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Welcome to What Taylor Likes. Our primary aim for the blog is to provide tips for you to navigate life. We post articles about travel, vegan food, and helpful products for everyday life. Your life is happening now. Make it amazing!

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Would you stay here? This jungle oasis in Los Cabos is the 3rd sexiest hotel in the world. Hmm, I wonder why ;) @acreresort

Photo dump of my last few months of law school —> After graduating, I went to a cabin in the middle of the woods with my family and friends. We all played SpongeBob Monopoly and I fell in the lake (lmfao). During school I went to NOLA for a competition (baseball arbitration), won a happy hour w my Sports Law Professor, went to “The Gingerbread Man” several times (it’s the only bar in my town), played in a law school softball tournament, hosted parties at my apartment, went to NYC for March Madness, and more. 🤸🏾‍♀️🫶🏾 3L year holds many memories and I will miss my law friends BUT I’m glad it’s over. Lol. For real! Moving on to better things and life without higher education!!!

Happy Juneteenth!!! 🫶🏽I look like my Mom in this retro edit (swipe). It is week 6 of me studying for the bar. I do nothing but study, sleep, workout, and sometimes eat. I’m also on a budget since I quit all my jobs to study (I had 6 during law school). I’ll show you my cheap, vegan meals on stories this week. People don’t tell you about the expenses that come w this profession…

Taylor Morgan Mosley, J.D. ⚖️ One step closer to my dream. Being a lawyer will never lose its appeal.

Case closed!👩🏾‍💼Celebrated getting my Kente Cloth on May 11, 2023.

Cheers to my last “law prom” 🥂 *clink clink*

First time I wore my natural hair down in professional picture. I am celebrating a special time in my life….so why not let the hair down? Friends, I signed a job offer at a firm a while ago, hit my gpa goal, and have 37 days left till graduation!!!! Thankful to God for being my peace when I felt stressed or anxious. I have a few Professors that look out for me too so I’m immensely grateful and blessed (swipe to read). Ready to tackle this last month of law school! One paper, one final and one editorial essay. I can do this. Law school isn’t for the weak, whew.

I balled out at March Madness. VIP experience was a 10/10. My fit for Sweet 16 at the Garden was everything. Swipe to the end for the back of this dress….

Location: Montagu, South Africa | My Likes: Wine tasting with a driver in a restored 1956 Cadillac, Art deco @montagucountry hotel, chef’s vegan tasting, mineral rich spa bath, hot stone massage, and breakfast on the sun porch. Thank you for hosting us @dreamcatcher.foundation

I’m off the clock. TGIF, literally. What Dallas restaurants, bars, or places do you recommend!!?? I’m headed to Dallas soon and plan on going to these places so far: @perrys_steakhouse @fowlingdfw @restaurantbeatrice @loroeats @yellowrosa.de @laviudanegrabar (looking for more hidden bars, please @)

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