Abrazo and Coze

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Abrazo and Coze focuses on families whose parents aren't interested in being SuperMom or SuperDad, but who still want to live their best life with kids. Categories include Kids, Love, Money, and Life.

Kids includes parenting advice and tips, activities, crafts, DIY projects, games, etc. Basically, anything relevant to children.

Love primarily focuses on the love between parents, building that relationship, advice for couples, activities for adult bonding, etc.

Money is anything relevant to family finances, from how to save money on groceries, to budgeting. It includes tips, and inexpensive activities and recipes.

Life encompasses all other areas of family life, such as excursions, education, gift guides, pregnancy, self care, etc. Anything of interest to families that isn't covered by the other three categories.

Location Bloomfield Ontario, Canada
Member Since NOVEMBER 14, 2018
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