Katia Zakarian

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I'm Katia and I am the Queen of creating content. I post daily on tiktok and Instagram. My content mainly revolves around lifestyle, fashion, travel, entrepreneurship. My goal is to help as many people understand the power they hold, and help them achieve anything they set their mind to! I focus a lot on women empowerment, I love inspiring my audience find their inner confidence all by rocking their outer personal style. My audience is compromised by 80% women! Looking forward to work with you!

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Guess who’s starting surfing classes? ✌🏽thanks to @forloh_official lightweight swimwear design and it’s ultimate sun protection (UPF 75+) to keep the harmful rays of the sun off my skin & make me look like a surfer already💃🏽 as the saying goes “Fake it till you make it”✨👄 🤣 * * * #forloh_official #madeintheUSA #silverluxe #summeradventure #swimwear #watersports #environmentallyFriendly #ForTheLoveOf #warmweathercollection #UPF

Soulmates. 💜 Contrary to what people think, the honeymoon stage isn’t just the beginning months of a relationship. You can’t have it by going back to the same place you met, or revisiting your first date... Love is kept alive by CONTINUING to create NEW memories together & learning new things about each-other, it’s growing together. The honeymoon stage as you call it was when you knew nothing about each-other and had undivided attention to one another, it's the quality of energy you put in that time being present, it’s the times you gave each-other the most thoughtful gift: To Listen . If you manage to keep that alive the Honeymoon won’t just be a stage anymore. Here’s to 11 years of it.🥂 Love always -Kat💜 * * * #fashionboutiques #boutiqueenligne #boutiquestyles #republicwomenswear #womensweardesigner #womenswearstyle #womenswearfashion #womenswears #storedesign #stylestore #stylingtips

The Goal: “Build a life you don’t need a vacation from”. The life:👆🏽 6 years later (swipe till the last photo to catch day ONE👀) * * this is your Sunday motivation to dream big, to create big, to risk big, but to appreciate small! Because true magic is in the small, flawed, uncertain, steps, without them? You tell me! What’s a dream destination without it’s journey? None existent! Love always - Kat💜 * * * #fashionstyleblogs #fashionstyles2you #fashionstyles4love #fashionstyles2me #fashionstyler #fashionstyleblogger #fashionstylelover #fashionstylekorea #fashionboutiques #boutiqueenligne #boutiquestyles #republicwomenswear #womensweardesigner #womenswearstyle #womenswearfashion #womenswears #storedesign #stylestore #stylingtips #stylinginspiration #stylingmyseasons #stylingservices #fashionistakids #fashionistas_minis #fashionista_east #fashionistagram #modestfashionista #fashionistastyles

GROWTH was my word for 2022. (In all the areas👀of course🤣) #sponsored shoutout to @bitefuel For helping me achieve that in 6 months.💃🏽 I’ve always had a hard time gaining weight because lean meats, poultry, fish, seafood is not in my vocabulary nor in my kitchen💁🏽‍♀️ and protein intake is key for muscle growth. It’s the building block for tissue growth and repair alongside your workouts of course, so thanks to their High Protein Cookies I’m never in deficiency of it. And I’m starting to notice changes in my body in all the right areas. 🍑 * * * #stylinginspiration #stylingmyseasons #stylingservices #fashionistakids #fashionistas_minis #fashionista_east #fashionistagram #modestfashionista #fashionistastyles

“May you be strong, may you feel joy, may you find purpose!” Feel this for your loved ones, feel this for yourself, feel this for those who have done you wrong & feel this for all those you’ve never met! & watch your life begin to change at the moment you stop resisting. 💜 love always! -Kat * * * #fashionstyleblogs #fashionstyles2you #fashionstyles4love #fashionstyles2me #fashionstyler #fashionstyleblogger #fashionstylelover #fashionstylekorea #fashionboutiques #boutiqueenligne #boutiquestyles #republicwomenswear #womensweardesigner #womenswearstyle #womenswearfashion #womenswears

🚨REAL TALK🚨 I have a confession to make😳 Every time I was meeting one of YOU in real life the # 1 thing you would tell me is “wow you act nothing like your videos” and in my mind that was a compliment🤣💁🏽‍♀️ because I knew I’m acting a persona when I film. The reality is I started making these types of videos during the pandemic to promote my brand @dressmetour it’s a way to make you laugh, entertain & sometimes I would inject some truth. Without realizing I would gain a following and the amount of people who are going to look up to me thinking this is who I really am! Don’t get me wrong I am not one to seek acceptance in order to validate myself but I do want to imprint a positive influence on those around me because I genuinely LOVE inspiring others to live a calm, blissful & happier life after making the switch for myself in my early 20s. * * The reality is I don’t have “exes that I hate”🥲🤣 the last 1 I had was when I was 17 and we had a peaceful exit in fact I thanked him while he apologized because without him I would have never met the love of my life a year later & he should not regret or hold it in his heart for what happened💜 For some reason I can really act the part of this internet persona super well call it an alter ego, she’s fun to watch & she’s super entertaining but in the real world she doesn’t exist🤷🏽‍♀️ I share my real self more in my stories, my routines, what I do, how I work more of the behind the scenes but I am going to go further and start posting on my main page. If you love the alter ego Kat she will still exist on the @dressmetour page to give you a good laugh & entertain you🤣 but on my personal page you will see the real me, the behind the scenes of who I am and becoming. And to be honest with you, I’m no angel nor perfect nor try to be! But be prepared to see the version of me who is disciplined, vulnerable, goofy A.F. 🦅 & a student of life💜 you might have followed me after I was able to change my external world but now you will see what it took to get there. The mindset, the drive, the mistakes, the risks. So stay tuned the content here is about to change, hope you’ll stick around💜 Love ALWAYS - Kat

