Whitney Stuart MCN RDN CDE

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Title and bio: Whitney Stuart MS RDN/LD CDE

Whitney is a nutrition expert; clinical dietitian-nutritionist, award-winning Whole30 Certified Coach & Certified Diabetic Educator. Her virtual practice, Whitness Nutrition, educates the masses on evidence-based nutrition concepts with an emphasis on real food for real joy. She created allergen-friendly real food content to engage her female audience of health-minded 20-35YO. Her own battle of food allergies and Celiac provided authenticity to her new food Friday IGTV series, WWWO What would Whitney Order restaurant reviews & "shit my patients say" diet culture commentaries. She has written for Vital Proteins, hosted for Zoe's Kitchen & been featured on media segments for NBC and ABC. Her recent collaborations include work for Pre Meats, Vital Proteins, The New Primal & Primal Kitchen.

Location Dallas, TX Central US
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Easy Steps for a Proper Night's Sleep

The small salty snack right before bed can end up disrupting a night’s worth of rest. High sugar, high saturated fat and high carb meals have been shown to decrease the deep-sleep wave cycles. The body needs 7-8 hours of sleep to completely cycle through the 5 stages of the sleep cycle (REM sleep). The different supplements Proper offers are customized for your individual sleep needs, and don’t cause that day-after drowsiness that most sleep supplements can cause.

Straight for the Heart: Healthy Fats and Single Origin Olive Oil Featuring Mina

Swapping out canola oil, margarine (does anyone even use that anymore?) and dairy products for extra-virgin olive oil can reduce the risk of heart disease by a minimum of 5% RDN tip: One key aspect of the Mediterranean diet is that the primary source of dietary fat comes from extra-virgin olive oil. The extra-virgin olive oil used in the Mediterranean cuisine is rich in natural antioxidants and polyphenols, as well as varying flavor profiles and cooking qualities. , sets a high bar with a single origin extra-virgin olive oil produced from olives grown at their family farm in Morocco. Stir until aromatic Add the eggplant to the skillet and stir for about 5 minutes, the eggplant will begin to caramelize.

Make your veggies taste great!

I try to incorporate a variety of starchy and non-starchy vegetables into every meal. Non-starchy vegetables include leafy greens, peppers and summer squash. The easiest way I can suggest managing starchy versus non-starchy veggies on your plate is through color; more color the better! None Leafy greens and starchy vegetables can be massaged with olive oil based dressings to not only add more flavor to the veggie, but also alter the texture to a different, more desirable mouth feel.

Eat Red Meat: your healthy how-to guide

Beef has received a bad rap in the nutrition world, although it’s a naturally occurring whole food and not every beef, just like not every chicken, has to be sourced from your local canola-laden greasy burger joint. It’s really fulfilling to educate, enlighten and inspire my patients to let go of food rules that aren’t rooted in science and add foods back into their diet that provide rich nutrients. The packaging makes it really easy to be “touch-free” when cooking (for those of you that have a hard time with raw meat) and it’s 100% nitrate and BPA free. Try it yourself using our healthful and delicious recipe below with Pre’s grass-fed ground beef.

Yelp + Jax call me "Dallas' Best Dietitian" 😯 This little nugget of info🏆 came at just the right time; tbh patient work is HARD when you give it your all. It is taxing on my ❤️ to continually pour into others and although I never want it any other way, it takes a fully-charged 🔋 body to do it well. I've been undercharged since my accident, if I were completely transparent with you 😔 _ So, with that in mind, I'm taking the next 5 days for recovery off social. In the meantime: - order @btr.bar bars with code whitness - sip on some @fondbonebroth ☀️ - try our new pesto recipe! - peruse our component meal guru guides 🛍 - sign up for LOVE ❤️ YOUR BODY (2 slots left) LINK IN BIO, love y'all!

VEGAN WHOLE30 "everyone is fed 😃" spaghetti squash pesto casserole OMG 😱 NEW RECIPE It's on the blog right now 💁🏼‍♀️ And it'll be on your grocery list this weekend! _ #plantbasedperfection #whole30vegan #whole30 #whole30prep #ketotarian

LETS SHOP *service offer* 🛒 🍏 Does the grocery store have you overwhelmed?! 😯 👎 Does your list give you anxiety 😟?! New celiac or lactose free diagnosis?! Do you come home with ALL the snacks, to then return midweek for meal components 🤔? Is there 46g of sugar lurking in your fav granola #yesthereis _ Let me be your expert! Let's shop together! I'm now offering grocery prep, assess + shopping as a stand alone service or add-on to any package. This has been a vital reinforcement of the nutrition education we cover in sessions through interactive real-time demonstration. Learn to choose the best options! Feel comfortable with labels! Find GOOD snacks 🤤 & try something new and delicious. Link to sign up in bio! weekdays + weekends, 1 hour. #groceryshopping #healthygroceries #healthylifestyle #dallasdietitian

2021 CHOCOLATE 🍫 QUINOA (giveaway!!) _ I thought I had seen it all, and then we made chocolate quinoa 👀 🤩 AND it's giving me rice crispy + crispy m&ms memories; so delish!! ENTER TO WIN 😋 _ In the meantime use discount code “WHITNESS” for 20% off all purchases on Undercover Snacks ⭐️ 1. FOLLOW @undercoversnacks and @whitnessnutrition 2. TAG three friends in the comments who you just might share some of your delicious winnings with. 3. Extra entry for posting on IG story. (@tagging us) __ Giveaway closes at 11:59 PM EST 1/28/21. Each winner has 24 hours to claim their prize, if they do not, a new winner will be chosen. Winner to be announced in comments and via DM. Rules: Valid for US residents only. Winner’s account cannot be set to private. This contest is not affiliated with IG/FB. By entering, entrants confirm they are 13+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s terms of use. Contest only open to residents of the Continental US who do not have a PO Box, AP, or FPO address. #snackundercover #glutenfreesnacks #quinoa #chocolategiveaway

