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Beautiful Booze started in early 2013 as a resource for the cocktail professional, enthusiast and home bartender with a website and social media network dedicated to recipe development and photography. Since then, our website has grown into a popular source for the home cocktail enthusiast and professional bartenders alike and the Beautiful Booze Instagram account has naturally cultivated almost 80,000 followers. Today, we work directly with noteworthy companies on projects including content development, travel, professional photography, social media marketing and so much more.

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Entertaining Time with a FESTIVE Spritz-y cocktail featuring @croftpink! 🍓I posted this cocktail a month ago & it has been my go-to that I HAD to remind y’all to make this for Memorial Day with friends! This cocktail is PERFECT for Memorial Day entertaining with friends! It is so versatile & can be made into a PUNCH for the ultimate entertaining Spritz at home! Y’ALL, know I love a good PUNCH recipe. Check out the full recipe below and the recipe DEMO in my stories. I love using port in cocktails because it brings so MANY flavors to the glass. After visiting the home of Croft Port, a couple of years ago I became instantly obsessed this ROSÉ Port. If you have never tried it before it has tasting notes of cherry, raspberry and hints of honey & grapefruit! Which are perfect flavors for this refreshing cocktail. It is also a great pairing with food. For Memorial Day entertaining I am pairing this spritz with some appetizers including a cheese tray and olives! #PortWineTime Strawberry Thyme Spritz 🍓 Ingredients 2 ounces of Croft Pink Port ½ ounce lemon juice ½ ounce strawberry & thyme syrup (*see syrup recipe below) 3 ounces sparkling wine Method Add port, lemon juice and syrup to a shaker Shake then strain into glass over ice Top with sparkling wine Enjoy *Strawberry & Thyme Syrup Ingredients 1 cup water 1 cup sugar ½ cup loosely packed thyme sprigs ½ cup of chopped strawberries Method Add all ingredients to a medium saucepan Simmer until sugar dissolves Strain and cool Check out the link in my bio to purchase. #CroftPartner #BeautifulBooze #CroftPink #PortCocktails #Cocktails #Port

Vibe: Negroni variations all DAY! Who’s with me? See recipe below❤️ Recipe 1 ounce Campari 1 ounce Stiggins’ Fancy Dark Pineapple Rum 1 ounce Manzanilla Sherry Method: Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice Stir for approximately 30 seconds to chill and combine ingredients Strain into a double old-fashioned glass over fresh ice Garnish with pineapple crown and edible flowers #BeautifulBooze #Negroni #cocktail #cocktails #campari

Celebrating summer with @PRESSseltzer! 🌞I decided to mix up some fun spritz-y vibes with these fun seltzer flavors, tea and FUN garnishes🍹 #sponsored If you are new to PRESS it is the ONLY woman- owned seltzer brand among the top seltzer brands & the flavor combos are so delish! My favs are blackberry hibiscus and grapefruit cardamom! These are the 2 combos I made for my summer party: Blackberry Hibiscus PRESS with cherry berry tea & a blackberry and rosemary garnish🌺 Grapefruit Cardamom PRESS with raspberry tea & a cucumber garnish🥒 Visit PRESS website to find a retailer near you! #BeautifulBooze #enjoyPRESS #spritz #cocktails #summer #seltzer

Tequila Time!🍹Excited to mix up a festive cocktail for Cinco De Mayo featuring @tequilamicampo! This Margarita variation has Mi Campo Reposado, lime, honey & a float of cab sauv wine! See the full recipe below: Mischievous Margarita Ingredients: 1.5 ounces Mi Campo Reposado 1 ounce lime juice 3/4 ounce honey syrup ½ ounce Cabernet Sauvignon Method: Add tequila, lime and honey to a shaker Shake then strain into a coupe glass Float wine & garnish I am OBSESSED with this cocktail & was inspired by the Reposado, as it is rested in Napa Valley wine barrels for three months. Take your celebration up a notch with Mi Campo and make some FUN cocktails for Cinco De Mayo! #For21+ #micampopartner #BeautifulBooze #tequilamicampo #tequila #cocktails #cocktail #CincoDeMayo

Excited to mix up a fun Margarita for Cinco De Mayo featuring @nataliesoj! 🍹I decided to create a bubbly Aperol Margarita to celebrate. This recipe is so easy using Natalie’s Margarita mix! #Nataliespartner See full recipe below: Bubbly Aperol Margarita 🍹 Ingredients: 1 ounce Aperol 1 ounce blanco tequila 3 ounces Natalie’s Margarita Mix Top with lime sparkling water Method: Rim your glass with salt Add all the ingredients to a glass with ice Stir, then garnish with lime wheel I love that it is woman owned as well as family operated. The juices are squeezed fresh in small batches each week and they are perfect to use in cocktails; especially when entertaining a crowd. Check out Natalie’s website in my bio & find Natalie’s at Fresh Direct & Foodtown in NYC. #DrinkNatalies #CincoDeMayo #BeautifulBooze #cocktails #Margarita

Bubbly Beach Vacay Margaritas are ready to transport y’all to the BEACH with @CheapCaribbean (AD 21+)🏝🍍🍓This MARG immediately transports YOU to a tropical destination with White Sandy Beaches. Excited to be on BEACH Time & sip this tropical delight with pineapple, strawberry, tequila, and bubbles! See the full recipe below: Strawberry Pineapple Sparkling Margarita🍓 Recipe: 1.5 ounces blanco tequila ½ ounce strawberry syrup🍓 ¾ ounce pineapple juice🍍 ¾ ounce lime juice Top with rosé sparkling wine (2-3 ounces) Method: Combine all ingredients, except rosé, in a cocktail shaker with ice Shake to chill and combine ingredients Strain into a coupe glass Top with rosé sparkling wine Garnish & Enjoy! What is your favorite beach destination? Plan your beach vacay today on! Their website will hook you up with all the tropical destinations with beachy VIBES – Margaritas Included! Click the link in my bio to book a beach vacay. #TrueBeachLovers #CheapCaribbean #beautifulbooze #cocktails #cocktail

