍹 All of the cocktails were so good there! I really loved the Red + Blue with Appleton Estate Rum, Smith & Cross Rum, sherry, ube-coconut cream, citrus, salted jackfruit! 😋 Thanks for the fun times SF! Hope to see you again soon! #BeautifulBooze #BoozeTravel #roadtrip #sanfrancisco #cocktailbars #bars #cocktails #sanfran #goldengatebridge #travel

Tennis Season!🍓Serving up my best Wimbledon Cocktail: Tennis Thyme featuring @sipsmith gin, lemon, strawberry & thyme syrup and soda #ad I may not have great tennis skills but I have def perfected my “cocktail” serve with Sipsmith which is the Official Gin Partner of The Championships, Wimbledon & to really get in the spirit I have highlighted one of my favorite summer fruits the strawberry -which is iconic to the championship. I always get questions about gin recommendations and Sipsmith is a great addition to any home bar as it’s the quintessential classic London Dry Gin & great to have on hand for a variety of cocktails including this Tennis Thyme cocktail. See recipe below: Tennis Thyme🎾🍓 Ingredients 2 parts Sipsmith London Dry Gin 1 part lemon juice ½ part strawberry thyme syrup Top with soda Method Add gin, lemon juice and syrup to a cocktail shaker with ice Shake then strain over fresh ice in a highball Top with soda Garnish with strawberries and thyme What is your fav gin cocktail? #sipsmith #perfectyourserve #beautifulbooze #gin

TENNIS TIME!🎾Celebrating the big tennis match with a classic game day recipe featuring ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters #ad. Tennis is something that James and I love to play, although we’re not that good. I will say that it’s always VERY entertaining to watch a sport that has a SIGNATURE DRINK. Am I right? 🍹 This year I wanted to create something easy with a lot of flavor, so naturally I reached for my fave (ANGOSTURA aromatic bitters!) and started dashing away to create a light and refreshing summer drink. ANGOSTURA aromatic bitters is a staple in my home bar. I love using it in all my favorite classic cocktails because it adds layers of flavor. I have at least two bottles of ANGOSTURA aromatic, orange and cocoa bitters on hand at all times to bring my cocktails to life. I definitely recommend picking up a couple of bottles at your local grocery or liquor store for your home bar to elevate your favorite classic cocktails. Check out my recipe below: ANGOSTURA Cup 🍹 Ingredients 5 dashes ANGOSTURA aromatic bitters 2 ounces of a gin-based liqueur 1/2 ounce lemon juice 1/2 ounce raspberry syrup 2-3 cubes cucumber (muddled) 2 cucumber ribbons (garnish) 2 raspberries (garnish) Top with sparkling lemonade Method Add cucumber and raspberry syrup to a cocktail shaker then muddle Next add the gin-based liqueur and lemon juice and shake with ice Add cucumber ribbon and ice to serving glass Strain cocktail and top with sparkling lemonade Add 5 dashes of ANGOSTURA aromatic bitters to the top, then garnish with remaining rolled cucumber ribbon and raspberries Click the link in my bio to purchase. @AngosturaHouse #Angostura #Angosturabitters #BeautifulBooze #21+

I am excited to celebrate 4th of July with my favorite cocktail accessory: ICE!❤️🤍💙One of my favorite ways to upgrade my cocktails at home is to make fun cocktails spheres with berries, herbs or edible flowers frozen inside using @tovolo_us craft ice molds. To celebrate I am giving away some of my favorite molds & sipping this 2 in 1 cocktail by the pool🍹 What is a 2 in 1 cocktail you might ask? It started when I couldn’t decide if I wanted my pool cocktail to be a vodka/soda or a vodka/cran so I decided to make a standard vodka soda and add a cranberry ice sphere so as the cocktail dilutes you get a new drinking experience with each sip. Essentially you start with a vodka soda and as the cranberry sphere dilutes you end up with a cranberry vodka soda which is so refreshing for all this summer weather and for poolside sipping. AND this drink is super versatile because I also made it with gin and tequila which was also so DELISH! See recipe and giveaway instructions below: To enter to win a variety of Summer Tovolo Craft Ice Molds 😍 💙Follow @beautifulbooze & @tovolo_us ❤️Tag a friend who loves cocktails *No purchase necessary. Must reside in the US and be 21+ See complete rules in the first comment Summer Vodka Cran & Soda🌞💙❤️🤍 Ingredients 1.5 ounces of vodka 1 Tovolo Ice Sphere frozen with Cranberry Juice & one frozen with blueberries Top with soda Method Make Ice spheres Add vodka over ice spheres Top with soda then stir Garnish with berry cocktail pick -Tovolo Craft Ice Molds are great for keeping your cocktail cooler longer- so perfect for porch or pool sipping. Since I posted about these molds last year Tovolo has released new molds that are so fun to use especially for the summer months & beyond! *click on the link in my bio to purchase or purchase on Amazon for your 4th of July weekend. #TovoloPartner #tovoloice #Ice #Spheres #cocktail #cocktails #HappyHour #Vodka #Cranberry #vodkacran #poolside #tovolocrafticemolds #giveaway