SHAKE UP YOUR MEALS! ⚡️ as a healthy rule breaker, I've found that nourishment means more to me than doing what I should do 💁🏼‍♀️ last month during our "winter🥶" weather, I started packing bone broth with me to work. And then, it became part of my joyful breakfast go-to! I usually pair it with an avocado, banana, nuts; depends on the day & the fridge situation 😆 Why @fondbonebroth bone broth? -organic ingredients -20g protein per jar - a natural source of glutamine, an amino acid that can aid in digestion - - - Have YOU tried bone broth? 🤔

Hey 👋 from my strong sip ☕️ + snack 👉🏻 @lovelilbucks @culinayogurt I used to work from coffee shops A LOT; use this list for my favorite healthy combos next time you're out #shoppinglocal er #sippinglocal and need a little pick me up!! ___ 5 favorite coffee ☕️ + snack combos: 1. @healthbomz + americano @dripcoffeeco 2. @alyssascookies + cold brew @royalbluegrocerybigd 3. Chia seed pudding & drip @lalalandkindcafe 4. Roasted Almonds + iced almond milk latte @sipstircoffee 5. Hummus plate + half sweet almond milk mocha @tribalalldaycafe _ Whew, what did I miss?! Leave your favorite combo below! And tag me in your favorite sip + snack 😋 #dallascoffeeshops #dallashealthy #dallasdining #dallasfood #healthycoffee

Jan 2021: addition, not restriction. A reminder that you can show up JUST how you are. (Ex. Me- tired & overwhelmed but really amped about the 🐱 leopard print additions to your athleisure ✌🏼But not hungry and NOT restricted) _ You CAN eat more. More quality fuel ⛽️ means quality workouts, quality sleep, and quality connection. You CAN sleep more. More quality sleep 🛌 means accurate hunger signals, reduced cortisol & clear thoughts 💭 for busy days. L _ The love your body program starts 2/1 ❤️ & we're here to ADD all the essentials for 4 weeks. Start this year, strong. You don't have to do it alone! _ #nutritionprogram #dallasdietitian #nutritioncoaching #loveyourbodychallenge

When you're hungry but your macros say "no more" "not yet" "stop where you are 🛑 " _ I know it's really hard to listen to your body when the whole world is telling you not to. And I know that through your diet-culture rose-colored glasses 🤓 that intuitive eating sounds like a freaking FREE FOR ALL CIRCUS 🎪 (!!). But, honoring hunger when it's a whisper versus when it's a ROAR 🦁 makes it easier to eat for physical needs and not pull emotions into it! You can be hungry, not yet hangry. _ My patients that go longer than 6 hours between meals overeat at their next meal. Always. Do not build a hunger debt. The payment is never pretty. Fuel early, fuel well. MORE ON MACROS + HUNGER IN OUR NEW *love your body* program kicking off 2/1. LFG 😮 🤩 #loveyourbody #intuitiveeating #dallasdietitian #eatwhatyoulove #januarywhole30challenge #21dayfix #noom #dietculturedropout

2021: DO BETTER 😤 #healthiswealth #sustainablehealth #dallasdietitian

joyful movement AND punishing sweat sessions burn the same🔥 calories. But which approach will you take? _ Over the years, I've come to embrace variety in movement. And, like food, not give specific workouts "good" or "bad" titles. _ (This has made me stronger. I feel really comfortable getting uncomfortable in a LOT of places where I haven't mastered the movement, where I don't look like everyone else. And that's made me stronger, inside + out.) _ For a long time I had a very strong stance of "the hardest workout is the best." And yes, I still love to be humbled at the gym, but I finally appreciate MANY formats of movement. It used to be "500 cals or I'm not interested" 🙄 okay skinny fat. _ And, as seen here, they all bring me 🤩 JOY. Instead of feeling enslaved to the SMU stairstepper #est2009 I get to enjoy myself! See, I didn't think I was allowed to do yoga or Pilates. I wasn't small enough to have that luxury. I needed to burn fat and that's all that mattered. But now, I realize, and urge my patients, to find the thing(s) they love because those sustainable habits make you healthy for the long haul. Not just in the moment. More & harder, isn't always better. _ Give yourself permission to walk, yoga, Pilates, run, dance & know that your body responds to movement that's short, long, loud, quiet; ALL MOVEMENT IS WORTHY. Your Apple Watch can't tell you how "good" that workout was, either. Trust your own emotions! Oftentimes the slow, steady, uncomfortable things that strengthen us don't show in a heart rate ❤️ _ S/o to some of my favorite people + places who helped me arrive at this realization! #joyfulmovement #dancefitness #dallasfitness #groupfitnessclasses #dallasnutritionist

@vitalfarms has pasture raised liquid whole eggs in a carton now for easy scrambles and I'm here 🙋🏼‍♀️ for it. WWWO: Easy scramble with that new @miyokoscreamery cheddar from oat milk + a side of DIY hot sauce hummus 🔥 with sliced carrots 🥕 _ Most of these ingredients came out of my @hungryroot box 📦- recipes + groceries in one y'all 👌🏻 _ New deal: 30% off your first ✌🏼 deliveries AND free veggies, cookie dough, pasta or protein in every order. Great deal. CODE WHITNESSFREE

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