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Beautiful Booze started in early 2013 as a resource for the cocktail professional, enthusiast and home bartender with a website and social media network dedicated to recipe development and photography. Since then, our website has grown into a popular source for the home cocktail enthusiast and professional bartenders alike and the Beautiful Booze Instagram account has naturally cultivated almost 80,000 followers. Today, we work directly with noteworthy companies on projects including content development, travel, professional photography, social media marketing and so much more.

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Happy National MARG Day!🍹 (AD) I made y’all a Spicy Grapefruit Margarita to CELEBRATE the day featuring Don Roberto Añejo Cristalino Tequila which is sold exclusively at my fav @totalwine. Don Roberto is a family first tequila with exotic tropical notes at a great price point! It is available in 4 expressions with including Plata, Reposado, Añejo & Añejo Cristalino. I decided to take my margarita up a notch and use the Añejo Cristalino to exemplify the citrusy notes of this tequila. See the full recipe below: Spicy Grapefruit Margarita🍹 Ingredients 1.5 ounces of Don Roberto Añejo Cristalino 2 ounces of Fresh Grapefruit Juice ¾ ounces Lime Juice ½ ounce Agave Syrup or to Taste Several slices of Jalapeño Peppers Method Add all ingredients to a shaker Shake then strain into glass over ice Garnish with grapefruit slice and jalapeño slices What is your FAV MARG? Do y’all like SPICY Margaritas? *Must be 21 or older to purchase in the United States. Click the link in my bio to learn more about this tasty tequila #TotalWine #TotalWineLocal #TotalWinePartner #DonRoberto #21+ #Cocktail #Cocktails #Seattle #CocktailsAtHome #NationalMargaritaDay #Margarita @totalwineseattle

12 best bartending techniques according to Spin & Shake

When you have an interest in preparing drinks at your home and any other place, you can acquire some basic bartending skills. Moreover, shaking is one of the best ways of blending your non-carbonated drinks (Whiskey Sours and Mojitos). Sweetening is one of the popular bartender techniques, as you need to add sugar syrups to your drinks. Professional bartenders choose citrus fruits, like oranges for this technique.

Brunch & Bubbles🥂 🧇 just hits different with @wa_state_wine 🍾 I have been in Seattle almost a year and it’s the longest I have been in a place/ apartment in 7 years. I don’t know how I kept up with the constant movement but one thing that has remained consistent is my love for BRUNCH & @wa_state_wine. Even through my travels I always got super excited to drink a bottle from Washington State like this @silvarawine Blanc de Noirs 🥂🥂 (AD) One thing that really draws me to this region is the versatility of wines made here which include everything from Bubbles to Chardonnay to Amazing Reds🍷 Have you tried #WAwine? #BeautifulBooze

Strawberry & Chamomile Sour

Super excited to partner with Total Wine & More again to showcase this delish Strawberry & Chamomile Sour featuring Don Roberto Reposado Tequila which is sold exclusively at Total Wine & More. Don Roberto is available in 4 expressions including Plata, Reposado, Añejo & Añejo Cristalino. I decided to use the reposado to create a fun and tasty sour with strawberries and chamomile. I also love the versatility of this product as it’s great for sipping as well as cocktails especially this cocktail because it has tasting notes of coconut and vanilla.

Bitter Time! I have partnered with my friends at @angosturahouse to create a cocktail that features ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters as the STAR! (#AD) I love using a dash or two of these bitters in A LOT of my cocktails but it’s 2021 y’all & it’s TIME to change things up! In this Bitter Sidecar I have added 1 ounce of ANGOSTURA aromatic bitters & it is a GAME CHANGER! Despite the name “Bitter” this cocktail host an array of flavors that stimulate the palate & engage the senses! See the full recipe below: Bitter Sidecar Ingredients 1 ounce ANGOSTURA aromatic bitters ½ ounce VS Cognac ¾ ounce Lemon Juice ¾ ounce Orange Liqueur Method Rim glass with sugar Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice Shake then strain into coupe glass Garnish with lemon peel Pick up a bottle of ANGOSTURA® bitters at grocery stores &liquor stores. Click the link in my bio to purchase. #Angostura #Angosturabitters #BitterGameChangers #BeautifulBooze

Blood Orange Margarita w El Padrino

Blood Oranges are my favorite seasonal fruit & to celebrate their short appearance I told the staff I was looking for a reposado tequila at a good price point & also wanted something that was good for sipping as well as in cocktails. It performs very well in cocktails & I have also enjoyed sipping it on the rocks Now for this delish Margarita recipe; you can thank me later!

