Yaneira The Queen

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Storyteller. Spiritual Advisor. “We are God having a Human experience.” CLICK THE LINK BELOW ⬇️

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  • Medical Health

It’s not easy but it must be done… #selfassessment #selfcheck #spiritualawakening

I’m keeping the Light on for all my Creative Dreamer’s. Just know that you make the world go round with your abilities to manifest your visions. You are the Light of my Life and I’m returning the Light back to you. Keep shining no matter what the world says about you! You are amazing, talented, and worthy of the Life you live🙏🏾 This message is for anyone who resonates and vibrates with it 🌹#spiritualmessage #godself #highspirits #getup #lighttheworld #light #energy #creativeartist #artcommunity #artists #creatives

Here’s lookin’ at you kid! 🍾😘🤗 #maat #magickal #thatone #storyteller #femalefilmmaker

Relearning something I loved as a child but lost over time 🎹🎼♥️#pianoplayer #musictherapy #piano #musician #musicmagic #reincarnation #secondchance

One day The Rabbit asked The Ram, “How long do I have to stay in the dark?” The Ram said, “Until you can see in the dark.” 🖤 #storyteller #revelations #maat #filmnoir #blackfilmmaker #mudras #spiritualhealing

Integrative Health Practitioner

I remember constantly running back and forth between doctor’s appointments and Walgreens pharmacy to fill prescription after prescription. At the time, I was already a full-time dance instructor, so I had a natural understanding about the body, but I had some serious questions about good health and inner well-being. IHP is a state-of-the-art Functional Medicine program that combines ancient healing wisdom with actionable solutions for our present times. As I learn to how to create personalized meal plans and use functional medicine detox treatments, I imagine how much my Dad would have benefited from this complimentary approach to medicine.

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