Drew Hannush (Whiskey Lore)

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If you're looking for some of the most passionate, loyal, and curious fans in the world, look no further than a whisk(e)y fan. Bourbon, scotch, Irish, Japanese, Canadian, now French and basically worldwide, there are so many great expressions to learn about.

I am one of those passionate fans myself (as well as an avid traveler). I have traveled to 100+ distilleries in Scotland, Ireland, Kentucky, and beyond hearing stories, learning the process of making whisk(e)y and tasting some of the best this world has to offer.

Whiskey Lore is built to empower whisk(e)y fans all over the world with knowledge of their favorite spirits. I teach them tasting techniques; I help them explore new whiskies through social media. I teach them how to travel to see their favorite distilleries first hand in my books. I let them hear from their distilling heroes and best of all, I tell them the secrets, histories, and lore built around each brand in my Whiskey Lore podcast (available on all podcast apps).

Marketing agencies can do just so much to build brand loyalty. Whiskey Lore fans want to know the secrets and stories behind the label and I deliver that to them in everything I do.

MY AUDIENCE This is a very male dominated audience with the majority aged 35 or older (I do not target below 25 years old). They are mainly based in the United States and United Kingdom, but there are definitely whisk(e)y fans everywhere - especially in continental Europe, Japan, India, and now China. These are people who aren't afraid to drop $50-$100 or more on an elevated bottle of bourbon or over $100 on Japanese whisky or scotch.

MY MISSION To empower whiskey fans by providing information that helps them better explore and enjoy the spirits they love. I have built trust with my audience through my podcast where I get behind the stories and work to dispell myths - getting to the heart of what the distillery is all about. That trust is easily broken, so my decisions on any collaborations will be based on my true interest in the product being offered and the ability to give my honest assessment in any work I create. If there is any question, we should discuss up front.

ME (DREW HANNUSH) I have been an entrepreneur for the last 18 years, running a successful web design company in Greenville. Before that I served as the corporate webmaster for a national point of sale company and also worked on marketing materials. Previous to that, I spent 8 years on the air at various radio stations. I am professional and detail oriented. I am more comfortable in a tie but can dress down to business casual - rarely will you see me in jeans. That is just part of my image (and who I am). I love to travel and enjoy meeting people who have stories to tell.


  • Advertising on the Whiskey Lore podcast or on my social media events like Bracketology, etc.
  • Available as a whisk(e)y history and travel expert for podcast interviews and newspaper stories.
  • Whiskey travel events
  • Collaboration on tasting events, book signings, etc
  • Instagram/Facebook Story features (around 10k total followers)
  • Ambassador possibilities and speaking engagements

To avoid conflicts of interest, whisk(e)y brands won't be able to sponsor Whiskey Lore podcasts or podcast interviews.

Get in touch and let's see if we are a good match. I look forward to hearing from you.

Cheers! Drew

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I was never much for drawing up football plays, but man this is exciting to me! And fittingly, the scoring play is called "Slainte!" - when you reach the @theglencairnglass The other plays that aren't shown here though are the magnificent drive into Dingle, the town itself, and the very cool tour at @dingledistillery 🥃🇮🇪☘️🏆 Looking forward to the day I can go back! Slainte! 🥃🎉

More great stories this week from some of my favorite guests. Hear Richard Paterson of @whyte.mackay talk about what happened to those 3 bottles of Si Ernest Shackleton's 1907 Nimrod Expedition whisky. Andrew McKenzie-Smith of @lindoresabbeydistillery realls the earliest mention of the Exchequer roll entry by James IV of Scotland that signifies the first mention of scotch whisky. Wally Dant of @logstilldistillery talks about the J.W. Dant whiskey you see on the shelf today and we chat about repurposing old distilleries. Duncan Bryden from the @cubocanwhisky episode talks moonshine in @VisitScotland And Andy Nelson talks about Louisa Nelson's importance to the distillery. Plus get a sneak preview of next weeks guest from the season finale. A packed, informative and fun episode for your enjoyment. Find Whiskey Lore on your favorite podcast app. And if you love the show, tag a friend on this post! Cheers and slainte mhath. Drew

How many of you scotch fans knew GlenDronach had a peated whisky? GlenDronach 15 is my favorite sherry focused whisky, with 18 and 12 right behind it. I am also a big fan of peat. So when I was at the distillery and saw a peated whisky triple matured in ex-bourbon, ex-Oloroso, and ex-PX casks, you know I had to at least invest in a mini. And I did. I will say that, I tasted it during the same tasting woth 15, 18 and 21, so it wasn't a fair fight. Plus my expectations were through the roof. It's not an Islay peat, but instead a more heathery Highland peat. So coming to this woth expectations was the wrong plan of action. I enjoyed it, but wish I had a bottle to taste in isolation. @glendronach is a top distillery in my book. Too much good juice and this got lost in my tasting. Has anyone else tried this? By the way, I have re-recorded my firat Whiskey Lore podcast episode "Whisky Tom." If you love GlenDronach like I do, I think you'll like the first few minutes where I talk about James Allardice, his founding of the distillery, and a little marketing trip to Aberdeen and the Canongate near Edinburgh. Find Whiskey Lore on all major podcast apps or check the bio for the link to the website. Slainte mhath! 🥃 And enjoy some guid GlenDronach...Cobbie approved.

