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Giveaways, reviews, and advice for parents.

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Cinnamon Apple Blossoms Recipe

I’m thrilled to be partnering with Pizazz Apples and The American Institute for Cancer Research to share some information about the health benefits of apples (and a fun recipe to boot!) with you. You’ll be nourishing your own body with a cancer-protective diet, encouraging others to do the same and raising money for The American Institute for Cancer Research all at the same time! Before we get to the tasty dessert I love to make with Pizazz Apples, let me tell you how you can help to support the American Institute of Cancer Research by participating in the Cancer Cruncher Challenge. Eat a cancer-protective diet of superfoods like Pizazz apples and upload your photo to the Pizazz superhero filter.

You might have seen in one of last month's posts that my family has fallen head over heels in love with @Caseys pizzas. We are still loving them and have gotten in the habit of scheduling them as a quick dinner on some of our busier nights. Placing the order via the app is super easy and then we just pull up curbside and the nice folks at Casey's hand us our pizzas! Talk about a seamless process!! If you haven't yet tried Casey's pizza, YOU NEED TO! My favorite is the veggie and Jay and Josh love the supreme. No matter what type you get, they load the toppings on like nowhere else! If you join the rewards program, you can earn points toward free pizza everytime you order. It really couldn't be easier to take a night off from cooking. #sponsored #CaseysCurbside

Now that we are solidly into 2021, life has become hectic once again! One of my resolutions for the new year was to try and simplify those day to day tasks that stress me out as much as possible. One of the things that is always eating up my time is picking up those basics that we are always out of and that we need between "big" shopping trips. Things like milk, soda, bread - the basics. I LOVE that I can easily order them on the Casey's app and pick them up curbside while I'm out running other errands. I've been known to place my order while I'm in line for the bank drive-through or grabbing a coffee. Just a few minutes later, I'm pulling up, clicking the "I'm here" button on the app and the nice folks at Casey's are handing me my items. Not only does it cut down on my stress - it's FUN!! (They are always so smiley and nice!) If you haven't yet downloaded the Casey's app, get that done first. Then complete your rewards sign up and place your first order. It's that easy!! #sponsored #CaseysCurbside

Need a dose of holiday cheer? Swing by the @kids2kidstoydrive Wonderland! Just $20 per carload and remember that unwrapped gift to donate. See you there!!

One of my favorite colder weather foods is squash! My sponsor @Klementsausage had sent over some delicious sausage and I thought that would be a great addition to create a hearty and easy one dish dinner!! While I traditionally serve squash as a side dish, the tasty addition of sausage to the stuffing gives it a flavor boost as well as makes it quite filling! If you have any favorite side dishes, I recommend trying some Klement’s sausage in the recipe - there are so many varieties to choose from, there’s bound to be one that works well. What a tasty way to convert a dish into a full meal! #MadeRightHere #Klements #KlementsSausage

Gift Ideas For College Students

Whether it’s a graduation gift, Christmas present or birthday gift, buying gifts for college students can be challenging. Whether your college student is commuting from home or living on campus, these gift suggestions should help make shopping for your college student a little easier! Organizing notes and notebooks can be a challenge and sticky notes have long been a favorite tool of college students. Whether your college student is sharing a common bathroom with apartment-mates or is just really protective of  their high-end shampoo at home, the Shower Caddy Locker allows the owner to lock up their goods with an actual combination lock.

Since my mother-in-law’s birthday fell on #GivingTuesday this year, we decided to change it up a little. I partnered with @Caseys to put together a delicious “thank you” basket for the staff at her assisted living facility. 

We visited my local @Caseys near the assisted living facility and ordered a few pizzas, grabbed some sodas and snagged some sweet treats as well. Here’s a tip: If you’ve never tried Casey’s pizza, you need to! It’s the BEST! Between the great in-store specials and #24DaysofCaseys daily offers available through the @Caseys Rewards app, I can’t think of a better place to swing by for some holiday treats! Plus, you have the chance to win $500 just by signing up for @CaseysRewards. Wouldn’t that make a great present!?

What’s your favorite @Casey’s treat? (I’m kind of obsessed with their pizza now - in case you couldn’t tell!)  #ad #24DaysofCaseys #CaseysDIYDonuts #HereforGood

#ad #KempsHoliday Hot chocolate bombs are IN right now, and I’m so excited to partner with @kempscows to share my favorite recipe using Kemp’s Whole Milk, sourced from family-owned dairy farmers! Click the link in my bio for the recipe!

