Jason Plummer

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Home Bartender & Visual Storyteller • Proud Papa & Husband • '19 Saveur "Best Drinks Instagram" Finalist

Location Phoenix, AZ Southwest
Country United States of America
Member Since NOVEMBER 01, 2019
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Hot Chocolate SZN 🔥 Pretty sure @sarahbarthel intro lyrics are “co-coa” in this @phantogram jam (don’t try to change my mind). Elevate your hot chocolate with this tried and true recipe I dip into every year featuring Ancho Reyes - a chile liqueur that is always in my bar cabinet. Not sponsored, I just love the stuff. COCOA CALIENTE 2 oz @anchoreyes Chile Liqueur 5 oz Hot Chocolate Toasted marshmallows 1 Pinch Cinnamon Powder (flame show optional) The subtle smoke and spice of the ancho chile is a perfect compliment to the chocolate. If you want it a bit more ‘leaded’, try a split base of 1 oz tequila or mezcal and 1 oz Ancho Reyes. If I was a ski bum this’d be my go to. Cheers! #barrelageddad #hotchocolate

AI made me a superhero, not mad about it. Superpowers include: - Making clear ice - Forgetting cocktail specs that I just read - Ability to sense when someone touches the thermostat Kryptonite: Bloody Marys ☠️ My favorite might be the last one which looks like a mashup of myself and Taika Watiti 😂 Have a good weekend! #barrelageddad #lensaapp #aiportraits #AI

Holiday cocktail comin’ up! 🎁 #Ad I’ve partnered with @elijahcraig, one of the first quality whiskies that started my journey, to bring you a simple and delicious holiday cocktail featuring their Rye whiskey. Rich tasting notes of baking spices and honey, backed up by smooth oak and 94 proof make it ideal for cocktails – and this festive infusion: PECANHATTAN 2 oz Pecan infused Elijah Craig Rye  1 oz Sweet Vermouth 1 barspoon Luxardo cherry syrup 2 dashes Aztec Chocolate bitters 1 dash Orange bitters Lemon oil expression Add a good handful of pecans and 12 oz of whiskey to a mason jar. Shake, seal and refrigerate for 3-4 days, shaking occasionally. Fine strain out the solids, store in the fridge. You can also use this in a number of cocktails like Old Fashioneds, Mules, Sazeracs etc. Happy holidays and cheers! #elijahcraig #21+ #barrelageddad

You can do dis. 👍🏼 [SAVE 30% - Link in bio] I’ve held off from picking up any of the “top-of-the-glass” smokers out there …until I saw this metal one. The @hazeysmoker is expertly crafted from 304 stainless-steel to deliver the most unadulterated form of wood infusion possible into your favorite spirit without any interfering scent from the smoker itself (or the previous 27 burns). Cleans up just like washing a dish. If you can use a torch, you can use this. Last, it comes in a nice quality boxy and presentation if you’re looking for a BAD approved gift (see stories). While they offer a lot of great wood types (even lavender!), I opted for rosemary to try out the product’s versatility and put a winter spin on a cocktail I overlook too often: ROSEMARY SMOKED WHISKEY SOUR 1.5-2 oz whiskey (I opted for a wheated bourbon) 3/4 oz lemon juice 3/4 oz honey syrup (instead of simple for more winter vibe) 1/2 oz egg white Add ingredients in a shaking tin, dry shake, add ice, shake. Double strain into rocks glass over ice. Express lemon oils over drink (neutralizes the egg aroma). Garnish with a lemon twist wrapped sprig of rosemary. Hit the link in my bio and use code BAD30 to save 30% until 12/31/22. Now get you and your sweatpants back to the couch. Shoutout to the service industry who often have to work holidays! Tip big. 🙏🏼 #ad #barrelageddad #hazeysmoker #cocktailsmoker

Commence Thanksgiving weekend. PSA: The golf course is the only place Fireball is acceptable. #fyp #golfaz #reels #golf #barrelageddad #golftime

Hello, again 👋🏼 (Recipe below) Back from a good break from content creation. TBH, I was pretty burnt out on it. More on that below, but first, a cocktail. Recently picked up a bottle of Amaro Meletti (@meletti_official). You need this in your home bar. I’m all about simple cocktails these days and it doesn’t get much simpler than this… MEZCALLETTI 1 oz Mezcal OR Reposado Tequila 1 oz Amaro Meletti 2 dash orange bitters (optional) Lemon oil expression A ton of complex flavors here! Great after dinner drink. So my life outside IG has changed a lot since I started this in 2016, as they tend to do. My kids are older, my wife is almost 2 years sober and I couldn’t be more proud of her. The reality is cocktails at home have taken a back seat for a while – and I’m perfectly ok with that. This made me question where to go next with this page. Kill it? Change focus? I didn’t want to keep doing it if I didn’t have a real passion behind it. If you know me at all, you know I’ve never been in this for “followers”. In fact I think I’ve been sitting at 14-16k for two YEARS. Doesn’t bother me. Sure, I’ve ridden the dopamine roller coaster of seeing a post explode or follower count jump overnight and it IS addicting (if you haven’t looked into the science of this, please do, it’s amazing…and frightening). But, it’s all too easy to lose your ‘why’ and even yourself on that ride. Authenticity and creativity are paramount for me and that will never change. While this has always been a side gig/hobby for me, it’s strange that I’ve still felt ‘boxed’ in and limited on what I could or couldn’t post here. All that to say, change is a comin’. I can’t tell you what it will look like, but there’s no sense in feeling constricted by a label or single subject matter. Today might be a cocktail, tomorrow a dumb Dad reel. Who knows? Life is a journey and I’m here for the ride, whatever that looks like. You do you. #barrelageddad

Mexico City was lit #checo #f1 #formula1 #mexicogp #fyp #reels

Treasure Loop Trail 10.23.22 🏔️🥾🐶 #hikeaz #lostdutchmanstatepark #hiking #royalp #reels #visitaz #gohike #barrelageddad

Opening day for @drinkundertow in Gilbert! 🍾 Aside from being one of the top rated tiki bars in the nation, I’m particularly excited about this 2nd location because it’s a mere 12 minutes from home. It’s designed to simulate the interior of a clipper ship, complete with LED screen porthole windows that show changing sea conditions outside. So many great food, dining and shopping venues going into the new @epicenteraz helping to solidify the East Valley as growing hot spot for elevated experiences. Pictured cocktails in order: Sunrise Over Baja: Blanco tequila, heirloom pineapple amaro, manzanilla sherry, pineapple, ginger, passion fruit, guava, lime, habanero, tajin Clear Skies & Tropical Winds (clarified milk punch) Rhum Agricole, reserve aged St. Lucian rum, heirloom alchemeres, vermouth Bianco, aperol, guava, lemon, red mango fruit tea Zombie! 🧟 #barrelageddad #drinkundertow #epicenteraz

I love desert golf. ⛳️ 🏜️ Amazing views out @wekopagc yesterday. Great meeting you @sammythejet, thanks for the invite @sosafan021 . Till next time. #fyp #golf #golflife #golfstagram #golfporn #wekopa #golfaz #fourpeaks

Anyone else leave their walls last to decorate? 🙋🏻‍♂️ We moved in over a year ago and I’m finally getting some art and photography up. I’m really digging the quality frames and poster options @posterstore . Check out my stories for the backstory on each piece. Check out @posterstore and use my code JASONP10 for 10% off posters ON TOP of the great discounts already on the site! Valid until September 28th (excludes select posters). Don’t be like me, get those walls decorated!

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