Julia Groves

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A Blog for Today's Mom with tips Inspiration and More From My Neck of the Woods!

#Printables #DIY #Tips #FamilyTravel #Recipes

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When it comes to drinks I prefer mine with ice. Specifically nugget ice. (Gifted) We used to buy bags of nugget ice from the store. Now we make our own at home with our new Gevi 1000B ice maker. Our ice maker fits on our countertop. It's sleek and quiet and makes ice continually to meet our family's needs (up to 28lbs a day). Use my code: NIM1KB10 to save 35% off your own nugget ice maker. https://household.gevi.com/products/new-arrival-gevi-household-countertop-nugget-ice-maker-gimn-1000b ✨As for the drink I made..Are you a dirty soda fan? Dirty sodas are a big Utah thing. It's where you mix in syrups and fruit purees with your favorite sodas. This time I mixed in some amoretto syrup with a coke which is a favorite of my mother-in-law. (Though she usually drinks diet coke.) My favorite is mixing raspberry syrup and raspberry puree with sprite with a bit of cream. If you have tried a dirty soda yet you should. If you love soda this will take it to a whole new level of deliciousness. If you made a dirty soda what soda and mixins would you use? #dirtysoda #geviicemaker #gevi #drinks #homefinds #kitchenessentials

Are you raising entrepreneurs? I was raised to have a entreprenure mindset. As a kid and youth I learned that if I wanted money I needed to earn it. So that's what I did. I earned money by taking in and out neighbors garbage cans, doing yard work, cleaning homes, babysitting, and selling homemade suckers and baked goods. Because of this I learned early on the value the dollar. I knew how much work went into the money I had and so I was more careful with my spending and more purposeful in my savings. Now years later as an adult I am grateful for those early lessons. Especially now that my husband own our own business. Being an entrepreneur isn't always easy but we have found is very rewarding and freeing in many ways. This is why we are so adamant about teaching our children these same lessons. Today our kids have their own booth at the @childrensentrepreneurmarket happening at the Provo Rec Center (11-2) It's such a great opportunity and learning experience for my kids. Eespecially since (other than prep and set up) they have to do it all themselves. I'm not allowed to interact with customers or handle money it has to all be my kids. I am so proud of my kids, getting out of their comfort zone to do this. Each of my kids have their different strengths and I am loving watching them work together. #childrensentrepreneurmarket #kidsactivities #kidsentrepreneurs

🥳Happy 11th Birthday to my Danger Boy! Maybe this year I'll finally get around to making him that "Danger really is my middle name shirt" I've been meaning to make for the last 11years. 😂 I can't believe how grown up my son is becoming. I can't believe how much energy my Danger Boy has. He sure does brighten up my life. ☺️ He is also very loving. He assures me every day that he will never get too old to give me hugs and love. He is quick to share. And he has such a sweet sensitive spirit. He loves Zelda, fortnight, board/card games, fantasy books, his hoverboard, playing with cousins and baking yummy treats. We are so blessed to have him in our family and I love being his mother.

I just made my first wood on wood sign using my @xtool.official M1 laser engraver and I am totally in love. (Gifted) I love the look of wood on wood signs. In my opinion it's totally an upgrade from vinyl on wood. Doing wood on wood signs with delicate letters was one of the reasons I wanted to get a laser engraver in the first place. For this welcome sign I got the pre-cut round board at @michaelsstores and had my husband stain it with a dark walnut stain. Next I used my M1 laser to cut out the words which I then painted. I plan to put a clear sealant coat over the sign before I hang it on my front door so it can withstand the weather better. I could have added a big ribbon bow to it or fun cut out designs but in the end I love the simple elegance of the sign just how it is. I am considering selling these signs (along with my wood family trees and other items I'm making like wood earrings) What do you think?

I just got a new painting from @havenlightart and had to share. (Gifted) I have been thinking a lot about motherhood lately and how grateful I am to be a mother. Over the years I have come to learn that it's impossible to be a "Perfect Mother". However, there are a million ways to be a good one. The key is to love your children unconditionally and to just do your best. Show up for them. Be interested in them. And when most of all, when you make mistakes or feel like you are failing, don't give up. I love this painting of a mother holding her baby that I got from Havenlight Art. It speaks to me of a mother's divine love and dedication. I'm excited to hang it in my home. If you are looking for a great Mother's Day gift check out the amazing prints available at #havenlightart. Right now Havenlight is having a special Mother's day sale (now through the 28th) where if you use my code: GROVE20 you can save 20% off your next order https://havenlight.com/r?id=08u0il (the link is also in my profile)

Check out this new @gevi_household nugget ice maker I just got for our family. (Gifted) When it comes to drinks I love ice. And when it comes to ice Nugget Ice (aka pebble or sonic ice) is by far my favorite. These ice cubes are light, chewable and will chill your drink super fast. This countertop nugget ice maker from Gevi is easy to set up and use. Just add water and it will continuously make quality nugget ice for your family (up to 28lbs a day). It comes with a pull out ice bucket and plastic scooper as well as a user manual and quick start guide. I love it's sleek design and how quiet it runs. It's super easy to use and even has a self cleaning function so it's easy to maintain as well. If you are in the market for a quality nugget ice maker I totally recommend this one. Use my code: NIM1KB10 to get 35% off your own Gevi Nugget Ice Maker. https://household.gevi.com/products/new-arrival-gevi-household-countertop-nugget-ice-maker-gimn-1000b?variant=43642557399255 (the link is also in my IG profile) #gevi #geviicemaker #nuggetice #unboxing

⭐It's a me Mario!⭐ Have you seen the New Super Mario movie yet? Tonight my family was invited by @tab.bank to go see the new @nintendoamerica #SuperMarioMovie We have been counting down the days for this movie to come out as we are huge #Nintwndo and Mario fans. I'm all about good clean entertainment for the whole family. #savewithTAB #familydatenight

☀️Yey for warmer days! ☀️ Don't get me wrong I am grateful for the snow we have had. Snow means water, and we desperately need water to combat the drought we have been experiencing the last several years. However, I am also grateful for the warmer days. We have had friends visiting from out of town this week and I am glad that our kids have been able to spend so much time outside in our yard playing together. We have also enjoyed multiple trips to the park. Which my kids have absolutely loved. Now if only my allergies weren't so bad. But this the season.

It's Spring y'all! Though you can't tell it from looking out my window. I can't wait for the snow to melt and the flowers to bloom (even if they do wreck havoc with my allergies.) To celebrate I have teamed up with 18 other creative crafty bloggers to bring you 19 beautiful flower inspired free SVG cut files. Head over to my blog thequietgrove.com and claim my "Live Simply, Bloom Wildly" free SVG and check out the other awesome designs by my friends.

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