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I’m Ashley – a freelance writer, photographer, travel blogger and animal advocate from Nashville, Tennessee. I have six years of blogging and social media experience in my corner and, for that reason, I can offer a skill set for brands and destinations interested in reaching travel enthusiasts and animal lovers.

Wild Hearted produces content that appeals mostly to millennials who love experiencing the world in an ethical and sustainable way. They see the value of preserving our beautiful planet, exploring destinations ‘like the locals’, contributing to the local economy, participating in ethical animal tourism and are consistently seeking out responsible ways to travel.

[OdditiesandCuriositiesTravel.com] produces content that appeals to people who love the strange and unusual things in the world such as abandoned places, haunted destinations, weird tours, horror movies, tv shows and books, supernatural topics, and more.

[BooksBeansandBotany.com] is a website devoted to bookworms, plant lovers, and coffee drinkers.

Location Nashville, TN
Country United States of America
Member Since OCTOBER 16, 2018
Social Audience 60K
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Easing back into posting on social with a photo dump of an amazing October 🖤🍂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👻 What was your highlight of the month?!

Happy (belated) birthday to the love of my life who is puts up with all my craziness and wild ideas. @chiefpred74 I love you 💕

Happy Friday the 13th! Ever wondered about Friday the 13th history? The origins around the superstition of Friday the 13th is arguable but still fascinating! odditiesandcuriositiestravel.com/friday-the-13th/ #fridaythe13th #happyfridaythe13th #happyfridaythe13th🔪

When your GPS takes you the wrong way but you get rewards ✨✨

Ignore my awkwardness but the @officialpandaexpress + @beyondmeat orange chicken is 🙌🏻💯😋 #pandaexpress #beyondmeat #beyondorangechicken #pandaexpressorangechicken #veganorangechicken #veganfood #veganfoodshare #vegantastetest #vegannews

Days 1-3. The difference is 🤯. #rollerskating #rollerskate #beginnerrollerskater #rollerskatingbeginner #rollerskatergirl #newbieskater

Me 🤝 Animals I’m not going to say the highlight of my Peru trip with @trekwithalpaca was the animals but I’m not going to say it wasn’t either. #trekwithalpaca #thisissustainable #visitperu #peru #animalsofinstagram #animalsdoingthings

Don’t tell me that 😂😅🛼 #rollerskating #rollerskates #rollerskategirl #impalaskates #beginnerrollerskater #newbie #rollerskatingbeginner #rollerskatingnewbie

Let’s talk about some item that aren’t mandatory on the Inca Trail but in my humble opinion should make it onto your packing list. 1) A responsible tour operator. You’re required to go with an official operator on the trail so why not choose wisely? I obviously recommend @trekwithalpaca as I’ve already waxed poetic about their fabulousness. 2) Wipes. There are no showers on the trail (there is access to a COLD shower 🥶 on the last night if you go with Alpaca). 3) Cash. For snacks along the trail (from km 82 til Dead Woman’s Pass, there are plenty of local stands) and tips for your porters, chef, and guide. 4) Travel Insurance. You don’t need it til you need it. I feel like I could have easily needed it 😅. And it only cost me like $60. 5) Hydration packets. I used @liquidiv but there’s several options out there. 6)Toilet Paper. Never expect there to be TP anywhere – bring 1 roll per person should be plenty. 7) Trekking Poles. Don’t be “too cool” for trekking poles. They’re invaluable on the Inca Trail even if you don’t have bad knees or are in fantastic shape. To see my full packing list, go to the blog. #trekwithalpaca #sponsored #thisissustainable #incatrail #incatrek #incatrailtrek #incatrailtomachupicchu #perutravel #peru #backpackingadventures #backpackingsouthamerica #incatrailprep

Expectation v. Reality — “Experienced” v. Not. (@chiefpred74 insisted on the quotation marks but I say he’s looking pretty good for not putting on skates in at least 4 years). #rollerskating #rollerskate #rollerskategirl #impalaskates #beginnerrollerskater #ohno #expectationvsreality #rollerblading

🇵🇪 Sacred Valley, Peru 🇵🇪 Before setting off on the Inca Trail, I decided to take a Sacred Valley day tour with @trekwithalpaca. Not only was it a great intro into Peruvian and Inca culture and history, but it was also a great warm-up for what was to come. (Spoiler — there’s always more stairs) On this day tour, you get to explore Inca ruins like Pisac and Ollantaytambo with their stunning agricultural terraces and unreal rock formations. And maybe pet a dog or too 🤷🏻‍♀️ #TrekWithAlpaca #ThisIsSustainable #SacredValley #Peru #PeruTravel #Sponsored

#pitbullsofinstagram #pitbulllove #dogsofinstagram

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