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A Blog for Today's Mom with tips Inspiration and More From My Neck of the Woods!

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Today was my 41st Birthday. Sometimes I feel so old and yet other times I'm like nah I'm still young. Because my birthday fell on a Monday which is a homeschool and work day we did most of our celebrating with family and friends over the weekend. Saturday afternoon our bestie friends @paigemacosta and Jesus took Rory and I out to eat at @tsubamerotatingsushi a newer Japanese sushi restaurant in Utah County. We absolutely LOVED it. We are totally going back. Then Saturday night my family had a big birthday party for all the October & November birthday. My nephew was born on my birthday (today) my sister-in-law @mem.goff and my youngest sister @lifeaccordingtomary Had birthdays in October. At the bday dinner party my sister @smilingjenny made the most delicious cake to celebrate. (She really is amazingly talented. ) Yesterday my mother and father-in-law surprised me with a special birthday dinner and then we come to today. Rory woke up early to make a special breakfast before we started our busy day. Most of our day was taken up with homeschool, work and fixing our toilet that broke this morning, but through it all we were together. My Little family of 5. Tonight I got one last surprise my brother and sister-in-law (@mrsbudgetmama ) and their kids stopped by with balloons, flowers and some chocolate as a birthday present. The perfect way to end my birthday. Thank you to everyone who celebrated with me over the last few days and to those who sent birthday wishes online. It meant so much to me. As I finish another year of life and head into the next I am reminded that I have much to be grateful for. #birthdaygirl #41stbirthday #adayinmylife

Have you heard about @bentkeyofficial they are a great new kids streaming service that creates content that is focused on traditional family values while still being entertaining. #ad Bentley just came out with two new shows: Chip Chilla A Wonderful Day With Mabel Maclay. Check out my latest blog post (the link is in my bio @thequietgrove) while you are there make sure to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a subscription to Bentley. #RWM #Bentkey #ChipChilla #MabelMaclay #familyentertainment

Happy Halloween Everyone! Hope it was filled with imagination, laughter and spooky fun. Whatever your plans were tonight, I hope you stayed safe, had fun and didn't get sick from too much sugar. We had fun meeting up with my sisters and nieces and nephew to trick or treat down Provo center Street. Then we snagged food and visited my parents before meeting up with close friends at their uncle's place to go trick or treating with their kids and then press some fresh apple cider with their familys homemade cedar apple press. Then on the way home we stopped by Rory's sisters place to say hi. All in all a good day but man am I exhausted. #halloween2023 #utahfamily

This last week we decided to drive up the canyon to see the late Autumn Colors. We had already gone earlier in the season but wanted to go back one more time before the cold set in. This time we brought our tripod to take a few family photos. I adore Fall in all its Glories. I love the early Fall when the weather begins to cool from the heat of the Summer and the colors just start to turn. I love mid fall with its vivid colors of red, yellow and orange. And I also love the end of Fall where the shades or brown are sprinkled with orange yellow and occasional red. My only sadness is that Falls here in Utah don't last long enough for me. I'm glad we went when we did for the weather cooled drastically the very next day. It now feels like winter is arriving. At least it means we are heading into the holiday season. Tomorrow is Halloween, then it's my birthday followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas. #utahfallcolors #utahfall #fallcolors #fallvibes

Some of my favorite Halloween finds this year came from @temu and I thought I'd share! #temupartner Even though we are almost to Halloween you can still snag these great finds to use throughout the remainder of this Fall season and have ready for next year. Seriously, I loved these items so much I'm probably going to go back and order a few more things for my Halloween decorations to add to my collection for next year. ⬇️Download the Temu app via 🔗LINK https://temu.to/m/ufbfxl91g4r 🧺Claim $100 coupon bundle! 🎁Use the code【apr58620】at checkout to get an extra 50% off 📌TEMU App New Users ONLY!! 🆓Free shipping & Free returns now💰Shop thousands of awesome items for $1 ➡️Black Lace Spiderweb Fireplace mantle:https://temu.to/m/u8tcobz2nzx ➡️48pk PVC black Halloween Bats: https://temu.to/m/udchi9xglhq ➡️5pk witches hat (with finishing line to hang): https://temu.to/m/uh3m8phy07r ➡️6pk remote control floating candles: https://temu.to/m/un9kf701lp1 ➡️ Halloween Pumpkin Pillow: https://temu.to/m/u2erv8otcj2 ➡️Ghost Mug: https://temu.to/m/u2o2n8pxyn5 #temu #temuhalloween #TemuInfluencerProgram #HalloweenFinds #halloweendecor

Looking for Halloween must Haves? Here are some of my favorite Halloween items available on @temu #temupartner Have you used Temu yet? They have amazing products at such affordable prices. I just placed my first order and can't wait for them to arrive. I'll make another video to show you everything I got when they arrive!! In the meantime if you are still looking for fun Halloween decorations for your home check out these amazing ones I found! ⬇️Download the Temu app via 🔗LINK https://temu.to/m/ufbfxl91g4r 🧺Claim $100 coupon bundle! 🎁Use the code【apr58620】at checkout to get an extra 50% off 📌TEMU App New Users ONLY!! 🆓Free shipping & Free returns now💰Shop thousands of awesome items for $1 #temu #temuhalloween #TemuInfluencerProgram

DIY Wonderful Halos Easter Bunnies

Your kids will love these adorable Wonderful Halos Easter Bunnies! Today I am teaming up with Wonderful Halos to show you how to do a fun Easter craft together with your kids These Wonderful Halos Easter Bunnies are easy to make, and even better they double as a delicious and healthy treat. Bonus points if I can give my kids these healthy treats in cute ways that make my kids soo happy. You can make these Halos Mandarine Easter Bunnies using the tutorial below, or pin this post to your Easter DIY board on Pinterest to make later.

Easy Fruit Rainbow Charcuterie Board

I was planning to do lots of fun things with my kids to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day but lost track of days and before I knew it, the day had arrived So I headed off to the store while my kids finished up their homeschool and got a bunch of fruit, some mini marshmallows, and a bag of Rollos to make a fun delicious last-minute Fruit Rainbow Charcuterie Board for my family to enjoy. The bowl of mini marshmallows made for the perfect cloud and of course, the bowl of Rollos was the perfect Leprechaun treasure that pulled the whole charcuterie board together. For while my kids love marshmallows and Rollos they apparently love fresh fruit first.

DIY Bitmoji Infusible Ink Mug Made With The Cricut Mug Press

The Cricut Mug Press is specifically designed to help you make custom mugs with their Infusible Ink materials. As of today the Mug Press, Cricut Mugs, and mug press-sized Infusible Ink sheets are now available for purchase at Cricut.com! To celebrate, I want to show you how to use Cricut’s Mug Press and Infusible Ink Sheets to make your own custom Bitmoji Mug!! Anyways, follow the tutorial below to make your own custom mug using Cricut’s new mug press now, or pin this post to your Cricut DIY board to use later!

DIY 'Be Kind' Infusible Ink Mug Made with Cricut's Mug Press

Make your own Infusible Ink Mug in minutes with Cricut’s Mug Press Last week Cricut announced the release of the Cricut Mug Press. Seriously, the Mug Press is incredibly easy to use and the infusible Ink mugs come out with a perfect vivid design every time! For those who have Cricut Access, Cricut has come out with several gorgeous Mug designs you can use as well as mug templates to help you design your own.

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