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Travel Like A Millionaire With Kids - How our family of 4 saved $271,000 visiting 25 countries in 2.5 years ⬇️

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We were in Lahaina when the fires tragically destroyed the beautiful town and took so many lives. Maui has remained on our hearts ever since. We witnessed the community come together to support each other in the aloha spirit. A kind native man offered us water when we were driving around frantically looking for signal to inform our family that we were safe. We realize that tourism to Hawaii has been controversial for awhile, but in our own personal experiences we have always felt welcome and have had nothing but positive experiences there. The situation is complicated since some locals do not want tourists there at this time. There are other locals whose livelihoods depend on tourism as well as the Hawaii Tourism Authority, who are urging people to visit to keep businesses open and people employed so they can support their families. West Maui is closed to tourists as the community recovers from the fires, but the rest of the island is open to visitors. If you visit, please be respectful and considerate as the island is still grieving and will for a very long time. Would you visit Maui anytime soon? #mauitravel #mauivacation #travelmaui #hawaiitravels #mauitrip

We’re so flippin’ excited that this best-ever offer for 90K points on 2 of our favorite business credit cards with no annual fee is back!!! Comment 90K for more info! And if you’re thinking that you won’t qualify for a business card, you’d be surprised at how many people qualify who don’t have a traditional business. If you have any kind of side hustle that earns income (own a rental property, blogging, content creator, selling online, etc) you can apply as a sole proprietor! Now go earn your points so you can take that dream trip! Share with with a friend who has a small business or side hustle! #dreamvacation #creditcard #creditcardpoints #pointsandmiles #smallbusinessownerlife #entrepreneurs #entrepreneurtip #sidehustles #sidegig #sidebusiness

The best-ever offer on 2 of our favorite business credit cards with NO ANNUAL FEE is back!!!! 🎉 You can earn 90K points from the “Blue Bank” for nearly free travel by spending $6k in the first 3 months! Many people can qualify for a business credit card by applying as a sole proprietor if they have any kind of side gig that earns income or is done with the intent to earn income, even if it’s not yet! Sell stuff on Facebook Marketplace? Own a rental property? Consult on the side? Walk dogs, drive for Uber, create UGC content for brands, blog? These are just a few side hustles that can qualify you! Comment 90K for more info on these offers! #creditcardoffers #creditcardpoints #creditcards #sidehustler #smallbusinessownersclub #entrepreneurial #businessownertips #americanbusiness #entrepreneurtips

This is such a common misconception about travel hacking! People think it ruins your credit to open so many credit cards, but as long as you’re paying your balance in full and on time every month, your credit score will improve as your debt to credit ratio improves! We both have over a dozen cards each, and have credit scores in the 800’s! So don’t let this myth stop you from leveraging travel reward credit cards to travel nearly free! Follow to learn how to travel with points & miles for a fraction of the normal price! See link in bio (or comment “favorites” and we’ll send it to you) for our favorite travel reward credit cards and the #1 card we recommend to get started if you haven’t begun this incredible journey yet! #creditcardtips #creditcardpoints #creditcarddebtfree #creditcardrewards #travelcreditcards #creditcards #creditcardholder #goodcredit

Through every season, from infants to now pre-teen, traveling with our kids has ALWAYS been 100% worth it! Yes there are some difficult moments, but the good far outweighs the difficult times. Our kids would not be as open-minded, curious, and cultured without the travel experiences we’ve exposed them to since they were babies. Thanks to travel hacking, they’ve been to more countries and continents than most adults in the U.S. Like & share if you agree that traveling with kids is worth the difficult times! #familytraveler #travelwithkids #familytraveltribe #travelfam #familytravels #travelingwithkids #familytravel #travelkids Travel with kids, family travel, family vacation, traveling with toddlers

If you’re ready to up-level your travel game from budget travel to flying business class without breaking the bank, then you’ve got to learn how to travel hack! We fly business and first class internationally for as little as $5.60 in taxes and fees by redeeming miles/points that we earn from leveraging travel reward credit cards. We put all our spending on travel credit cards to earn points and miles on money we already were going to spend. We earn points even faster by opening new cards for sign-up bonuses, referring each other for referral bonuses, and referring friends and family to earn even more points! You can do this too! Comment “favorites” for more info about our favorite travel reward credit cards to get started or to pick your next card based on current offers. There’s still a fantastic offer on a business credit card to earn 100K points, so comment 100K for more info about that offer. If you don’t want to waste hours and months trying to figure this out the hard way on your own, take the fast track with our course Pro Travel Hacking Masterclass (link in bio or comment « course » for more info) to learn how to travel more for less money with points and miles! #travelhacking #travelhacks #pointsandmiles #bougieonabudget #travelmoreforless #travelonabudget #travelbetter #affordabletravel

So grateful for these two incredible kiddos and the joy of being able to travel with them and expose them to the world! Thankful for all the opportunities travel hacking has afforded our family without blowing our budget! What are you grateful for today? #familytravels #kidswhotravel #travelkids #travelfamily #havekidswilltravel #theygrowupsofast #neverstoptravelling

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