Maureen Fitzgerald

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Giveaways, reviews, and advice for parents.

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It's been a tough road for kids. Between having many of their favorite activities canceled, not being able to spend time with their friends, and school being a whole different (and often challenging) experience, many are feeling isolated, anxious and depressed. As parents, how do we support them during this challenging time when we also are experiencing so many unique stresses and challenges ourselves? I've been a long time partner with @nationwidekids and wholeheartedly recommend the many great resources you can find on their site. (See the link in my bio.) If you child is experiencing issues that need professional intervention, you will be hard-pressed to find better guidance and help than NCH. If you are looking for some tips and advice from a mental health professional, I want to make you aware of a great online resource. I was fortunate to sit in on an online conversation between actress and mental health advocate, Ashley Eckstein and Nationwide Children’s Hospital's Dr. Parker Huston where they answered questions from parents just like you. You can view the discussion at #onoursleeves #1in5 #mentalhealth #sponsored

Easy DIY Christmas Decor: Upcycled Pallet

TO MAKE YOUR OWN DIY CHRISTMAS DECOR – UPCYCLED PALLET PAINTED TREES Pallet wood if you needed to use the 1×3 or 1×4 and didn’t have it cut at the hardware store, you’ll need to cut them yourself Red wood stain – Next, paint each piece of cut pallet wood with a layer of red wood stain. When the chalk paint has dried, hot glue or stick a large confetti star shape or sticker on the top of each tree.

Let's get real for a minute. You know how what you see on peoples' social media channels is just their highlight reel? Turns out virtual school is pretty much the same thing. The first picture is what people see when Josh logs into class. The second one is the mess that is the reality I see every time I open his door. So while it looks like everything is perfectly put together when he logs on, the reality is a bit different. These times are hard for everyone. Kids are stressed, teachers are stressed, and parents are stressed. We are all putting our best face forward and we all have massive messes behind the scenes. So when you see someone who looks like they have it all together, remember that there is likely a mess you can't see. Share your virtual schooling stories with the hashtag #SchoolsIN!! #sponsored @waltonfamilyfdn

When Last We Spoke - An Uplifting Family Movie

In 1967, sisters Juliet (Darby Camp) and Evangeline (Chandler Head) are abandoned by their mother at their unsuspecting grandparents’ farm in the small southern town of Fireside. Stunned by their sudden arrival, tender-hearted Walt (Corbin Bernsen) and champion fiddler Ruby (Melissa Gilbert) graciously stand in for the missing parents and create one blue-ribbon recipe for a loving family. Top it all off with the unexpected appearance of Walt’s ailing mother—eccentric, Emily Dickinson-quoting Itasca (Cloris Leachman), and laughter and tears abound. Richly packed with plenty of quirky characters and hilarious escapades, When We Last Spoke is a timeless movie for all ages that digs in deep to things that matter most—family, friends, love, and forgiveness.

You’d think that with everyone working and schooling from home, mornings would be a little less hectic. (ad) But with all of us needing to be online for school or work first thing in the morning, we are appreciating simple, easy to fix breakfasts more than ever. I’ve partnered with our sponsor, @Klementsausage, to reimagine one of their most popular breakfast recipes with a new twist. They have a delicious recipe for Bratwurst Breakfast Cups that you can make ahead and heat up for individual breakfasts. Because nothing goes better with eggs than ham, I sliced up some of their Honey Ham Snack Sticks and substituted those for the bratwurst in the recipe. Not only have they been a huge hit for their delicious flavor, I am loving that everyone can just grab as many as they want and heat them up themselves!! Here’s to calmer mornings thanks to Klement’s!! (Check out the link in my bio to be directed to all of Klement’s delicious recipes.) #MadeRightHere #SnackSticks #Klements #KlementSausage

Has Men's Grooming Taken a Hit during Safer at Home?

I grabbed the two-pack AXE Phoenix Body Wash in a HUGE (but easy-to-dispense 28 oz.) bottle with a pump. AXE Phoenix Body Wash helps Josh feel clean, fresh and rejuvenated with its classic, masculine, fruity fragrance that features lavender, geranium, and citrus. Recommended by dermatologists,  Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body Wash contains invigorating menthol, and its lather rinses cleanly away resulting in fantastic feeling skin. WisconsinMommy is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to as well as other affiliate programs.

#ad Did you know BAND-AID® Brand just turned 100 years old? I guess that fact shouldn’t surprise me since I know they have been in my life for as long as I can remember and my parents say the same thing!*  As part of the @bandaidbrand anniversary commemoration, they held a virtual ‘heritage tour’ of the new BAND-AID® Brand Exhibit and I was lucky enough to score an invite! Johnson & Johnson’s Chief Historian Margaret Gurowitz was able to share so many facts about BAND-AID® Brand’s legacy of care including how they were invented.  While I certainly know how BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages has helped me throughout the years, I really had no idea that, until they were introduced in 1920, there weren’t any sterile wound coverings available to the average person to use. I love the backstory of how the brand’s cotton buyer came up with the idea, pitched it to upper management and then rose to eventually become a Board Member and Vice President of the company! In addition to being a huge help in MY life, BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages are also a huge help to all those caregivers out there. A century later, BAND-AID® Brand is using its legacy and purpose to support modern caregivers and those caring on the front lines with a $100,000 donation to @careorg to help deliver the most requested items and they are asking you to send CARE Packages of support, too. This doesn’t surprise me a bit as BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages are known for helping to make things better! If you are in the position to help out, please do. *One of the things I remember from my visits to my grandparents’ house was the cool tins where they always kept their BAND-AID® Brand adhesive bandages. Around 1994, the tins were replaced by the boxes we see on shelves now. I love that BAND-AID® Brand has issued two new commemorative tins on their 100th anniversary. I know mine will be the home of our own stash of BAND-AID® Brand adhesive bandages going forward! #BANDAIDBrand100 #BANDAIDBrandxCARE

What is the Best Treatment for Your Heartburn?

We are going to go waaaaay back today and reminisce about when I was pregnant with Josh thanks to our sponsor, the CHPA Educational Foundation. Here’s what I learned: Occasional heartburn is heartburn that occurs less than two days per week. Often, lifestyle changes (losing weight, avoiding trigger foods or quitting smoking) can go a long way toward managing symptoms. For frequent heartburn, over the counter (non-prescription) proton pump inhibitors (OTC PPIs) can be helpful as they help block and decrease the production of stomach acid.

Who else gets anxiety around parking in #Milwaukee? Parallel parking was never my strong suit! I’m skipping parking altogether and letting @rideMCTS get me where I need to go today. I don’t have to deal with traffic or parking and can even enjoy the Lakefront view or catch up on emails while I ride. #sponsored

When I visited @NationwideKids Hospital in February, I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley Eckstein and hearing her speak of her own struggles with mental illness and her advocacy for children who are also struggling. She spoke eloquently and positively about the work being done at NCH and across the country to help break the stigma around mental health. Ashley will be participating in a Q&A webinar along with Dr. Parker Huston about the impacts of COVID-19 on children's mental health and the idea of resilience. HERE"S WHERE YOU COME IN!! What questions or concerns do you have about how the pandemic is affecting kids that you would like to see addressed during the discussion? Leave your questions below and I will pass them along to the team. Your question might even be featured in the webinar! For more information and resources, check out the link in my bio. #OnOurSleeves #mentalhealth #1in5 (ad)

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