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I’m Ashley – a freelance writer, photographer, travel blogger and animal advocate from Nashville, Tennessee. I have six years of blogging and social media experience in my corner and, for that reason, I can offer a skill set for brands and destinations interested in reaching travel enthusiasts and animal lovers.

Wild Hearted produces content that appeals mostly to millennials who love experiencing the world in an ethical and sustainable way. They see the value of preserving our beautiful planet, exploring destinations ‘like the locals’, contributing to the local economy, participating in ethical animal tourism and are consistently seeking out responsible ways to travel.

[OdditiesandCuriositiesTravel.com] produces content that appeals to people who love the strange and unusual things in the world such as abandoned places, haunted destinations, weird tours, horror movies, tv shows and books, supernatural topics, and more.

[BooksBeansandBotany.com] is a website devoted to bookworms, plant lovers, and coffee drinkers.

Location Nashville, TN
Country United States of America
Member Since OCTOBER 16, 2018
Social Audience 62K
wild-hearted.com Last Month
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wild.hearted.blog 12K Last Month Last 3 Months
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  • Avg Likes 210 190
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odditiesandcuriositiestravel 111 Last Month Last 3 Months
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I voted and all I got was this sticker.... and hopefully - basic human rights - a right to choose what to do with my body - to not continue to drown in student debt - to see BIPOC and LGBTQ+ no longer treated less than - to not be afraid to need to go to the ER - the list goes on... Here’s to hoping I have fingernails still come Wednesday. #ivoted #vote #vote2020 #voteblue2020 #votehimout #voteforchange #votevotevote #votelikeyourlifedependsonit #voteblue #votingmatters #votingrights #votingplan #election2020 #election #blacklivesmatter #humanrights #humanrightsactivist

I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter by Erika L. Sánchez

I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter Erika L. Sánchez is the daughter of Mexican immigrants. Her debut young adult novel, I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter, published in October 2017 by Knopf Books for Young Readers, As the daughter of Mexican immigrants, Julia knew she wasn’t the “perfect” Mexican daughter While I can’t relate to being Mexican or understanding what it’s like to be a child of immigrants, I can relate to being a teenage girl (a long time ago haha).

I know everyone’s stuck indoors. While I despise the overall situation, I’m trying to make the most of it. ⁣ ⁣ While I’m not entirely new to the whole being at home a lot thing, I know a lot of people are. So, if you’re finding yourself bored, I’ve put together a few posts on the blog...⁣ ⁣ 🖤 27 witchy tv shows to watch ⁣ 🖤 21+ horror shows and movies on Netflix ⁣ 🖤 the best horror movies and shows on Hulu ⁣ 🖤 weird and entertaining Facebook groups to waste time in. ⁣ ⁣ Also, I’ve signed up for @shudder and am loving it but given it’s ALL horror, not really sure how to do a post on it?! Anything if y’all want to see? ⁣ ⁣ What are you doing to pass the time? ⁣ ⁣ #odditiesandcuriosities #oddities #curiosities #witch #witchesofinstagram #witchyvibes #witchythings #netflix #netflixshows #netflixandquarantine #hulu #huluandpanic #facebookgroup #facebookgroups #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill #staythefuckhome #stayhome #safeathome #horrormovies #horrorfan #horrorcommunity #horroraddict #horrorjunkie #horrorobsessed #stayathome #quarantinechallenge #quarantinediaries #quarantinemovies

There There by Tommy Orange

Tommy Orange’s wondrous and shattering novel follows twelve characters from Native communities: Together, this chorus of voices tells of the plight of the urban Native American–grappling with a complex and painful history, with an inheritance of beauty and spirituality, with communion and sacrifice and heroism. I think first discussing the meaning of the tile will give you just about everything you need to know about this debut novel by Tommy Orange. There There” refers to a much-debated passage in Gertrude Stein’s Everybody’s Biography, in which she wrote, upon visiting the site of her childhood home in Oakland and finding it different than she remembered: “

We finally made it to The Shire (or at least the one less than an hour from Nashville - @forestgully) What an amazing little getaway and sanctuary this place is. I’ll be writing a full post on the blog soon with all the details! Have you ever stayed in a hobbit hole or LOTR themed accommodation?! #forestgullyfarms #forestgully #tennessee #tennesseelife #tennesseephotographer #tnvacation #tennesseephotography #tennesseegirl #hobbithouse #hobbithole #hobbiton #hobbitlife #theshire #lotr #lordoftherings #roadtrip #roadtriptennessee #tennesseelove #nashvilleexplorersclub #nashvillegetaway #thisissustainable #sustainabletravel #nashvillestaycation #staycation #instagramtennessee

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

His novels for adults include the award-winning How To Stop Time, The Radleys, The Humans and the number one bestseller The Midnight Library. One tells the story of your life as it is, along with another book for the other life you could have lived if you had made a different choice at any point in your life. In The Midnight Library, Matt Haig’s enchanting new novel, Nora Seed finds herself faced with this decision. Faced with the possibility of changing her life for a new one, following a different career, undoing old breakups, realizing her dreams of becoming a glaciologist; she must search within herself as she travels through the Midnight Library to decide what is truly fulfilling in life, and what makes it worth living in the first place.

