Amy Windland

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Every brand has a story, let me tell yours! I am a Mixologist with over ten years of experience at my craft. I have an interest in creating brand new memories with my guests through creative tastings. I have competed as a bartender for the last couple of years, and have enjoyed putting together new libations for my guests. I was listed as one of Diageo World Class's top 100 bartenders in the United States in 2019, won first place in the Bacardi Maestro competition in South Carolina, and placed second in a Heaven Hill Bartender of the Year competition (Charlotte, North Carolina edition). Bacardi asked me to judge another competition, and then later invited me to travel to Puerto Rico, to learn about their company. Through my USBG membership, I was honored to be invited to Mexico by the Patron Tequila Company, to learn about how their tequila is produced, and how they are making a difference in environmental practices. I was then later invited by the Casa Noble Tequila Company to travel to their location in Mexico to learn about their practices in manufacturing and sustainability in drink making. All were eye opening experiences that I will never forget, and often reference when talking to my guests at my restaurant.
I am hoping to find myself in the future doing more work within the spirits industry, and am willing to travel and try new things! I love sharing my experiences with others through visual storytelling, and have a unique opportunity to highlight your brands both online, and at my bar!

Location Columbia, SC South East
Country United States of America
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Great American Whiskey Fair was so much fun last night! I got to be a brand ambassador for Bruichladdich and Westland Distilleries for the night, and introduce a bunch of Bourbon drinkers to Single Malts. It was so much fun to change their opinions on the category and see them enjoy Single Malt Whisky, I have found my calling! Thanks to Remy Cointreau for giving me this opportunity, and thank you Lana and Erica for reaching out about doing this event. Also a big thank you to Kylie for working with me last night. Also got to witness Kristian dressed in his Bourbon Bottle Costume officiate Kat and Eric's wedding while passing out samples. Congrats to you both on finally tying the knot! My fellow Squirrel Jack won the title of best Bartender as well in his first ever competition, after finding out he would be competing the night before the competition cause last year's winner couldn't make it. I tell ya, last night was wild! #gawf #bruichladdich #portcharlotte #westlandwhiskey #remycointreau #singlemaltwhisky #womenwhodrinkwhiskey #amyshakesandstirs

Over the last few weeks I studied Single Malt Scotch Whisky with the Edinburgh Whisky Academy online. They are located in Scotland, and are the only educators approved by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). While I knew that this was going to be a fun course, I never could have imagined just how much material they were going to cover. They take you through history and laws shaping the practices of making Scotch, through materials and processes of producing it, through the business of selling it and world tariff issues, and how to lead tastings with groups. They sent a lovely box of samples for the class and for the final exam. Vic Cameron was an amazing teacher, and I am so glad for this opportunity. I finished up my final yesterday, which no joke was over 200 questions, 2 hours proctored, with blind tasting at the end, and passed! Thanks @pdxcw @ardbeg_usa @edinburghwhiskyacademy for this opportunity! • • • #scotchwhiskydiploma #scotchwhisky #SingleMalt #drink #amyshakesandstirs

Check out this cute sample pack I got from Ardbeg Whiskey! Over the last few weeks I participated in a class with the Edinburgh Whisky Academy in Scotland that @ardbeg_usa worked with @pdxcw helped sponsor for some very lucky bartenders across the US. I signed up for the class not fully expecting how intense of a class it was going to be, but just finished my finals yesterday having learned so much thanks to my friends at Ardbeg and @edinburghwhiskyacademy I loved the cute and creepy packaging on this set of Ardbeg bottles. Each bottle tells a legend of the area that was told to us by @ardbegcam each week during our tasting sessions. I was really surprised how much I enjoyed the Wee Beastie, as it is a young 5 year old Single Malt that has intense peat aromas, savory and saline palate, that is matured in ex Bourbon and Oloroso Sherry Casks. Untamed by age, the mastery of their Distilleries Team really shows through. Thanks for helping me to better understand your category, and I would love to someday make it out to Islay! • • • #Ardbeg #SingleMalt #scotchwhiskydiploma #womenwhodrinkwhisky #amyshakesandstirs #scotch

