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Abrazo and Coze focuses on families whose parents aren't interested in being SuperMom or SuperDad, but who still want to live their best life with kids. Categories include Kids, Love, Money, and Life.

Kids includes parenting advice and tips, activities, crafts, DIY projects, games, etc. Basically, anything relevant to children.

Love primarily focuses on the love between parents, building that relationship, advice for couples, activities for adult bonding, etc.

Money is anything relevant to family finances, from how to save money on groceries, to budgeting. It includes tips, and inexpensive activities and recipes.

Life encompasses all other areas of family life, such as excursions, education, gift guides, pregnancy, self care, etc. Anything of interest to families that isn't covered by the other three categories.

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8 benefits of chess for children

Learning to play chess is one of the best things that children can do for their mental and social development; there are many benefits of chess for both children and adults, which range from cognitive benefits to improved socialization. Chess requires a lot of problem solving, and children who play chess will better develop their problem solving skills when they regularly play with chess sets. Fine motor skills are essential during a child’s development, so this is one benefit that will help children in their real life as well as during school. Learning to play chess has many benefits for children and adults, so be sure to consider buying the children in your life chess sets today.

10 Ways Families Can Stay Fit Together

Staying fit as a family is a great way to connect and help your kids develop healthy habits that will last them a lifetime. Incorporating a short walk into your daily routine can be a great way to decompress after a long day at work and school and use up any excess energy before homework or bed. You can also try setting up family fitness challenges such as aiming to increase your number of daily steps or running a 5K. If you are going to do a fitness challenge, don’t forget to create a plan and set up a way to monitor your progress, either with a chart or an app. Challenge your kids to a dance off or set up a talent show challenge and have them show off some of their best dance moves for points.

How to Teach Your Kids the Value of Education from an Early Age

As children grow, it’s common for them to begin to experience learning and education as boring and bothersome, particularly as they’re exposed to the monotonous routine and schedule of a school. Speak to your youngster about the incredible things that they achieve when they go to school and nursery and help them appreciate the value of learning that way. Find out which topics your child is most interested in when you’re learning together, or they’re learning at school. If your child loves learning about science, show them all the different kinds of science that they can explore, and how each different specialty comes with jobs that they can do when they’re older.

10 Myths About Kids And The Internet

When you try to ban internet use, you deprive your kids of the opportunity to learn how to use technology safely. Additionally, with guided use at home, you will have the opportunity to teach your children how to find reputable sites, how to spot a scam, and how to keep their information private. It would be important to ensure your child has exposure to offline social occasions, and for you to teach them the social skills required to interact positively with others. When you were a kid, you had to go to the library to find the information you needed, whereas modern kids use computers for this purpose.

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