1,2,3,4,5,6 OR 7? @dressmetour 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 DRESSMETOUR.COM 🛍 Tap The Link In My Bio💜 * * * #fashionstyler #fashionstyleblogger #fashionstylelover #fashionstylekorea #fashionboutiques #boutiqueenligne #boutiquestyles #republicwomenswear #womensweardesigner #womenswearstyle #womenswearfashion #womenswears

Day 4,015 VS Day 1. (Swipe left to our very first date👈🏽). When you make the MOST out of NOTHING, you realize how LITTLE you need to have EVERYTHING.💜 Happy 11 years my love💜 from nothing, to living our wildest dreams… Thank you for co-dreaming & co-creating with me for the past 4,015 days and showing me true unconditional love every step of the way. Te amo💜 -Kat

#Sponsored I recently found out about this new app called @presto.social an app that gets you paid to post! Since I’m used to posting 100s of content for free🤣 I decided to hop on! & start getting $$$ instead.🦅 * * With Presto, you can send "Good Vibes" to your friends, faves, and content creators, which translate to real and instant cash right into their bank accounts! You can give UNLIMITED Good Vibes - which also means you can give unlimited MONEY if you love a piece of content or its creator. Best part To get more vibes, you can Watch ads (25 vibes per ad!) and Share with your friends! I personally haven’t seen such a a feature where consumers can earn $$ for supporting their favourite people. Content creators & consumers can both earn $$$ on this app! 💃🏽 * * Content being fairly rewarded on both ends is a thumbs up for me👍🏽Download today! 👉🏽 https://presto.social/ * * #fashionstyles2you #fashionstyles4love #fashionstyles2me #fashionstyler #fashionstyleblogger #fashionstylelover #fashionstylekorea #fashionboutiques #boutiqueenligne #boutiquestyles #republicwomenswear #womensweardesigner #womenswearstyle #womenswearfashion #womenswears #storedesign #stylestore

A house is made of walls & beams, a home is made of love & dreams.✨ Welcome to our NEW HOME! 💜 (quick house tour on my stories you have 24 hours🏃🏽‍♀️💨💨💨💨) * * #fashionboutiques #boutiqueenligne #boutiquestyles #republicwomenswear #womensweardesigner #womenswearstyle #womenswearfashion #womenswears #storedesign #stylestore #stylingtips #stylinginspiration #stylingmyseasons #stylingservices #fashionistakids #fashionistas_minis #fashionista_east #fashionistagram #modestfashionista #fashionistastyles

Storytime & brb in 1 week (moving to our dream home🙈) * I have to share with you one of My biggest limiting belief of ALL: The work hard mentality. * I went from working 40 + hours a week being an employee to a job while building a side hustle with no days off, to working 7 days a week 24 hours a day being an employee to the business I created. & in my mind I made it! I was succeeding, having a busy schedule felt like I was winning in life. Until the day came and just like every other definite decision I make , it was INSTANT that belief was gone. It actually happened at the beginning of this pandemic literally overnight. Soon after I started seeing the shift. * only until I COMPLETELY removed myself from what made me feel valuable at the time, by removing myself from a business model that I was accustomed to since I was 17. Closing my brick & mortar business & diving solely online, I was able to free myself from this belief. * You see I always used to see myself at 30 as being this suited up boss babe, having her own HQ and being a killler entrepreneur all in heels (of course) as my day to day, now T-8 months to 30 And all I want is to live, to enjoy, to explore, to genuinely be happy, to give back, to take breaks, to take LONG breaks, to love all by doing what I love. * I always believed in manifesting but not to the extent that I do now because of this limiting belief. You can TRULY completely change your future & your outcome by the hologram of reality you want to project onto your world. If you think making money is hard, your future reality will be working hard for money. Your future in fact has nothing to do with your present circumstances but it has everything to do with your present, thoughts, beliefs & feelings. If you think you’re a money magnet & money will flow naturally to you? It will in all abundance. The key is to maintain & hold on to your desired beliefs regardless of your circumstances & here’s the challenging part: To let go of ALL the fears that are holding you back, How you may ask? By facing every single one of them. Scary at first but oh so rewarding after 💜 love always - Kat💜

Co-dreaming & Co-creating together since 2011.💜 Our shared same values & same vision of the future turned us from being boyfriend/ girlfriend to life partners & that’s one of my fave parts of our ever changing journey; Instead of trying to complete each other and label ourselves as each other’s “other half” thinking we have a void within ourselves, we supported each other on becoming a whole, on completing our own selves as individuals, not being each other’s 50 to reach a 100. I decided to be a 100 & he decided to be a 100 so when we came together we became a thousand! & in addition to unconditional love + clear communication, that’s the recipe to a happy relationship! -Kat 💜

Life partner💜 Date night Now vs 2016👫🏽 (Of course Mishka steals the show both times🤣🐕 )

Feeling safe in someone’s energy is a different type of intimacy.💜 As the years go by, our homes keep changing (swipe left to each one to Hugo’s hood when we first met in 2011🤣 #cotedesneiges vibras) our lives keep changing, our world around us keep changing. & even with all these changes I’ve never felt more safe and secure being around your energy. As the saying goes “in a world full of strangers… find the 1 that makes you feel like home!” Happy Sunday everyone! Love always! -Kat💜 * * #womensweardesigner #womenswearstyle #womenswearfashion #womenswears #storedesign #stylestore #stylingtips #stylinginspiration #stylingmyseasons #stylingservices #fashionistakids #fashionistas_minis #fashionista_east #fashionistagram #modestfashionista #fashionistastyles

You glow different when you're in the right place with the right people. ✨ @dressmetour

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