Y'all, I am totally geeking out about this! I got accepted into this online program to get a Scotch Whisky Diploma through the Edinburgh Whisky Academy thanks to @ardbeg , @pdxcw , and @lushlifeproductions! • • • #lovemyjob #womenwhodrinkwhiskey #edinburghwhiskyacademy #lushlifeproductions #pdxcw #ardbeg #scotchwhisky #amyshakesandstirs

You know you're a bartender when your breakfast looks something like this, 😆. Took a drive up to Charlotte this morning to learn from the Diageo World Class Team with the Charlotte chapter of the USBG. Chris Cardone, the 2017 World Class Champion led us through a Tanqueray Ten tasting session, while Trevor Scovel led taught us about his favorite Scotch spirits. We need to get a Columbia Chapter of the USBG going, we are missing out on cool events like this! Thanks for hosting this @suffolkpunchclt . • • • #USBG #diageoworldclass #scotchforbreakfast #ihavethebestjobintheworld #amyshakesandstirs

My first day (I had missed the actual first day after my flight never took off from CLT, so I drove all night, and got there at 4:30am with a 7:30am wake up call, 😆) at Camp Runamok we went to see the James B. Beam distillery for a hands on sensory learning experience. As we got off the busses, we were split into groups to take our tours of the grounds. I was happy to see my friend Bryan Quinn greeting us as we got off the busses. When we went inside we were handed Beam Labcoats, and we were taken to the sensory lab where were taught some of the smells and tastes often attributed to Bourbon. You can see in my pics the aroma kit from Aroma Academy that was specially made for them to teach with. I had thought about ordering one of these kits when I lost my sense of smell for 7 months with Covid to retrain myself how to smell, just before my smell actually came back. I wasn't sure what the quality of the kit was going to be, but now having played with them, I can vouch that they are quality aromas! I may order them for myself for sommelier training. I thought the sensory training experience was brilliant, and really enjoyed this part of the tour. After we went through sensory training, we got to meet their Blender Todd Smith, and 8th generation Master Distiller, Freddie Noe, who led us through a tasting and blending experience. It was really cool to see how each of them had different perspectives on how the operations should be run, but both were valuable sides to the same coin. I had so much fun playing blender with the Whiskey they had layed out for us on the table. Thank you @beamdistilling, @lushlifeproductions, and @camp_runamok for putting this tour together ❤️ • • • #jamesbeamdistillingco #camprunamok2022 #campisforever #lushlifeproductions #aromaacademy #amyshakesandstirs

Enjoying the first real harvest out of garden this year! Blueberries, eggplant (thanks Henry), green onions and beans, and shishitos today. Unfortunately didn't get to my zucchini before the squash vine boarers did. I do have lots of peppers and tomatoes that are starting to develop nicely though. 😋 • • • #backyardfarm #growyourownfood #foodnotlawns #amyshakesandstirs

Wild Turkey Day with Camp Runamok was one of my favorite tours we went to. This Rickhouse I am in the first pic in is their oldest, built back in the 1800s, and still in use today! The smell when you entered was absolutely delicious, and I felt very privileged to be able to explore it with other campers. You had to be careful where you stepped if you were tall since we are taller than we used to be, thankfully I hit that sweet spot at 5'5" where I didn't have to duck through certain areas. Nest stop was a special tasting with second generation Master Distiller Eddie Russel. Eddie told a bunch of funny stories about coming up in a distillers family, and was really informative on what he sees as the future of our industry. Also, he was very thankful to bartenders for using his products in cocktails, and very humble. It was so much fun to try each spirit next to each other. I have to agree with his dad Jimmy though, 101 Bourbon was my favorite. Then we got a behind the scenes tour with 3rd generation Distiller, Bruce Russel, who took us through operations at the distillery. We got to see everything from the yeast room (which is special because they have a proprietary yeast that they keep for every batch), on to the stills, and then the fermentation tanks. He then took us to their tasting lab where we got to see where decisions are made as to what Barrels become what bottles later. They have a grading system for each, and anything that doesn't taste like their mainline products may then be used for special one off bottles down the rd. I thought the detailed labeling and notes were pretty neat for that position. Would be a fun job! Y'all hiring? I wished I could say I met Jimmy on this trip, but I wasn't on the right bus to catch him unfortunately 😔. I have listened to him speak when he visited Columbia, and he is an absolute treasure. Thanks @wildturkey , @lushlifeproductions , and @camp_runamok for putting this visit together! I really enjoyed it! #wildturkeybourbon #camprunamok2022 #campisforever #lushlifeproductions