Shochu Time! Re-living one of my FAV trips to Japan with this DELISH @iichiko_usa Strawberry Chamomile Sour! Have y’all had Shochu Before? If you are new to SHOCHU: 1. It is so GOOD in cocktails, amazing to SIP and perfect for pairing with food. 2. Iichiko has released the HANA label, a limited-edition bottle inspired by the cherry blossom season. (How STUNNING is this bottle?) It is a perfect addition to your bar cart! I celebrated NYE in Japan a couple of years ago & rang in the New Year with a signature Shochu Sour so I knew I had to recreate this cocktail at home. See full recipe below: Iichiko Strawberry Chamomile Sour 🍓 Recipe: 2 ounces Iichiko Silhouette 1 ounce lemon juice ¾ ounce strawberry syrup 1 ounce chamomile tea 2 ounces soda water Method: Combine all ingredients, except soda water, in a cocktail shaker with ice Shake to chill and combine ingredients Strain into a wine glass over fresh ice Top with soda water Garnish & Enjoy! Check out my stories for the full recipe demo & check out the link in my bio to purchase. #iichiko #BeautifulBooze #cocktail #Shochu #cocktails #ShochuSour #Spring

Excited to be in LEXINGTON Kentucky this week with @visitlex & @castleandkey 🥃✈️ Behind me is Castle & Key Distillery- it’s a Stunning Distillery that has a wide range of spirits with innovation & so much creativity🍹 I got to tour the distillery, make cocktails & taste all the liquid gold from vodka to gin & rye plus bourbon. Everything was so DELISH! Have y’all tried @castleandkey yet? Check out my stories to see all the details unfold in the next couple of days! #BeautifulBooze #BoozeTravel #VisitLex #castleandkey #gin #vodka #bourbon #rye #cocktails #distillery #lexingtonky #kentucky

Fun Gin & Tonic Ideas! I love making these fun ice spheres with herbs & flowers & keep these FUN spheres on hand to amp up my GIN & Tonics. These are so easy to make at home - just add water and herbs to the mold, freeze then enjoy. Who else loves a good G&T? #BeautifulBooze #Gin #ginandtonic #flowers #ice #flowerice #cocktail #cocktails #ginandtonicday

Cognac + Rye + Banana 🍌🥃 Team Banana in cocktails? Yes or No? I love this cocktail - the split base of cognac & rye with a hint of banana is the BEST kind of sipper ( my go-to nightcap) Full disclosure; this nightcap may lead to you booking a late-night vacation, but who am I to judge. Just make sure you invite me 🏝😂 See full recipe below: Recipe: I Accidentally Booked a Vacay 1 ounce Cognac VS 1 ounce Rye Whiskey ¾ ounce Banana Syrup 3 dashes Angostura Bitters Method: Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice Stir for approximately 30 seconds to chill and combine ingredients Strain into a double old-fashioned glass over fresh ice Garnish with a banana slice and edible flower 📸: @littlelanemedia #BeautifulBooze #Nightcap #cognac #ryewhiskey #cocktail #cocktails

Mexico City Bar Vibes! I can feel the warmth in NYC from this special place @tavernaenprim! I can’t wait to share my BAR CRAWL video series from Mexico City VERY SOON! Where should I do my next BAR CRAWL? 📸 @littlelanemedia #BeautifulBooze #BoozeTravel #mexicocity #cdmx #cocktailbar #cocktails #mexicocitybars #BarCrawl

Fav Spritz? I’ll go first - anything that reminds me of warm weather & is paired with snacks! It’s currently 34 degrees in NYC & just looking at this photo gives me hope that WARM VIBES are on the way in addition to many Aperitivo hours ahead! #BeautifulBooze #Spritz #Cocktails #cocktail #aperolspritz #aperitivo #charcuterieboard #snacks #cheeseboard #party #entertaining

Who is ready for the beach?🏖I am day dreaming about having tropical banana daiquiris on the beach! In the meantime, I am sipping on this cocktail & checking out all the fun spots on @CheapCaribbean (Ad 21+) the best place to book your next beach vacay! I took the daiquiri recipe and put my own tropical twist on it. This includes caramelizing the banana slices, adding a coconut syrup and layering it with hues of the ocean with the blue curacao. Check out the recipe below. Recipe: Bananas in Paradise 🏝🍌 Ingredients 2 ounces white rum 1 ounce lime juice ½ ounce blue curacao ½ ounce coconut syrup (Monin) 3 caramelized banana slices (1 for garnish) Method Torch 2 slices of a banana Add coconut syrup and banana slices to a shaker Muddle then add rum, lime juice and ice Shake then strain into a nick and nora glass Add blue curacao and garnish If you are looking for AMAZING VACAY ideas definitely check out where they’re all about all-inclusive beach vacations. Their website is full of great destination guides and recommendations. Check out the link in my bio. #TrueBeachLovers #CheapCaribbean #beautifulbooze #cocktails #cocktail

Cocktail TIPS 🍊🍋 My FAV Cocktail tip is to use fresh citrus when making cocktails at home! It’s a game changer & will take your cocktails to the next level in taste! Hello fresh lime in all my MARGS! What is your favorite citrus forward cocktail? I’ll go first 🍹 DAIQUIRI #BeautifulBooze #Citrus #Cocktails #lemons #limes

Happy Birthday to @littlelanemedia 😍 Seen here doing what he does best traveling & sipping (& taking a break from behind the 📷) #BeautifulBooze #Scotland #travel #cheers

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