How to Make Hot Chocolate Cocoa Bombs

The Wegner Family shared that they love chocolate treats, and hot chocolate is a favorite after the family goes sledding, so it seems fitting that this Hot Chocolate Bomb is the recipe I am sharing today. you’ll want to add a little of your favorite hot cocoa mix to the center of the chocolate bombs. How to Use the Hot Chocolate Bombs Heat milk until it is steaming hot (but do not burn or scald). Here are some ideas – Fill with hot cocoa mix and instant coffee for a mocha bomb Fill with cocoa mix and crushed candy canes for a peppermint hot chocolate Fill with cocoa mix and a small peanut butter cup for a PB hot chocolate Fill with cocoa mix and butterscotch chips for a blondie hot chocolate

(Ad) I had fallen behind in backing up the pictures on my phone. Taking the time to hook it up to my computer and then waiting for it to perform a backup was kind of a pain. Then I learned about the Ixpand Wireless Charger Sync from @sandisk . This nifty gadget lets me back up my photos while my phone wirelessly charges each night. (My phone was just sitting there charging every night anyway -why not put that time to good use??) The SanDisk Ixpand has so many cool features: separate profiles for each family member, full resolution image backup, video and contacts backup, a 6-foot cord (to plug the unit in wherever you want), and adaptive charging to protect your phone battery! I love the peace of mind I have knowing my photos and videos are backed up and safely stored on my Ixpand!! #IxpandCharger #IC

The Easiest Way To Charge and Backup Your Phone

Like a lot of people, I’m not keen on loading all of my personal photos to the cloud, so my computer is my backup. Since I am already charging my phone every night, I don’t have to add any additional steps to my routine to both charge my phone AND backup my photos. At $99.99 for the 64GB, $129.99 for the 128GB and $199.99 for the 256GB model, everyone can have their own! The Ixpand has so many great features including full resolution image backup, video and contacts backup, a 6 foot cord to plug the unit in wherever you want, and adaptive charging to protect your phone battery!

You’d think that with everyone working and schooling from home, mornings would be a little less hectic. (ad) But with all of us needing to be online for school or work first thing in the morning, we are appreciating simple, easy to fix breakfasts more than ever. I’ve partnered with our sponsor, @Klementsausage, to reimagine one of their most popular breakfast recipes with a new twist. They have a delicious recipe for Bratwurst Breakfast Cups that you can make ahead and heat up for individual breakfasts. Because nothing goes better with eggs than ham, I sliced up some of their Honey Ham Snack Sticks and substituted those for the bratwurst in the recipe. Not only have they been a huge hit for their delicious flavor, I am loving that everyone can just grab as many as they want and heat them up themselves!! Here’s to calmer mornings thanks to Klement’s!! (Check out the link in my bio to be directed to all of Klement’s delicious recipes.) #MadeRightHere #SnackSticks #Klements #KlementSausage

#ad Did you know BAND-AID® Brand just turned 100 years old? I guess that fact shouldn’t surprise me since I know they have been in my life for as long as I can remember and my parents say the same thing!*  As part of the @bandaidbrand anniversary commemoration, they held a virtual ‘heritage tour’ of the new BAND-AID® Brand Exhibit and I was lucky enough to score an invite! Johnson & Johnson’s Chief Historian Margaret Gurowitz was able to share so many facts about BAND-AID® Brand’s legacy of care including how they were invented.  While I certainly know how BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages has helped me throughout the years, I really had no idea that, until they were introduced in 1920, there weren’t any sterile wound coverings available to the average person to use. I love the backstory of how the brand’s cotton buyer came up with the idea, pitched it to upper management and then rose to eventually become a Board Member and Vice President of the company! In addition to being a huge help in MY life, BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages are also a huge help to all those caregivers out there. A century later, BAND-AID® Brand is using its legacy and purpose to support modern caregivers and those caring on the front lines with a $100,000 donation to @careorg to help deliver the most requested items and they are asking you to send CARE Packages of support, too. This doesn’t surprise me a bit as BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages are known for helping to make things better! If you are in the position to help out, please do. *One of the things I remember from my visits to my grandparents’ house was the cool tins where they always kept their BAND-AID® Brand adhesive bandages. Around 1994, the tins were replaced by the boxes we see on shelves now. I love that BAND-AID® Brand has issued two new commemorative tins on their 100th anniversary. I know mine will be the home of our own stash of BAND-AID® Brand adhesive bandages going forward! #BANDAIDBrand100 #BANDAIDBrandxCARE

On this Veteran’s Day, a heartfelt thank you to all who have served - including my husband!

#ad Caregivers are even more important during these times. I love that BAND-AID® Brand has been helping families make it better, together for 100 years!! A heartfelt ‘thank you’ to Kris because I am so grateful for all she has done to help care for my MIL during this time when we have not been able to visit her in her assisted living apartment. Kris is responsible for making sure her medications are given on time, bringing her food, checking in on my MIL, and offering a friendly, smiling face when family can’t be there. Being reminded that my MIL is being well taken care of helps during this time of separation.   @bandaidbrand is making a $100,000 donation to @careorg to help deliver the most requested items to those on the front lines, and asking you to send CARE Packages of support, too.   Yep, you read that right @bandaidbrand is making a $100,000 donation to!! Visit the link in my bio to learn more and join BAND-AID® Brand in sending CARE Packages to those who need them most. #BANDAIDBrand100 #BANDAIDBrandxCARE

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