Lindsey Olson

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📍Brooklyn, NY 🌲 Tacoma raised 🏜 AZ cultivated 🖤 Sometimes gothy, sometimes girly ✈️ I travel a LOT 🕷CrossFit, travel, books, fashion ☔️ Next: Seattle

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I, myself, am strange and unusual..... I’m not pumped about the location/photography compared to my usual Halloween looks, but I just got back into New York and given the 2020 situation, am not about to get on public transportation to shoot quite yet. Add to that New York is *not* the ghost town it’s being portrayed as, and I had to put my mask on and off/move my tripod every few frames as parents came out with their kids in costume! That said, I kind of want to wear this dress.... every day? So maybe we’ll get a Lydia Deetz 2021 look next year 😉 Happy Halloween my loves! 🎃

Happy almost end to 2020 my loves ✨ it’s been a while since I’ve posted last and while I still have tons of photos ready to go from my cross country trip earlier this year, I’ve just been feeling burned out from the posting, the engaging, and all the work associated with sharing content. The combo of probably normal burnout from my previously prolific posting combined with the rut I’m in from the pandemic and constantly staying home has certainly done it. With that, I thought I’d close out the year with this lovely foliage spot from state 45 for me, North Carolina. I actually have a shot for later from state 44, Mississippi, but this is the one I felt like going with for now. North Carolina was an absolutely gorgeous space, and we camped out around the Smoky Mountains, where the perpetual fog truly does make it look like there’s a constant layer of smoke atop them. As we furthered up north, the leaves shifted more orange and brown throughout late October. This was the site of our heroic rescue by the cutest couple, Sue and Boo - we’d gotten the massively heavy RV stuck in the mud with no service, and they were the only car to drive past us all day. I screamed “help!” and this sweet elderly couple pulled over, put masks on, and offered their help. Hours later, they returned with a full tractor to pull us out, and I’ll never forget our new best friends in the gorgeous state of NC. If you didn’t see the stories, they’re in my road trip highlights, and the stuck in the mud section is probably the most entertaining. What are your New Year’s Eve plans? I’m actually just chilling at home - given the pandemic, I feel I’m happy enough to have just had a small Christmas, but I’m cool just hanging out this year for NYE. Wishing you all the best and brightest for ringing in a hopefully much better 2021! ✨ 📸: @mcfresh41

Jinkies! We caught the villain and it was Mitch McConnell wearing a Trump mask all along 🧟‍♂️🐢 thanks for helping crack the case, Scoob! #scoobydoobydoo #velmaanddaphne 📷: @mcfresh41

#ad Life is definitely a lot slower these days than my typical Brooklyn “never be home” lifestyle. My days mostly consist of working, researching for my countries series, listening to podcasts, and going on longgggg walks - 5 miles on a light day, 10 on a bigger day. Those walks can be rough on days like today where it’s 32 degrees out and I’m trying to still get the steps in, so I’m pumped to have this gorgeous and warm coat from @freecountryapparel to keep me insulated on the way. Rain or shine, these walks are my main source of exercise right now so I’ll take anything to help me stay motivated! Highly recommend checking out the coats at @freecountryapparel to keep you toasty for the rest of the winter. New York, looks like we’ve got snow coming this week! #freecountry #FCHolidayCheer

Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TX, had always popped up on my IG as a cool art installation I’d love to stop by, but was so far out of the way of anywhere I anticipated traveling I doubted I’d get the chance to go. On our trip back from AZ, however, we woke up on morning right in Amarillo on a frigid morning and stopped by to check out the colorfully painted Cadillacs on the side of the Texas road. Cadillac Ranch was installed in 1974, made of older running, used, or junk cars spanning successive generations of the car line. The cars are periodically repainted to reflect the times, with activists writing “Black Lives Matter” across them in June 2020. The installation has been featured in a number of movies and music videos and inspired song titles and imagery. Funny enough, my first college job was at a bar named Cadillac Ranch - complete with a mechanical bull! It was SO cold when we shot here - the walk to the installation is longer than you’d expect and the high speed winds were making 30 degrees feel like 20 degrees. You probably saw my story of me running at full speed in my heeled booties after the shoot was over.... do it for the gram, right?

