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Beautiful Booze started in early 2013 as a resource for the cocktail professional, enthusiast and home bartender with a website and social media network dedicated to recipe development and photography. Since then, our website has grown into a popular source for the home cocktail enthusiast and professional bartenders alike and the Beautiful Booze Instagram account has naturally cultivated almost 80,000 followers. Today, we work directly with noteworthy companies on projects including content development, travel, professional photography, social media marketing and so much more.

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Happy Hour in Nicaragua hits different @tribalhotel 🍹☀️🥂 see my itinerary below: - Flew from NYC to Managua via Miami - Took a car to the beach (so beautiful & fabulous for surfing or taking surfing lessons) SUPER CHILL! -Came to Granada which is centrally located for a bunch of activities or a great spot to relax & take it all in! The weather has been so good after leaving cold NYC & although I have to work most of the time it’s been an incredible experience so far. #BeautifulBooze #Nicaragua #Granada #happyhour #wine #hotels

Aperol Paloma!🍹Made my favorite version of a Paloma then added some Aperol for some citrus and herbal notes! See recipe below: Aperol Paloma 1.5 ounces of Tequila 2 ounces grapefruit juice 1/2 ounce lime juice 1/2 ounce agave nectar Top with soda 3/4 ounce Aperol Pinch of salt Method Add tequila, grapefruit juice, lime juice, agave nectar and salt to a shaker Shake then strain over ice Top with soda Add Aperol Garnish with grapefruit slice and rosemary #BeautifulBooze #aperol #paloma #tequila #cocktails #cocktail #aperolpaloma #aperolspritz

Spicy Pineapple Margarita VIBES! Today I am sharing my go-to SPICY MARG recipe with a TWIST featuring @AxiaSpirit. I am constantly looking for spirits that I haven’t tried before & love re-creating my fav cocktails! If you aren’t familiar with Axia it is an extra-dry and unsweetened mastiha spirit that is made in Greece and works great as a base in cocktails that usually use gin, vodka or tequila. I absolutely love the tasting notes it brings to cocktails which include earthy notes like pine and cedar as well as MY FAV bergamot, cypress, and citrus. See my full recipe below: Spicy Pineapple Margarita Ingredients 2 ounces of Axia Spirit 1 ounce lime juice 1/2 ounce agave nectar 3/4 ounce pineapple juice 2 slices of jalapeño Method Add all ingredients to a shaker Shake with ice then strain over ice into serving lass Garnish with lime wedge and slices of jalapeños #BeautifulBooze #TwistTheRules #AxiaSpirit #AxiaPartner

Are y’all doing Dry January? 🍹🫖Either way I have a fun mocktail recipe below & if you want to add booze (I would suggest GIN) this flavor profile definitely encourages that as well! I did dry January lasts year but not this year. BUT I LOVE incorporating mocktails into my routine anyway. See the full recipe below: Magical Lemon Meringue 🍋🪄 Ingredients 2 ounces Lemon Tea (I used Sweet Lemon Tea) ¾ ounce Lemon Juice ¾ ounce Vanilla Bean Syrup ¾ ounce Aquafaba Method Add all ingredients to a shaker Shake with ice then strain out ice Shake again without ice then strain into serving glass Garnish with a pinch of cinnamon sugar on top of the foam #beautifulbooze #tea #lemonmeringue #chickpea #aquafaba #drink #mocktail #mocktails #tea #foam #nonalcoholic #dryjanuary

Philly Time! After spending FIVE years living out of a suitcase the one thing, I absolutely love is a hotel with a good cocktail bar. #MottoPartner Who is with me? Today we are in Philly and I am staying at @MottoByHilton which has not 1 but 2 hotel bars located inside the hotel. See my itinerary below: Start at @condesaphilly for HAPPY HOUR. It’s a modern Mexican restaurant and bar with great food, amazing cocktails, a wide selection of agave spirts and natural wine. Head up to the ROOFTOP BAR @eltechophilly it has a retractable roof that can be enjoyed all YEAR round so you can enjoy the views of the city & sip on cocktails. Don’t forget to check out the coffee bar in the morning for special lattes, pastries and BREAKFAST TACOS. I love visiting Philly & staying at @Mottophillyrittenhouse, it’s the perfect launchpad to experience the city as a local. Come with me as we explore & discover some fun cocktails in the City of Brotherly Love. Before y’all ask I had a Philly Cheesesteak (I am team @joessteaks) – I am still trying to find the perfect cocktail pairing for this one -maybe a boozy milkshake. #MottoByHilton #BeautifulBooze #Philadephia #travel #Rooftopbars #Cocktails #cocktail

Mexico City Bar Crawl Series! SAVE THIS POST! Many of y’all have ask for my FAVORITE Bars in Mexico City so here is a list! More BAR CRAWL CITIES ARE COMING SOON 🎥 Where should we go NEXT? 🌎 Can’t get ENOUGH of the MEXICO CITY Cocktail Bar Scene 🍹 I am completely obsessed with the bartenders & vibes of all the AMAZING BARS! Some of my favs are in this video (listed from start to finish) @baltrabar @rayocdmx @waikikitikiroom @brujasmex @pigeonmex @tavernaenprim @hankypankydf @limantourmx @casaprunes @maisonartemisiamx 🎥: @littlelanemedia #BeautifulBooze #Barcrawl #mexicocity #cdmx #mexicocity #barcrawlseries #cdmxbarcrawl #travel #cocktails #cocktail #bars #bartenders #Boozetravel

