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Hey there! My name is Raihna, I am a stylish blue haired boy Momma of 4 under 5 including a set of identical twin boys. I love working with brands that simplify motherhood! Keep us surviving in this season while looking and feeling our best! I have worked with brands like Lansinoh, Mustela, Milk Snob, Evenflo, BellyBandit, Boppy, Bobos, MadeGood, Seaweed Bath Co, Honey Pot, Pink Blush, AdoreMe and many more. I love working with company's on a positive mission! I can't wait to work with you!

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Princess Peach and Toad DIY Costume: Get the Look!

It makes for beautiful family photos, or maternity photos when not being worn as the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom For the Blue vest I used an old blue t-shirt, cutting the sleeves off and cutting the front down the center. I also cut out and fabric glued 6 large red felt circles to make the mushroom cap hat. A quick DIY, I hope this inspires you to utilize a few things you already own or if you are going to spend on Halloween by some fun things that can be worn after Halloween as well or used again.

My Twin Bump & Societies Skewed View on the Pregnant Body

For me it felt like the size of my twin belly equated to health. Which even now makes me feel like I need to defend my size, my birth, and size of my babies when born. I didn’t have the words to share, I didn’t have the strength at the time to endure anymore opinions or give any sense of validation to peoples judgment. A Pregnant Body and a Body in general should not be point of conversation and commented on period.

5 Ways to Prepare Yourself for a Natural Twin Birth.

Birth and Postpartum Doulas are amazing birth support partners that will make sure to advocate hard on your behalf while you are in the tho-roughs of labor and preparing your mind, body, and soul for the transition into motherhood. The last thing you want in an already the grand event that is birthing twins is for the people around you to not support your birthing plan, or to not understand your wishes when it comes to a natural twin birth. From a mother who has had 2 unmedicated deliveries of singletons and 1 unmedicated twin birth, I will tell you that going into labor with twins was not more intense than a singleton. You want to prepare your body to take on the taxing task of birthing twins, and growing two babies!

The One Activity Book You Need for your Preschool-Elementary Student

my boys absolutely love filling that out and finding the corresponding sticker and then moves into the engaging short activity that could include cool facts, entertaining stories, challenging games, and learn and play projects. I want to add a small statement about how much this has eased my mind during this Pandemic shutdown and our children un able to attend their preschool. Popular Books USA was incorporated in 2014 to publish quality work books and other learning material for Preschool through elementary age children. They strive for the highest quality workbooks that will help your children learn and prosper, as well as ensuring that all of their workbooks are aligned with both National and State standards.

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