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Lifestyle blogger • Content Creator •Model Agent• 💜Mamba Life• LakerNation •Wakanda forever TIPZ🐕‍🦺❤️

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Using Art and architecture as a form of inspiration for these designs really widens the possibility for these designs. #aiartwork #aiartcommunity #AiFashion #aifashioneditorial #aiarchitecture #AiconceptArt #midjourney

So recently I started my journey into Ai Art Design thanks to @sevdaalbers and her amazing work. Everyday I tested and tried new prompts and techniques teaching myself how to become better. With every design I created I became.more confident in my work, so I decided to take a shot and submit some to a magazine. I am so excited to say that they were accepted and were given a four page spread. I just want to thank @blurmag_official @blurmag_social for taking a chance in accepting my work and having them in their amazing magazine. This is definitely going to be the first of many submissions as I continue to learn and grow. #aiartcommunity #Ai #AiFashion #AiEditorials #Midjourney #AiMagazine #aiartwork #blurmagazine

Created an Ai Collection called "The Silver Desert" which features unique elements of Silks, Gold and Silver detailings, Embroidery, High-end Cotton and Wool. #fashioneditorial #FashionAi #aiartcommunity #AiArt #DigitalArt #Ai #midjourney #artlover #contemporaryart #modernart

Recently I've been venturing more into the Ai design world and learning all I can to properly utilised the software. As such I decided to try my hand at Product Design and Brand Concept Design. For my first ideation, I drew inspiration from my country of Trinidad and Tobago. Using our rich culture and multi-diverse heritage, I created a sneaker that represents what we are. In the design I also used our production of "Carnival" the biggest show in the world as a major influence for the show designs. Each sneaker has a unique back store behind its color design. #Ai #AiArt #AiArtCommunity #AiSneakerConcept #FashionAi #PumaConcept #PumaSneaker #AiPumaDesign

Quick studio style beauty shot . Trying to get these right was a bit tricky. It's still how I envisioned it to be but it still came out great in my opinion. If anyone has any prompts they wanna share for me to try out let me know #Ai #aiartcommunity #AIStudioShot #AiFashion #aifashioneditorial

Been playing around with Lighting and shadows this week. Learning how more about the prompts and how they are used in images like these. Each photo has a different type of shadow cast and lighting prompt applied, especially the last one. I tried to go for a saturated look, it's still a work in progress. #Ai #AiFashion #aiartcommunity #midjourney #fashioneditorial

Tested out some prompts using designer brands and decided to do one for @viviennewestwood who showed their latest collection today. I think it came out pretty great. Ai Generated fashion is really becoming my new hobby. #Ai #aiartcommunity #AiFashion #aifashioneditorial #midjourney

METAMORPHOSIS | @voguephilippines September 2023. Akin to a butterfly’s journey, an elegant metamorphosis takes place. From the protectiveness of the cocoon, a culmination of a new profound sense of self is revealed. Featuring @shanelcheatham and @janelcheatham1 from @chezlesmannequins wearing looks from @maisonvalentino, @mingyuwangnewyork, @bad_binch_tongtong, @gremonstyne, @alexisbittar, and @noahclothing Beauty editor @joyce.orena, styled by @tiffanistyles, makeup by @ayaminishimura, hair by @izuizuizu, nails by @tacobani, art department @caylah.jean, casting and production by mirhamascencio , market editors @coralreefin, @myles.colbert, photographer’s assistants @johnnydeguzman, @miltonarellanophoto, stylist’s assistants @elliemarief, @sangoubadi, @pilimalawa, makeup assistant #YukaIto, hair assistant @akane87brooklyn @judycaseyinc Booking Agent: Myself

Back again playing around with this Midjourney Ai Fashion Editorials thing. This time I took inspiration from @litkovska_official spring summer 24 collection as a basis for the clothing. AI Generated. #Ai #midjourney #AiFashion #AiEditorials #aiartcommunity #fashioneditorial #litkovskaya_official