Booze Travel Time in Philly! I love checking into @MottobyHilton & having an EPIC Hotel Bar to grab drinks and happy hour. #MottoPartner What’s even better is when your hotel bar has mezcal tastings AND natural wines as well as tasty MEXICAN FOOD. I am never leaving. Who else loves a good hotel bar? I am in Philly to show y’all some of my favorite cocktails at the @Mottophillyrittenhouse, home to @condesaphilly a modern Mexican restaurant and bar. The cocktails are outstanding, the agave spirits collection is AMAZING and their happy hour menu is so GOOD! Come with me and let’s explore! Motto By Hilton hotel is located in the heart of Philly with opportunities to explore & discover inside and outside of the hotel. Stay tuned for the EPIC rooftop bar that’s also located on the property. See what I cocktails and food I enjoyed below: Cocktails & Mezcal Tasting Mezcal Margarita (mezcal, orange liqueur, lime, agave, cucumber) Nueve (mezcal, tequila, orange juice, sour orange, hibiscus-habanero syrup) Seis (gin, vodka, Cocchi americano, pickle juice, onion infused dry vermouth, olive) Siete (Oaxacan rum, white rum, peach liqueur, charred pineapple, lime, mezcal spritz) *Condesa has an amazing selection of agave spirits and they can hand pick a tasting for you. Food & Happy Hour Happy Hour is a great deal & all the food plates you see in this video are $5.00 Monday -Friday from 5-7pm AND they offer pour of premium agaves for $8 Food Queso Fundido, Chicken Wings, Empanadas, Chips & Sala, Chips & Guacamole, Chicharrónes, Elote, Nachos and Pork Ribs AGAVES PREMIUM: TEQUILA Siembra Ancestral MEZCAL Real Minero Largo RAICILLA La Venenosa Sur BACANORA Rancho Tepúa #MottoByHilton #BeautifulBooze #cocktailbar #philadephia #travel #drinks #tequila #mezcal #condesa

Cheers 2022🥂 Thank you friends for being part of my journey this year! Super thankful for everyone here & all the support- this account would NOT be possible/ EXIST without y’all! Love XOXO 🥰 Natalie Some of my highlights of 2022 include work travel projects coming back which really brought me back to my old self (RESTARTING my video BAR CRAWL series in Mexico City was a huge achievement & I hope to take it to more places this YEAR) and I am grateful for the opportunities INCLUDING the ability to share some fun new cocktail recipe videos & GROW THIS COMMUNITY to over 160k! I especially enjoyed all the fun events in NYC, all the bars we visited this year AND everyone that made my cocktails AND/OR PURCHASED MY BOOK! THANK YOU SO MUCH! This means EVERYTHING 🥰See some of the highlights below: 🥂 Contestant on Netflix Drinkmasters/ premiere 🥂Host of Bartenders & Baristas Challenge with @licor43global in the Canary Islands 🥂Mexico City Bar Crawl Video Series 🥂Commercial &work with @camuscognac X limited edition bottle release in Paris, Cognac & Brooklyn 🥂Puerto Vallarta with @cheapcaribbean 🥂Cognac with @hinecognacs 🥂 @tales_of_the_cocktail pop-up with @monin_usa & @angosturahouse at @arnaudsnola AND book signing in New Orleans 🥂Commercial work, styling and event work with @peroniusa X @ellisbrooklyn Spritz campaign 🥂Taught Social Media workshops in Tampa with @monin_usa & @chilledmagazine Elevate in Louisville 🥂Press Trip with @visitlex & @castleandkey 🥂Press Trip with @kranky_kangaroo & @punchmediapr in Philadelphia & New Hope 🥂 Press Trip with @talisker in Montauk 🥂Attending @barconventbrooklyn 🥂 @cocktailsncomedy_ with @lpdrinksdc @tonebell @rojoperezzz @suzuvroom and @kapri.possible 🥂 Hosting @korbel_1882 Cocktail Class @flowerschoolny 🥂 Teaching a cocktail class at @waterford Pop- Up in Soho NYC with @monin_usa and Waterford Crystal 🥂 Making it in NYC another year even though the RENT & expenses are 🤯 To my long term partners including @lamarcaprosecco @monin_usa @waterford @cheapcaribbean I am SO grateful for the support #BeautifulBooze #cocktails #cocktail #2022recap #newyearseve #nye2022

Strawberry & Chamomile Sour

Super excited to partner with Total Wine & More again to showcase this delish Strawberry & Chamomile Sour featuring Don Roberto Reposado Tequila which is sold exclusively at Total Wine & More. Don Roberto is available in 4 expressions including Plata, Reposado, Añejo & Añejo Cristalino. I decided to use the reposado to create a fun and tasty sour with strawberries and chamomile. I also love the versatility of this product as it’s great for sipping as well as cocktails especially this cocktail because it has tasting notes of coconut and vanilla.

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