Looking back on this last week's worth of memories at @camp_runamok , and I wanted to make a quick shout out to the best cabin mate's I could have asked for, the Teramaniacs! Getting in a day later than my cabin mate's was sad cause I lost a day getting to know all you before it was already time to pack and go home. Now that I am back home, I am wishing I could pass a bottle of @Teremana one more time! @jesse.l.peterson was an awesome cabin mom to us all, made sure that we had everything we could have needed when we got there (all the extra clothes and toiletries came in handy on day one cause I had no suitcase!) All the thought you put into making sure every detail was perfect leading up to camp made this week so much fun. Also getting up and making us hydration cups in the morning was everything! I don't know how she could run on almost no sleep all week, but she killed it! @abs2abs you're incredible! I had so much fun hanging with you, and watching you hand out Malort to virgins was priceless 😂! @jeanrichelle you're a sweetheart, and I am glad I got to know you this last week. Congratulations on your wedding coming up! You can totally rock fishnets too! @elena_e_johnson my most chill cabin mate, thanks for sharing your magic lotion with me for my busted hip. I am going to need to put in an order now! I hope you make it all the way to Mexico 🇲🇽 • • • #campisforever #camprunamok #teramanatequila

This week was one for the books! It started off with a delayed flight out of CLT, on my way to Camp Runamok in Louisville. I started talking to this guy, Will, next me after waiting several hours only to find out he was also on his way to Runamok. Luke walks up after overhearing us, and says he is also headed to camp. We had pretty much missed day one by that point, and our plane wasn't going anywhere. I tell them I have my car out front, and we can all pile in and take turns driving up there. Here I am inviting two strangers to drive across the country with me. I am so glad I did! It was a crazy trip through tornados, and fog with ten feet of visibility, and that shift we did at Waffle House, and other crazy Shenanigans 🤪. Love you guys! • • • #camprunamok2022 #Amy&herstrays #campisforever

Today was a great day! Altos Margarita Challenge at Jakes was so much fun. I am humbled and thankful for this win! My drink, Bring Me The Shrubbery, was made with Altos Tequila, homemade Strawberry Shrub, Orgeat, Lemon Juice, Rhubarb Bitters, and finished with Prosecco. Catch me at Hall's here over the next couple days if you'd like to try it, while supplies last. Thanks Abby for all your help today! I couldn't have done this without you! Thank you Jay for helping me get prepped for this over the last couple days. Thank you to my restaurant family for believing in me. ❤️ • • • #altostequila #hallscolumbia #hallschophouse #Margarita #amyshakesandstirs

Got to meet Wesley Henderson the Co-Founder of Angel's Envy Whiskey a few days ago while he was visiting Columbia. Really love Angel's Envy, and if you haven't tried it, what are you waiting for? The Bourbon is finished off in Port Wine Barrels, while the Rye is finished in Rum Barrels. That extra finish to both of these whiskies adds immensely to their flavor profiles, and sets them off as truly unique products. Thanks for coming to SC Wes! #bourbon #rye #angelsenvy #minibottle #amyshakesandstirs #womenwhodrinkwhiskey #lovemyjob

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