It really brings me joy seeing my input into something amazing actually to fruition. Working as a Model Agent can sometimes be stressful, not always getting selected for bookings. But those one moments when you are able to secure a booking makes it all worth it. I am so excited to see my models that I selected for this job, be a part of this project. This opportunity just shows me that there is more to come and I can't wait to open those doors. VOGUE PHILIPPINES SEPTEMBER 2023 We are thrilled to have our beautiful Filipina twins 👯‍♀️ @janelcheatham1 and shanelcheatham featured in the latest issue of @voguephilippines Huge thanks to mirhamascencio for believing in our agency. Such a humble legend❤️‍🔥 Agency: @chezlesmannequins Looks from @maisonvalentino @mingyuwangnewyork @bad_binch_tongtong @gremonstyne @alexisbittar @noahclothing Creative Direction and photographs by @joshua.pestka Beauty Editor Joyce Oreña Styled by @tiffanistyles Makeup by @ayaminishimura Hair by @izuizuizu Nails by @tacobani Art Department @caylah.jean Market Editors @coralreefin @myles.colbert photographer’s assistants @johnnydeguzman @miltonarellanophoto Stylist’s Assistant #Yukalto, Hair Assistant #AkaneKimura

Lately I've been playing around with this Ai design thing and I must say I'm really starting to love it. There are clearly some imperfections but in time and continuing using the program I'm sure I'll be great at it. I have to shout out @sevdaalbers for her continuous work in this and creating unbelievable work, pushing me to continue trying and learning. ' #ai #midjourney #AiFashion #AiEditorials #fashioneditorial

With my 30th right around the corner, I find myself thinking about all the stuff I've accomplished and the things I've yet to do. Having gone back to school and putting your life on hold due to this phytoplankton, has really put a lot of stuff into perspective. I'm not sure what my 30s are going to bring but I'm definitely going to make the best of it. #ExpressYourself #menssartorialfashion #goorinbros #mensblog #blackswhoblog

FStop.Fm Interview

I was recently asked to do an Interview for an online site called Fstop.fm. app that allows photographers, models, bloggers, MUA, brands, anyone within the fashion industry to connect and work with each other on joint projects. In the interview I talk about how I got started in the fashion industry, some of the challenges and set backs I had so far and Be sure to click like and  follow along on my journey and to stay up to date on the current trends and styles in men’s fashion.

New York Fashion Week:Men Day 2 Recap

The agenda for the day was not as hectic as I thought it would be, with Joseph Abboud at 10am, Nautica at 3pm and Brett Johnson at 6pm. Abboud collaborated with 6 other designers to produce the show, with the intent on honoring the brands unique American heritage and aesthetic . The bags were made by Rawlings in St. Louis, MN; hats by CFDA member Albertus Swanepoel, made in Brooklyn, NY; ties by Barbara Blank, in New York, NY; watches Kobold, from Pittsburgh, PA; shearling outerwear by Aston Leathers, made in Brooklyn, NY and footwear by Allen Edmonds, made in Port Washington, WI. I was inspired by the leisure lifestyle of influential men and the historical references to the American West found in their off-duty, sartorial choices,” Johnson said.

New York Fashion Week: Men Day 1 Recap

Stating that the collection ” explores the relevance of athletic themes as they intermix within the ready-to-wear arena, pairing his offerings with updated tailored staples and sprinkling the whole collection with distinctly military details cut from unlikely textiles such as graphic wool double knits, optical jacquards, neoprene, technical performance nylon and fantasy tweed. Diran marches on with his ‘New Look’: Uber soft, pre-washed suiting sans padding and stiff interfacing, yet maintaining a slim defined silhouette. One of my goals as a blogger was to attend a Suitsupply Presentation, and I am truly grateful that I got the opportunity to attend and mingle with some of the leading influencers In the industry. From this presentation, I have a strong feeling we are sure to these styles and outfits gracing the streets and at the gallor events during the Fall/Winter season.

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