Today is #Unthanksgiving and #TurkeyFreeThanksgiving to me. I’m all about showing gratitude and spending time with family (although I made the difficult decision to not see family today), but I can’t celebrate the typical reason today is celebrated. My mind immediately goes to the 46 million turkeys slaughtered just for TODAY. Also, to the Indigenous people who continue to be marginalized. Unthanksgiving Day (also known as The Indigenous Peoples Sunrise Ceremony) is an event held on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay to honor the indigenous peoples of the Americas and promote their rights. #thanksgiving #thanksgiving2020 #thanksgivingday #unthanksgiving2020 #indigenouspeoplesday #indigenous #indigenouspeople #indigenouslivesmatter #indigneouspeoplesmovement #nativeamerican #nativeamericanheritagemonth #nativeamericans #veganthanksgiving #turkeysofinstagram #turkeystagram #veganlife #vegansofig #vegancommunity #friendsnotfood #turkeysarefriendsnotfood

Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

As Stephen was unable to find placement as a teacher immediately, the Kings lived on his earnings as a laborer at an industrial laundry, and her student loan and savings, with an occasional boost from a short story sale to men’s magazines. In the fall of 1971, Stephen began teaching English at Hampden Academy, the public high school in Hampden, Maine. Mr. Mercedes is a war between good and evil, from the master of suspense whose insight into the mind of this obsessed, insane killer is chilling and unforgettable. Detective Bill Hodges, a 64-year-old retired cop who doesn’t quite know what to do with his retired life until one day he receives a letter from one of the unsolved crimes that still haunt him.

I found that it’s National Bat Week so what better time to share one of the coolest (and weirdest) experiences I’ve had. While in Austin, I headed to the Congress Street Bridge at sunset to watch over 2 million bats emerge for feeding and other bat things. ⁣ 🦇 ⁣ I thought this would be cool but it really did blow my mind and it was incredibly hard to capture the feeling and experience so you’ll have to take this crappy video and trust me. ⁣ 🦇 ⁣ Do you think bats are cool or creepy?⁣ 🦇 ⁣ #odditiesandcuriositiestravel #nationalbatweek #weirdtravel #keepaustinweird #austintexas #atxlifestyle #trueaustin #exploreaustin #texasforever #austintx #igaustin #igaustintexas #downtownaustin #bat #dontmesswithtexas #lonestarstate #bats #odd #curious #365thingsaustin #congressbridgebats #igtexas #visittexas #oddandcurious #strangetravel #batsofinstagram #bats

HOW I PLAN TO VOTE: This year, I plan to vote how I usually do – in person, early voting. I much prefer early voting even in a "normal" year as it spreads out the crowd (which I'm a fan of even in non-COVID times) and it gives you many more options to work with your busy schedule. Also, when you vote early, you can go to ANY of the polling locations in your county and not just your designated one. This is also very helpful for schedule conflicts and convenience. THINGS TO DO BEFORE VOTING: Have you made a voting plan yet? Check that you're registered. Have a plan (in person or by mail, where and what day). Find the deadlines for voting where you live. Make a plan to go with a family member or friend (safely, of course). If you're immune compromised or have been around someone or you yourself have shown COVID symptoms, voting by mail is important. Make sure to check TODAY to make sure to request your mail-in ballot. Text "POWER" to 668366 to commit to voting this November and invite all of your friends to do the same! (Msg and data rates may apply.) You will receive a personalized reminder to make your voice heard and vote before the voting period is over and by election day. It's like your own personal hype man! @the.vegan.hobbit @coleman_concierge @endlessdistance – how are you planning to vote this year?! #YourVoteIsPower #TeamMoveOn #sponsored #vote #vote2020 #votehimout #voteforchange #votevotevote #votelikeyourlifedependsonit #votethemout #blacklivesmatter #prochoice #prochoiceisprolife #bethechange #americaisbroken #americaisracist #youngdemocrats #femaleempowerment #votenow #votebluenomatterwho

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