Yaritza Betancourt

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Lifestyle blogger passionate about skincare, marriage, and self-care

Location Los Angeles, CA
Country United States
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2 full weeks with this little blessing 🥰🤍✨ #yaritzabetancourt #ftm #newbornbliss #postpartumlife

He’s absolutely perfect 🥰 Can’t wait to share the details about how it all went down but for now, know he’s here, we’re healthy and so happy🤍🙏🏽✨ #newborn #summerbaby #blessedmama

Officially nine months pregnant! 🤰🏽😱 Home stretch before baby boy is here 💚🤍 #9monthspregnant #36weekspregnant #rainbowpregnancy #pregnancyjourney

Love how these came out 😱 Maternity photos at 33 weeks pregnant with hubby. So happy I have these photos to remember this journey 🤰🏽💚🥰 Baby boy is almost here ☺️ #33weekspregnant #rainbowbaby #maternityshoot #couplesmaternitysession #firsttimemom

Getting ready for baby with the new Motif Aura Breast Pump! {Gifted} As someone who is always on the go, I wanted a breast pump that would complement my active lifestyle. The Motif Aura is a wireless, lighter hands-free pump that fits inside your bra. I love that you can pair it with the Motif Medical app to keep track of your feedings—super helpful as a first-time mom. #MotifAura #motifmedical #motifmoms #breastfeeding #handsfreebreastpump #ftm

POV: you actually embrace your growing body & all pregnancy changes because you’ve waited for this 🌈 miracle for a long time. 🙏🏽✨🤰🏽🤍 #rainbowbaby #27weekspregnant #pregnancylife #pregantlife #momtobe2023

A year ago today I was exploring the beauty of Tuscany 🇮🇹 Just me, my tripod, and the people I met along the way. This was a special a trip for me and I can’t wait to go back to Italy with baby & hubby one day. Have you been to Italy? 1️⃣ On the steps of Duomo di San Gimignano. Church in San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy 2️⃣ A view of the countryside of Tuscany Italy 3️⃣ Street view of Siena, Italy 4️⃣ Standing in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa 5️⃣ Enjoying a beautiful sunset with the Pisa Cathedral in the background 6️⃣ Palazzo Pubblico and Torre del Mangia in Siena, Italy 7️⃣ Standing in front of medieval church in Siena, Italy 8️⃣ Wine & Food tasting experience @poggioamorelli 9️⃣ Gelato break @gelateriadondoli_official 🔟🔊on to hear how peaceful it is #yaritzabetancourt #solotriptoitaly #solotravel #italy #italia #tuscany #sienaitaly #sangimignano #leaningtowerofpisa #visittuscany #waybackwednesday #latinalifestyleblogger

February flew by 🫶🏽 Happy March! Here’s a February photo dump mainly of my cravings 😅 but swipe all the way to the end for the little cutie in my belly 1️⃣ 21 weeks pregnant 🤰🏽 2️⃣ Cravings Soft Serve Ice Cream 3️⃣ Another craving Philly’s Cheesesteak 4️⃣ Fav Easter themed candy 5️⃣ Homemade meal chicken, brussels sprouts & avocado 6️⃣ Burrito plate from Don Cuco’s Mexican Restaurant 7️⃣ I needed a new pair of sneakers for my growing preggo feet 8️⃣ 23 weeks pregnant belly 9️⃣ His tiny foot 🥰 #yaritzabetancourt #februarydump #pregnancy #pregnantbelly #pregnancycravings #momtobe

Why does hair make us so emotional?😭 I was def ready to cut & donate my hair but I guess I wasn’t ready for how short it was going to be 😂 Poor husband felt bad 😅 There’s a full Vlog of hubby cutting my hair up on the channel 🔗 in bio. #yaritzabetancourt #drastichaircut #hairdonation #losangeleslifestyleblogger #latinalifestyleblogger #icut16inchesoff #idonatedmyhair

Find someone who is happy to dance with you without music. Anytime, Anywhere 🥰 Happily dancing with my love since 2014 💗 #HappyValentinesDay

Elements of a Successful Marriage

We discuss topics like when is the right time to get married, how you deal with temptations, do we actually complete one another, and so much more. So I feel like there is a significant difference between LOVE and LIKE. So I definitely recommend you have the financial talk before moving together and definitely before getting married and continue to periodically check-in with your partner throughout your relationship. My number one tip is to open up a mutual bank account together when you move in together and decide how on an amount that you will be both be deposited every month and use that for all your mutual expenses like rent, groceries, etc.

Supporting Black Owned Businesses - YaritzaBetancourt

February is Black History Month and even though I believe Black History is American History and should be celebrated all year long. So to celebrate I wanted to highlight some of my favorite everyday products that are Black Owned and/or Founded. One of the things I love about Target is that you can look on their website or app and identify Black-Owned brands by their icon on the products details section. The Fight for America is a Netflix limited series with host Will Smith along with other celebrities and Historians discussing the fight for equal rights in American through the lens of the Constitution’s 14th Amendment.

Los Angeles, CA - YaritzaBetancourt

If you’ve been keeping up with me for a while, you might know that I try to stay Dairy-Free as much as I can because dairy, as delicious as it is, disrupts my stomach and my acne-prone skin. To celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day this year, I searched for the best Vegan/Dairy Free Frozen Yogurt place in Los Angeles. Glendale has my favorite vegan/dairy-free frozen yogurt place ever! This is not a full list of Dairy-Free Frozen Yogurt options in Los Angeles.

Let's Talk Pieces of a Women, Miscarriage & Grief

So if you haven’t seen it and don’t like people spoiling your films, please come back to this post after you’ve seen the movie. I was nervous to watch Pieces of a Woman because I heard from another woman in the ‘Angel Mom’ community that it’s a difficult movie to watch. I think people expect you to move on rather quickly and don’t really give you the time and space to grieve the way you need to grieve. In this movie, I feel like everyone around Martha deals with grief in their own way without considering how Martha feels.

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