Raven Roberts

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Awkward Black Girl Serving Looks, Short Hair, Nails, Travel and tips on living your best life!

💌Raven@ravenroberts.com | 📍TX

Location Cedar Hill, TX
Country United States of America
Member Since SEPTEMBER 30, 2021
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This is the kind of camouflage I can get into! Full Look - @zara Boots - 1007/810 Top - 4661/433

Yes, these are press ons! 😱 I’ve gotten so many compliments on this nail set! So I’m going to link them in my stories ☺️ Rings @leliamaejewelry (RAVEN20 for 20% off)

Summer I’m sorry for things I said while I was hot 🥴 Please come back to us! Til then.. Here’s a photo dump of my favorite summer fits 🥺 What’s the thing you miss most about summer? #reminiscing #photodump #throwbackthursday

The last time I wore this sweater, I had hair, a lot of it! *Swipe* It just reminds me that some people will only know me with no hair, more with also my fro, a few more when I first did the big chop and a few more when I had straight hair. Sis, people will know you through so many different seasons in you life, and you may change through each one. Cherish those who have loved you through the growth and transition and can say, “I remember when…” Shout out to everyone who has known me through the multiple phases of my life, love you fa real! #appreciationpost #blackgirljoy

SheIn Press On nails…. Are they giving?! In this week’s @YouTube video I bought 31 sets of press on nails from @sheinofficial and I’m reviewing the first 15 in this week’s video! You won’t want to miss it and be sure to turn on your notifications so you know when Part 2 is uploaded later this week! 😁 Watch now, it’s linked in my bio!! #blackyoutubers #blackyoutuber #sheinhaul #shein

Have you ever put together an outfit and been like “I did that!” This is mine! I’m realizing more and more my style doesn’t have to be one way or another, I can like different styles and that’s ok! Style is what you make it sis, so do what you want when you want. But don’t forget to have fun with it! White Shirt & Camo Pants- Thrifted Boots @shoedazzle Bag @targetstyle Hat @forever21

My morning routine consists of a smoothie and taking my vitamins. I’ve recently added @golinutrition SuperFruits Vitamins to my routine. They include Zinc, Bamboo silica & Vitamins to aid in improving collagen formation, powerful antioxidants, support my immune system and taste great! Really helping me to radiate from the inside out! You know ya girl loves a great sale and @golinutrition is having a huge one. Buy 5 bottles get 5 free AND you’ll get 15% off with my code _ravenroberts (shop in my stories!) What does your vitamin regimen look like? #ad #golipartner #sponrored #paid

The joy I feel when my packages arrive earlier than expected. That “ADD TO CART” gets me every time 🤣 #bluedress #blackgirljoy #shopaholic

This week I’m prioritizing self care! In this weeks newsletter I spoke about how I had to prioritize my mental and physical health. I got back from a job on Thursday and I was stressed with tension built up in my neck, and really had to have a hard conversation with myself, that ended in me realizing I needed to back out of a job I already committed to. Which created more stress because I’ve never backed out of a job I’ve already committed to. I had to love me more than the things I had committed to. I still have a little tension and stress because work never really stops. But I’m slowing down and taking on what I can manage and giving myself grace for the things I can’t! Sis, I’m here to remind you: LOVE YOU MORE!

Who’s inviting me out because this dress from @jluxlabel is GIVING!! Watch my full haul and review of all the items I purchased in my latest @youtube video! Watch now and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! (Link in bio)

Neon is always a moment!! Have you ventured in to bright neons yet? If not, what’s holding you back? #neon #blackgirlmagic #ootd

Sis, our future is bright!!! Drop a 💎 if you agree! Happy November!! #timetoshine #blackgirlmagic #melaninqueen #tallgirls #nastygal

Do you dress up for the regular schmegular stuff too? After this shoot I went to Costco, thigh high boots and all. This is not my “normal” Costco attire 😂 But I didn’t have flats or even just jeans to change into. So Costco got a full fashion show! What I’ve learned more and more is…. Why save my clothes for special occasions?! In this panorama those are even more far and few between, than before. So you may not wear thigh high boots to Costco but get dressed up more, even if it’s just a little more than usual! Outfit Tagged! #getdressed #zara #shoedazzle #meshki #mango

A corset is a great way to add femininity to a suit. Mixing it with men inspired pieces makes them a bit more soft. A silk or satin blouse is another great way to achieve this as well! How do you add femininity to your men inspired pieces? #blackgirlfashion #getnastygal #amazonfinds

Sometimes you can’t see the future because it’s too bright!! I don’t know what’s next, but I do know the Creator therefore I know it’s nothing less than awesome! #godisgood #blackwomenfashion #wordsofwisdom

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