Made this TROPICAL Sipper for y’all- it’s called We Ran Out of Rum 🤣 It has me wanting to RUN to a tropical island after the snow we had last week 🏝 What’s your fav tropical destination? See recipe below: Recipe: We Ran Out of Rum 🍹 Ingredients 1.5 ounces Vodka ½ ounce Aperol 1 ounce Pineapple Juice 1 ounce Lime Juice 1 ounce Blood Orange Juice 1 ounce Ginger Beer ½ ounce Agave Syrup Method: Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice Shake for approximately 30 seconds to chill and combine ingredients Strain into a red wine glass over fresh ice Garnish with an edible flower *Notes you can make this nonalcoholic by removing the vodka & adding grapefruit in place of the aperol ** this recipe & many more are available in my book- which is still available click the link in my profile. #BeautifulBooze #Book #Vodka #cocktails #cocktail #Seattle #tropical #aperol #drink #mixology #craftcocktails

Irish Holiday Coffee

Every year I have a tradition of making boozy holiday coffees & every year I say I will make them more often because COFFEE + BOOZE COMBO is the BEST! it features Saint Brendan’s Irish Cream which is made with all-natural cream that is smooth & rich then blended with a bourbon cask matured whiskey called The Quiet Man Irish Whiskey. This Irish cream is perfect for your coffee or other tasty creamy cocktails AND is also helping me relive my travels in Ireland. After testing several cocktails with this Irish Cream, I realized just how versatile it is and perfect for festive cocktails all year round.

Ready to take a VIRTUAL trip to JAPAN?🍺🍵🍜 AD Y’all know one of my favorite places in the world is Japan & I am trying to re-live moments that remind me of past travels. I am so excited to bring a sip of Japan to my table with @suntoryallfree Suntory ALL-FREE is a beer like beverage with no alcohol, 0 calories and no sugar. It’s super versatile -it’s great on its own or in a mocktail like this Matcha Honey Sipper inspired by one of my fav bars in Tokyo – The Mixology Salon. I became completely obsessed with having it during the week when I wanted a break from booze. It’s true I also enjoy mocktails & alcohol-free beverages to stay in balance & try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. One thing I love is pairing food and drinks especially when I can incorporate inspiration from my travels around the world. I decided to pair Suntory ALL-FREE with all my fav things from JAPAN including RAMEN, MOCHI and a MATCHA & HONEY MOCKTAIL. See recipe below: Matcha & Honey Sipper 🍯🍵🍺 Ingredients 2.5 ounces prepared Matcha, cooled ½ ounce Honey Syrup Top with Suntory ALL-FREE Method Add Matcha and Honey to glass then stir Add ice then top with Suntory ALL-FREE Stir again then garnish with edible flower and lemon wheel I love that the taste and aroma are just like beer so it’s very easy to mix into mocktails. The bubbles offer a smooth texture and refreshing taste with a hint of bitterness. These flavor notes also add an overall experience when enjoyed with food especially spicy foods like my Spicy Miso Ramen I am currently having on repeat this winter (I loved having this style of ramen in Hokkaido last year when I visited) Have y’all tried this yet? #enjoyallfree #pr #AllFree #AllFreeSuntory #suntory #nonalcoholic #noalcohol #sugarfree #nosugar #mocktail #cocktail #mixology #BeautifulBooze #Japan

We are taking a trip to Bolivia with this SIP!🍍Excited to mix it up today with @Singani63 a BRANDY from Bolivia. Are you READY? This is DEF a bottle I would recommend for your home bar! 🍹 (AD) The AMAZING CREW AT Singani 63 will donate $4 on every bottle sold to the USBG Bartender Relief Fund! Use code “4USBG” at (Click the link in my BIO to purchase) This is a great way to buy a new bottle to try & help the community! A lot of people don’t know that I lived in Sucre, Bolivia for a couple of months & it was a WONDERFUL experience. One thing I enjoyed every day while living in Bolivia was passionfruit AKA maracuya from ice cream to cakes to smoothies the tart and tropical notes made everything so tasty which inspired my cocktail today- The MARACUYA & Pineapple Sour- See recipe below: Maracuya & Pineapple Sour 🍍🧡 Ingredients 1.5 ounces of Singani 63 ¾ ounces Lemon Juice ½ ounce Passionfruit Syrup 1 ounce Pineapple Juice 1 Egg White Method Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice Shake then strain out ice Shake again then strain into serving glass Garnish with pineapple fronds and edible flower #Singani63 #BeautifulBooze #Bolivia #Cocktail #Cocktails #Mixology #Charity #Brandy #Passionfruit #Pineapple #Maracuya

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