Are you ready for the ultimate SUMMER Spritz?🌞I have had this recipe on repeat for the last month after I made a big batch of watermelon juice🍉 For this recipe I am using @veuveduvernay Ice Rosé because it adds layers of flavors to cocktails and is super versatile🥂I first tried VdV when I was in France a couple of years ago AND I got hooked. I was excited to find out that it was easily available in the US and I could recreate my trip to France by sipping & using it in my cocktail recipes at home. Let’s go to France by sipping this spritz … Shall we? 🍾 VdV Summer Spritz🍉🥂 Ingredients 3 ounces Veuve Du Vernay Ice Rosé ¼ ounce elderflower syrup 1 ounce lemon juice 2 ounces watermelon juice Method Add elderflower syrup, lemon juice, and watermelon juice to a shaker with ice Shake then strain into wine glass and top with Veuve Du Vernay Ice Rosé Garnish with citrus peel *to make watermelon juice: add watermelon to a blender then blend. Strain mixture then use in your fav cocktail. Find Veuve Du Vernay Ice Rosé at these retailers: @worldmarket @publix @walmart @totalwine #VdVPartner #veuveduvernay #SparklingWine #Wine #WineCocktails #Spritz #VdV #VeuveDuVernayIceRosé #Summer #BeautifulBooze #France

Japanese Whisky Highball Time!🥃I am making all the whisky highballs this summer because they are perfect for sipping outside AND they also remind me of my travels to JAPAN which I MISS so much! I was excited to try @hatozakiwhisky Small Batch Whisky which is aged in imported bourbon casks, imported sherry casks and native Mizunara oak barrels. My go-to cocktail with Japanese Whisky is a highball because it’s simple and lets the rich notes of this whisky really shine through. After I had a couple of classic highballs I decided to experiment and add a bit of melon liqueur to kick things up a bit. Not only did it add a fun color to this cocktail but it also added another layer of flavor. See recipe below: Japanese Melon Highball🥃🍈 Ingredients 2 ounces of Hatozaki Small Batch Whisky ¼ ounce melon liqueur Top with soda Method Add all ingredients to a highball glass with ice Stir then garnish with fresh mint and enjoy Do y’all like whisky highballs? #HatozakiPartner #Whisky #Japanesewhisky #japan #melon #highball #beautifulbooze #cocktails #cocktail

Seattle to Monterey 🍹We have arrived to the next stop on our road trip! We are exploring @seemonterey this week! We drove down here because we are moving cross country BUT @alaskaair offers a nonstop flight from SEA TO MRY and it only takes 2 hours and 15 minutes to arrive in one of the most GORGEOUS places I have ever been! See my DAY 1 itinerary below: DAY 1: @seemonterey -Check into the @portolahotel -Visit the Farmers Market (every Tuesday) -Explore Cannery Row -Wine tasting at @atasteofmonterey -Dinner & Cocktails @lallaoceansidegrill Can’t wait to share more! So stayed tuned! #SeeMontereypartner #SeeMonterey #RespectCalifornia #california #monterey #BeautifulBooze #wine #winetasting #cocktails #travel #BoozeTravel #montereycalifornia #roadtrip #californiaadventure #californiacoast #canneryrow #farmersmarket #flowers

Tacos & Frozen MARGS!🍹🌮(AD) Is there a better combo? Excited to share a FUN pairing: Green Chile Tacos & Frozen Mango Coco Margs featuring Don Roberto Reposado Tequila which is sold exclusively at @TotalWine. The first company that I partnered with when I started Beautiful Booze was Total Wine & More so they really hold a special place for me. Beyond that, it is one of my all-time favorite places to shop for spirits and wine. The selection is insane, I have never walked out empty handed, and the price is right! Don Roberto is available in 4 expressions including Plata, Reposado, Añejo & Añejo Cristalino. I decided to use the reposado to create a fun and tasty taco and tequila pairing. One thing I really love about Total Wine & More is the staff- everyone is so helpful and they always have such great recommendations as well as knowledge. I also love the versatility of this product as it’s great for sipping as well as cocktails especially this cocktail because it has tasting notes of coconut and vanilla. See the full recipe below: Recipe: Frozen Mango Coco Margarita 🥥🥭 Mix Layers Separately Bottom Layer: 1 ounce Don Roberto 1924 Reposado ½ cup frozen mango 1 ounce Lime Juice ½ ounce simple syrup Top Layer: 1 ounce Don Roberto 1924 Reposado ½ ounce Lime Juice 1 ounce Coconut Cream Method: Rim serving glass with tajin Combine bottom layer ingredients in a blender Blend then pour into highball glass Rinse blender then combine top layer ingredients with ice Blend then pour on top of mango mixture Garnish with a lime wheel and sprinkle of tajin *Must be 21 or older to purchase in the United States. @totalwineseattle #TotalWine #TotalWineLocal #TotalWinePartner #DonRoberto #21+ #Cocktail #Cocktails #Seattle #CocktailsAtHome

Rum + Banana + Chocolate= DELISH!🥃🍌🍫I have been on a RUM kick lately & this variation of a RUM OLD FASHIONED featuring @mezanrum Chiriquí Moscatel Cask has been on constant rotation. I took the classic up a notch with banana liqueur and chocolate bitters. See the full recipe below: Banana Chocolate Rum OF 🍫🍌🥃 Ingredients 2 ounces of Mezan Chiriquí Moscatel Cask ½ ounce Banana Liqueur 2-3 dashes of chocolate bitters Method Add all ingredients to a mixing glass with ice Stir then strain into serving glass over ice Garnish with banana chip What is your fav Old Fashioned variation? Check out how to make this cocktail in my stories. #MezanPartner #Rum #OldFashioned #BeautifulBooze

Anyone else dreaming of a POOL DAY with a MEZCAL Marg in hand? 🍹 I absolutely loved the in room Mezcal Cocktail amenity at @rwmayakoba - nothing like arriving in paradise, making a mezcal cocktail & sipping it by the pool 🏖 #rwjourneys #BoozeTravel #BeautifulBooze

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