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I’ve made it! Now what?

In this episode, Michael and Megan answer a letter from long-time listener Caitlin who is in your shoes and not sure what to do next. They discuss different root issues that might be at play and show you how to create a vision for the entirety of your life The value of non-achievement time How burnout can be a sign you need to focus on other life domains •

4 Strategies to Help Your Team Be More Productive

Sustaining this level of energy to achieve challenging goals year after year means you must make work-life balance a priority for your team. According to a study by the Corporate Executive Board, it was found that people who felt happy with their work-life balance worked 21% harder and were 33% more likely to stay with their organization. So, what are some practical ways that you can help your employees achieve a better work-life balance? Create an Ideal Week for your team that provides uninterrupted time for deep work, team meetings, limits on expected response times, and so on.

The Trait That Destroys Any Team—And Its Antidote

In this episode, Michael and Megan dive into the danger of entitlement. By focusing on contribution, you can cultivate a team dedicated to helpfulness, excellence, and enthusiastic service. The one trait that defines leadership What makes a posture of gratitude so powerful

The Key to Performing at Your Best

Some examples of daily self-care habits that I recommend include: sleeping enough, eating well, exercising regularly, connecting with the people we love, engaging in meaningful hobbies, and making time for personal reflection. Here are three key benefits of prioritizing self-care that will drive your success at work as well. According to a 2012 study in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, not getting enough sleep is a primary risk factor in developing burnout,. Do you have time built in for the self-care habits that will enable you to achieve more?

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