Our trip back East from Arizona to New York took us through 15 total states: Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Whew! Now that I’ve finished with that mouthful, let’s talk about our first major stop - White Sands, New Mexico. White Sands National Park is located in the south part of New Mexico, not far from the border of Texas and El Paso. It’s the largest dunefield of its kind on earth, and is unique from other dunes as it’s made up of 4.5 billion tons of gypsum crystals as opposed to traditional sand, which is what gives it its white color. For those of you who didn’t know it was a National Park, it’s actually the most recent one, officially given its status December 20, 2019. It was previously designated a National Monument, and opposition to the National Park Status claimed that this would bring even more visitors to what is already the most visited NPS site in New Mexico. However, the bill had massive support and passed, adding over 2000 acres to the park and under federal protection. So - if you’re one of the 600,000+ annual visitors, treat it kindly and leave it the way you found it! Had you heard of or been to White Sands before? 📸: @mcfresh41

Ecstatic this weekend based on the news about the election, particularly to see the first female ever elected to the Vice Presidency in the country’s history in @kamalaharris. The Presidency and Vice Presidency has been centuries of men, and regardless of what side of the aisle you’re on, this is a huge milestone for women to take a position in (almost) the highest office. I always hear people say “it shouldn’t be about gender, it’s about the most qualified candidate.” So you’re trying to tell me that for hundreds of years, the most qualified candidates were exclusively men? Absolutely not. Wanting more women in office doesn’t mean we want just any woman in office (see: Amy Coney Barrett), it means we want to be regarded as just as qualified as men, because we are, and judged based on our capabilities and ideals, not our gender. As much as people may defend that women have reached true equality, the fact of the matter is that by the sheer notion that 46/46 presidents have been male, we have not - yet. Additionally, this election increased representation for LGBTQ+, indigenous Americans, and women of color across the board, in both parties - something I’m ecstatic to see. @coribush became the first Black female elected to the Congress of Missouri, six indigenous candidates won House Seats, and New Mexico’s delegation became the first entirely represented by women of color. And before you question New Mexico being just women of color, I’d like to share a favorite quote by the Notorious RBG, that serves as inspiration for all women: “When I'm sometimes asked when will there be enough [women on the Supreme Court] and I say, 'When there are nine,' people are shocked. But there'd been nine men, and nobody's ever raised a question about that.” I hope to see, through this presidency, a calming of the nation’s division and a return to decency and kindness from the top down. But for now, one of the things I’m most excited for is the shattering of a glass ceiling for women, and celebrate that with @kamalaharris today. 💙

Vote like your life depends on it - because for so many people, it does. I voted for Biden-Harris and I’m proud. I voted for a team that will listen to scientists on both the pandemic and climate change, I voted for LGBTQ rights, I voted for a better pathway for citizenship because I believe immigrants make the country a better place, not worse. I voted for a plan for universal healthcare so we can stop being the only developed country in the world that relies on @gofundme to pay medical bills. I voted for taxes on income levels that are a dream for most of us, not a reality. More than anything, I voted for someone who I believe to be kind and empathetic, who will stop stoking the flames of American division and vilifying those that don’t agree with him. Someone who has vocally said he will be a president for all Americans and not just the red states. Someone who will stop using racist terms like “Kung flu” which incite violence and push historical whitewashing in schools. More than anything, I voted for change. This America isn’t the America I love and know we can be, and we can do better. Vote today if you haven’t already. Your voice matters. People will try and make you feel like it doesn’t - this is exactly why you should. And if you’re uncertain, dm me. I’m happy to have a civil, non judgmental conversation and answer questions from me perspective.

Three cheers for our girl Daphne (@rachelissan) and this incredible edit..... Zoinks! I’d call on her for solving any spooktacular case, especially if it’s to spread knowledge and dismantle the patriarchy ✨ Also, shout out to 🐻, the cutest Scooby this side of the Mississippi (and the other side of the Mississippi for that). What did you dress up as for Halloween this year? 📷: @mcfresh41 #velmaanddaphne #scoobydoobydoo

I know it’s a little late to start foliage pictures, but given the state of the year, the election last month, Thanksgiving, and a job keeping me busier than ever - I just haven’t had it in me for the photo editing and caption writing (plus hashtag writing, engaging, and all the other stuff that comes with IG) to post with my previous frequency. So prepare for some fall foliage pictures as basically all the leaves are falling! This shot is from Hazen, AR, and what was cool about road tripping from north to south was seeing the transition to fall over just a few days - greens and yellows in Arkansas and Mississippi, to oranges and reds in North Carolina’s smoky mountains, to the darkest shades in Pennsylvania, all within less than a week. Fall is definitely my favorite season - all of the beauty of the changing colors, combined with spooky season and eat your weight in turkey season. Did you do some good leaf peeping this season? What’s it like in your area? @mcfresh41

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