Day 2: I must say that the drive to Dingle Peninsula up from Baltimore was one of the most beautiful days of driving I've ever experienced in my life. The scenery was incredible - and my left side driving skills were improving and that odd feeling I'd get on right turns started to fade, but never fully went away. This is Ireland! 🇮🇪🥃

Day 3 in Ireland: Starting at the south end of the @thewildatlanticway and working my way north, the scenery gets more and more incredible. No trip to southwestern Ireland would be complete without a drive around the Ring of Kerry. One of the "must sees" would be the Kerry Cliffs. Stunning. And in one direction it was clear enough I could see Skellig Rock. Some day I would love to take a boat out there. But on this trip, I had to settle for just admiring the amazing rocky cliffs.

Reviewing photos from my 2019 trip to Ireland and Scotland. Ireland was definitely more castle heavy. Here I'm on a walk towards Blarney Castle. And yes, I kissed the Blarney stone, which is supposed to give you the gift of gab. I guess since I'm doing a podcast now, it's magic powers did the job. I gotta admit though, Ialmost broke my back trying to kiss the darn thing. You basically have to lean backwards over the edge of the top of the castle and the stone is about two feet away and down a foot or two. People have to hold you while you do this. It's definitely not a dignified activity 😂 and I'm thinking that in the earlier days of this castle, it was a way to get some blabber mouth up to the top of your castle where you could toss him off 🤕😂

When I think back on all the great whisk(e)y industry people I've met and talked with in the last year, I feel truly blessed. And I was reminded of those great conversations while putting together this week's episode. I wanted to create a thank you episode for all of you, my listeners, by putting together an podcast with the best clips from interviews that didn't make it into an x20m or regular story focused episode. It was a lot of fun going through them, seeking out things you haven't heard before, but I realized, I have A LOT of interviews from these first three seasons! So I have split it into two episodes. This week, listen to Al Young tell us about the reason for the bottle shapes @fourrosesbourbon has - a fun Prohibition era story from Elizabeth Pearce of the @drinkandlearn podcast - some Tennessee tales from @jackdaniels_us and @ngbdistillery and Robert from @ironrootrepublic introduces us to a story of whiskey, @berrybrosrudd a breakfast burrito, and Texas statehood. Next week I'll bring you stories from Andrew McKenzie-Smith of @lindoresabbeydistillery some more about @theshackletonwhisky from @richard.paterson and more about the Dant family and @logstilldistillery my final guest of the year Fawn Weaver of @unclenearest (who hou will hear in two weeks) and more. Thanks everybody for listening 🎧 to the Whiskey Lore #podcast in 2020!

All the tools you need for tasting, including the whiskey of course. Before the season finale of Whiskey Lore, I have a couple of "Best of 2020" episodes to share. Best and 2020 may seem like an oxymoron to many, but it has been an incredible year of meeting people in the industry and learning about whisk(e)y history. Over the next two weeks I'll be sharing mostly unheard clips from my interviews with Richard Paterson, Al Young of Four Roses, Andrew McKenzie-Smith of Lindores Abbey, Robert Likarish of Ironroot Republic and more. Find it on your favorite podcast app tonight or catch up on older episodes. Just look for Whiskey Lore. #podcast

Driving south I came across a pretty awesome sight, The Rock of Cashel, built in the 12th century - also known as St. Patrick's Rock. Do you ever feel clumsy? Well, ol' St. Patrick apparently had his awkward day. As the legend goes, during the conversion of King Aengus, St. Patrick was so in the zone during the event that he kept stabbing his staff exuberantly into the ground. However, it wasn't really the ground he was stabbing.  It was King Aengus' foot! Figuring this was part of the conversion process, poor King Aengus took the pain and made it through the ceremony without uttering a word. 😂 That's commitment!

There are castle ruins all over Ireland and this one sits on a hilltop overlooking the rolling hills and Silver Bloom Mountains. It didn't take long to get in the spirit of the Emerald Isle. I parked below the ruins and explored. The views from the top of the hill were stunning, especially with the fog (so fitting). At moments I felt like I should be wearing armour and wielding a sword 🏰🇮🇪☘️

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