Kurt Johnson

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||Chill Vibes|| Instagram👉🏾yallonmynerves ….||Create Don’t Hate||

Location Cincinnati , Ohio
Country United States of America
Member Since APRIL 10, 2020
Social Audience 301
yallonmynerves 276 Last Month Last 3 Months
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  • Engagement Rate 10.3% 9.5%
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  • Avg Likes 23 21
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Lil Bro Owes Me By @yallonmynerves and @rozaymakaveli14

Although she may have left you on read don’t let it stress you homie. There could be many of reasons she did so and because of that I think it’s best that you play it safe and give her time to respond later. ••••Keep in mind that if this has been happening a lot then usually it means that she is not as interested as you thought. It sucks bro but sometimes you have to understand that you’re just not her type for now. ••••Best thing to do is to take that L like a man and move on and find/show that beautiful girl that does like you all of your love and attention.

Because of our current circumstances I pray for those of you who have been forced to grow your hair out and let your hairlines become messed up. I know life is tough right now but things will get better. Barbershops will reopen soon and you will be all good ....But as for all of my #Dreadheads out there (in my Future voice) “Life is Good”. It’s Our Time To Shine!

Many of you might be feeling this way from being in the house all day everyday. I have these feelings as well from time to time. At times I have to remind myself to get out of the crib and get some fresh air and so I’m asking you to do the same. Go out for a walk, exercise, jog, link up with friends, etc. Go live life

The last few days have been stressful, we have been having technical difficulties with our cameras, video files etc. However, I didn’t want to leave you guys without anything so here’s a throwback from a couple months ago during the Covid Crisis.

@yallonmynerves @zay_tfn0body I feel like everyone has been in this situation before at least once. You go to a party that you thought would be nice and as the night goes on you realize you might have been wrong but you try to wait it out anyway. In between all of this, as the people at the party get more and more drunk they start to do all types of random stuff

••••For those of you who might’ve been in this situation before, you’re not alone. I’ve actually been curved like this before as well. ••••I made this video for y’all to get a good laugh in about yourselves and to also help you understand that rejection is a part of life. Whether she lied about having a bf or not, you have to understand some people don’t want to hurt your feelings about it so they sometimes will tell a little lie to get their point across that they are not interested. ••••It may sting a little bit a first but once you get used to what rejection feels like, you’ll be more comfortable dealing with it whenever it shall make its way towards you. —Yomn

I’ll see y’all Tuesday ✌🏾🤙🏾

The Neighbor Upstairs By @yallonmynerves & @rozaymakaveli14

#justice #love #peace #blacklivesmatter #everybodyvsracism #blackouttuesday

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