Chef Lenny & Sons

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Chef Lenny & Sons is a well know team of culinary professionals and bearded dragon reptiles who are well known around the globe, for creating REAL miniature foods with REAL ingredients and/or products from many big-name brands such as, but not limited to, SUJA juice, King Arthur Baking, Lodge Cast Iron, Chelan Fresh Produce, Banza, PetSmart and Zuru Mini Brands.   Chef Lenny & Sons reached global fame back in 2020, when our self-published cookbook went viral, sending our social channels into the stratosphere due to its adorable, serotonin boosting abilities.   We are looking to partner/collab with more brands this year to incorporate them into our completely original, overly creative Reels & TikTok’s.    With over 200k on Instagram, and 200k on TikTok, our reach combined is well over 40 million.

Location Redmond, WA Pacific North West
Country United States of America
Member Since FEBRUARY 10, 2023
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