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Welcome to What Taylor Likes. Our primary aim for the blog is to provide tips for you to navigate life. We post articles about travel, vegan food, and helpful products for everyday life. Your life is happening now. Make it amazing!

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What’s on your bucket list? Sunrise Safari in Botswana was definitely on mine. Any type of safari! @dreamcatcher.foundation set us up with @chobe_safari_lodge for our stay here. They offer boat cruises, buffet style meals and trips to Victoria falls. Now that I’m settled with my legal internship, I can reflect on my Africa trip. We took so many photos and I have the time to edit now lol

HELLO SOUTH AFRICA 🇿🇦!!! I am loving Johannesburg!!! On day 1 we checked into to our BnB in Melville and went to Constitution Hill with our @dreamcatcher.foundation guide, Tefo. I saw the South African Supreme Court (I was so excited) and the jail where they kept Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and many other political figures. The conditions were inhumane! The site bears testament to South Africa’s turbulent past and, today, is home to the country’s Constitutional Court. Check out my stories for Day 1 recap. I AM 7 HOURS AHEAD OF DALLAS. So I’m trying to stay awake to post stories lol.

BARRISTERS BALL. ONE OF BEST EXPERIENCES AT LAW SCHOOL!!!! Law prom was a success. I was a vision. Lol. Please keep swiping to see the eyelashes that scared me this morning when I woke up…shockingly I was able to put them on without problems. From waxing my body on my own to eyelashes, being a woman is hard lmao.

BIG MOOD! Last day of classes before spring break. Last year we didn’t get a spring break because of Covid. I am so excited to sleep…Omg!!!! I was reminded that I have 6 weeks left of my 2L year. Where did the time go!? I’m ready to be a 3L at this point but not ready at the same time. Law school is one hell of ride.

I haven’t had motivation to work out like I used to so I asked y’all for advice via Instagram stories. I loved the 30 minute treadmill incline suggestion so I turned your tips into a post! Hope this helps.⁣ ⁣ WORKOUT MOTIVATION TIPS:⁣ - good music⁣ - mobility warm up ⁣ - group workout classes ⁣ - putting out workout clothes the night before ⁣ - new workout challenges every month ⁣ - sweat app ⁣ - peloton app

MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE MOSLEYS 🎁🎄 *swipe for some cute family pictures* We always drink champagne, watch movies and play Monopoly on Christmas. What is your tradition?! Let me know!

I WAS DISGUSTINGLY ILL this weekend. Spent the last three days so so sick. I could not stand or walk or open my eyes. I had night sweats, chills, headaches, and couldn’t eat (I lost 9 pounds because of that). I had more TMI symptoms but we are gonna skip over that. What I would give to be healthy on the beach 72 hours ago. Specifically, the Bahamas with @virginvoyages S/o to my mom and sister for taking care of me. I did take a covid test. I DO NOT HAVE COVID. Amen. Amen. Amen. I don’t know if I had food poisoning, a virus, stress induced or what but I don’t want that again. No, thank you. Currently, 100% better. #virginvoyages

BOSS B*TCH ENERGY BECAUSE I AM OFFICIALLY HALF WAY THROUGH LAW SCHOOL!!!! 3 MORE SEMESTERS TO GO. Took my last final of my 2L Fall Semester today. Low key haven’t slept but we made it. I will be doing nothing for the next two weeks.

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