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Welcome to What Taylor Likes. Our primary aim for the blog is to provide tips for you to navigate life. We post articles about travel, vegan food, and helpful products for everyday life. Your life is happening now. Make it amazing!

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Do you have an apartment or a home?! 🏡 Either way, it is good to have some home safety practices! #ad Did you know carbon monoxide (CO) is an invisible, odorless, and tasteless gas and the only way to detect CO in your home is to install CO alarms?! ⁣ ⁣ I had NO IDEA that was even a thing! I got my CO alarm from @firstalert The 10-Year Sealed Battery Carbon Monoxide Alarm was so easy to install - you literally turn it on, set it on a table and that is it. CO exposure occurs as temperatures begin to drop in Dec, Jan, and Feb, so having the proper CO detection in your home is important! #FirstAlert #KnowCO⁣ ⁣

Sending love to all my fellow Texans! I donated $$ today to help people get food, water, and shelter. I am spending the rest of my day studying for a midterm and cleaning my apartment. Let me know how you are doing! Are you safe? Stressed out? Feeling okay? Let me know! My family is safe now. They have power, heat, and water. Thank you to all who checked in with me 💕

THE @whattaylorlikes MORNING NEWS: Here’s a life update for you! 1) I have two more weeks left of school then I have finals. I can’t believe my 1L year is almost over. That’s wild. 2) We took our 3L friends to a vineyard to celebrate them graduating and it was a much needed break from life. 3) I’ll be in Dallas this summer working and taking required courses. 4) I purchased a breathalyzer (you know, for legal reasons) and it was the highlight of my week!! ✌🏾That is all for now.

If you need a break after this week, keep reading! Vulnerable and long caption ahead: I made it through the first semester of law school! Woo-hoo! I have so much to say about it! I made this post, 5 Lessons for Your First Semester of Law School with @bru.mate because law school can be challenging. #BruMatePartner I mean, I literally cried every week for a month and contemplated dropping out. The drive to be the best can be overwhelming at times. I gave you 5 "lessons" in the blog post to help you navigate law school and how @bru.mate helps with that! #sponsored In this photo is the @bru.mate Fifth 25oz Canteen! Not only does it keep me hydrated (my wellness goal) but also doubles as a liquor canteen with a shot glass built-in! I like to pour my favorite liquor inside for when my friends and I have Wellness Wednesday Happy Hour! The canteen is the world's first triple-insulated bottle. I highly recommend that you get one for yourself! My favorite style is the Onyx Leopard. Check it out for yourself! See my stories for a discount code!

I am in a great mood! I am rested after a fun weekend in Philly, I fly home to Dallas tomorrow and it’s Saint Patrick’s Day 🍀 Check out @canopyphiladelphia if you are in the city. This was my second time staying here! The customer service, safety guidelines and decor is on point. Thank you for #hosting my girls’ trip!

Happy Valentine’s Day! 🌹 Accepting all the love and self-love today. Check my stories for products I am using to pamper myself. I’ll come back here and add a link once I figure out what I’m doing today lol. For sure a facial using all my gadgets.

💕 EASY VEGAN BLT SANDWICH WITH AVOCADO 💕 Save and tag veggie friends! Recipe below. ⠀ ⠀ My friend @blvckellewoods and I made these for a Galentine’s Brunch last week. Perfect if you need a snack today or later. Simple but delicious. My marinated tempeh was off the chain! ⠀ ⠀ --Ingredients--⠀ - 1 loaf of fresh bread (make sure it's vegan) ⠀ - 1 head Butter Lettuce ⠀ - 2 Tomato⠀ - 2 Avocado ⠀ - 1 package of Tempeh from @lightlifefoods⠀ - 1 bottle of liquid smoke⠀ - 1 tsp of agave (optional) ⠀ - 2 tbsp of vegan bbq sauce⠀ ⠀ --Instructions---⠀ 1. Chop tempeh lengthwise. You want the siles thin but not too thin. Place the slices in a bowl. Add 8-10 dashes of liquid smoke, some agave, and other seasonings (like paprika). Let it sit in the bowl for 20 minutes.⠀ 2. Chop your lettuce, tomato, and avocado the desired thickness you want. ⠀ 3. Slice the bread. Optional: Butter each siles and place them on the grill. ⠀ 4. Saute tempeh in a hot pan. Added bbq sauce. Adjust the thickness of the sauce with a splash of water if needed. Taste the tempeh as you go. You can add more liquid smoke or bbq sauce. ⠀ 5. Assemble each sandwich and enjoy!

🏀 WHO IS A MAVS FAN?! 🏀 I am the ultimate sports fan so you can catch me watching the @dallasmavs at my apartment in my sweatsuit from the @dallasmavsshop⁣ #NewSeasonNewMavs⁣ #sponsored ⁣ FUN FACT: I played basketball for years growing up. From the YMCA (age 8) to high school. I was a post player because of my height. S/o to all my tall friends. ⁣ ⁣ I tore my ACL/MCL in both knees so I decided to play a different sport in college. Basketball was my first love though!!!! These days, I fully enjoy grabbing a drink and watch basketball on the couch.

This is the second time I wore my curly hair down all year. I really have to get better at that! Getting my highlights done at @madisonreedllb in Philly was a 10/10 experience! They are experts in color and I didn’t experience any problems with my curl pattern after coloring it. If you don’t want to go to a salon, you can get custom color delivered to your home. It’s salon quality! #hosted

Happy Easter!!🐰🙏🏾 Today I am cooking a vegan feast, watching an online service and relaxing. What are your plans for today?!

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