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What’s Katie Doing? Blog | Gin Travel Food|#ginblogger #femaletravelblogger | 62 countries📍🇬🇧 next 🇱🇹👇Celebrate 100 years of the negroni 🥃 #N100👇

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[ad - gifted] ℍ𝕒𝕡𝕡𝕪 𝟙𝟝𝕥𝕙 𝕓𝕚𝕣𝕥𝕙𝕕𝕒𝕪 @sacredgin @sacredgin are celebrating with a whole new look and bottle, same great gin inside! The coils on this bottle represent Sacred’s glass distillation process and it being 200g lighter than the original bottle (& made in the U.K.) highlight @sacredgin focus on sustainability. I know where I will be keeping this new bespoke bottle - in the freezer as per the cocktail suggestion on the new label! 🍸🍸🍸😉 #sacredgin #londondrygin #londongin #15years #newbottle #sustainability #martinitime #martini🍸 @martiniclubuk

Sri Lanka part 2 - some from the start of the trip, when I was very very excited for King Coconuts 🤣 Our trip with @intrepidtravel started at the beach in Negombo, then moved in land to Dambulla, where we climbed Sigiriya. Pics: 1 Sigiriya (before the sweaty climb!) 2 First proper king coconut 3 First rice and curry lunch 😋 (after trying coconut toddy) including a cashew nut & prawn curries 4 Me trying the coconut toddy 🤣 5 Fishing boats outside Negombo fish market 6 Me and 2 king coconuts 🤣 7 The lunch we made out in the rice paddies - including pumpkin coconut curry and fried fish 8 Elephant! A rarer tusker 9 Pinkies out - tea tasting 10 A selection of the fruits in Kandy market - tried a lot! 🇱🇰 #srilanka #intrepidtravel #foodtour

A first post with some of my fave pics (& meals!) from my recent food tour of Sri Lanka with @intrepidtravel - we had a great experience and enjoyed the more intimate experiences this tour gave us - cooking in people’s houses around the country and eating very very well! 😋 I loved Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 the people were so friendly and the hospitality amazing, the food delicious and the wildlife very cool (despite the shy leopards!) - I hope I can come back! 1 Mirissa with my negroni swimsuit 2 Weligama views 3 Jaffna thali in Colombo 4 Sunset at Mirissa beach 5 Crab curry that we cooked at a local fisherman’s house 6 Sri Lankan flag at the beach 🇱🇰 7 Locals and king coconut in Galle 8 Peacock in Yala 🦚 9 A selection of curries in Bandarawela that we all got involved cooking 10 A Tamil lunch at a tea pickers house Part 2 coming next!

Finally saying cheers to Negroni week with this peach beauty from @houseofbotanicals_official using their peach Pietro Nicola Pescaro, @suzeofficial and of course plenty of London Dry Gin! The perfect way to toast the sunset over Bristol 🥃 cheers! 🙌 #negroniweek #negroni #negronitime @negroniclubuk

I PRESENT THE WELSH MARTINEZ! I’ve used equal parts of @thegowergincompany Distiller’s Cut gin and Rosso vermouth, plus a barspoon of Maraschino liqueur to make this Friday night Martinez 😋 Might make a Welsh negroni next… #gowergincompany #gowergin #gowerrossovermouth #welshgin #welshmartinez #classiccocktails #ginadaymay

Peter Hughes 1948-2023 As some of you may know we lost my Dad on 21st Feb this year I hope you are at peace now - love you Dad ❤️

Are you ready for ⓅⒶⓃⒸⒶⓀⒺ ⒹⒶⓎ?! 🥞🥞🥞 In the U.K. Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) or Shrove Tuesday is known as pancake day - the traditional way to eat as much of the stuff that you cut out for Lent (e.g. sugar!) - the pancakes are the delivery system 😂 I’ve meal prepped my pancakes for tomorrow morning with peanut butter and jam (post gym!) but I if you are having them for dinner or dessert why not add some gin?! Check out my gin inspired recipes and topping suggestions over on the blog! (Link in bio or in my stories) #whatskatiedoingblog #pancakeday #ginspiredrecipes #ginrecipe #pancakedayrecipe #pancakeday2023 #cookingwithgin #flippinggood #ginpancakes #ginpancakesanyone #shrovetuesday #pancaketoppings #crepes

[ad - gifted product] Rather than doing dry January or veganuary, I’m doing try-anuary (try January!) and only *trying* to be good with less drinking, more vegan dishes and of course trying out new things This isn’t a vegan dish but it is a something new to try - a one pot dish that uses up any leftover cheese from the festive period - with only one pot to wash up what could be better?! To make this one pot cheesy pasta dish I started out making a roux with flour, butter & veggie stock in my @ourplace Perfect Pot When the flour is cooked out I added all the odds and ends of cheese in the fridge that haven’t been eaten yet (cut up small so they melted quickly!) As soon as it was a molten pot of cheesy goodness I added @zenb_uk Pasta Agile (gifted) this pasta is a healthy twist on a regular pasta: 1️⃣ it’s made from yellow peas 2️⃣ it’s gluten free! 3️⃣ it’s high in protein 4️⃣ it’s also high in fibre And the Agile is quick cook pasta shape - so you don’t need a separate pot to boil it in - just mix in and cook in the sauce, covered, for 2 minutes (with a ratio of 2:1 pasta to liquid) I finished the pasta with freshly chopped parsley (that also needed using up) and a sprinkle of truffle pasta (ohlala!) It’s just the comfort food needed for the current gloomy and rainy UK weather! ❓Will you be trying this recipe this January❓ #whatskatiedoingblog #zenb #zenbpasta #pastaagile #onepotcheesepasta #onepotrecipe #onepotrecipes #perfectpot #cheeseplease #trufflemacncheese #tryjanuary #usingupleftovers

Happy New Year everyone! I’m guessing that #topnine isn’t a thing this year - but I still wanted to share the posts that you lot liked the most! (I know video recaps are all the rage - I’ll try to do that later!) So here are the ones you liked the most, top row from left: 1️⃣ Me & cocktail @theperseverancemarylebone 2️⃣ my new gin shelf in the new kitchen! 3️⃣ pocket negroni can! @whiteboxcocktails @houseofcans Middle row: 4️⃣ me on my first birthday post COVID lockdowns 5️⃣ gin tasting on a boat with @martinmillersgin_uk 6️⃣ blood orange negroni! Bottom row: 7️⃣ cocktails @silverleaf_bar 8️⃣ matching my fave @campariuk at the Baglioni Hotel 9️⃣ my nearest distillery 🤔 @halfhitchgin in Camden market ❓which is your fave❓ #whatskatiedoingblog #top9 #top9of2022 #alltheginthings #ginshelf #ginshelfie #bloodorangenegroni #cocktails #camdentown #camdendistillery #camdenmarket #halfhitchgin

[Ad gifted] @kranebet_official botanic juniper liqueur is a little juniper bomb of a liqueur At 40% it still packs a punch, but the sweetness of the liqueur means it’s great for those who prefer a sweeter drink I made 2 negronis to test it out - a light and a dark - perfect for #negroniadaydecember! Light: 25ml @kranebet_official juniper liqueur 10ml @suzeofficial 25ml bianco vermouth Dark: 25ml @kranebet_official juniper liqueur 15ml @campariuk 25ml @sacredgin English spiced vermouth ❓which negroni would you try❓ #whatskatiedoingblog #negronivent #negronivent2022 #kranebet #kranebetbotanicjuniperliqueur #ginliqueur #ginliqueurcocktails #negroni #negronilovers #negronioclock #negronitwist #whitenegroni #lightnegroni

[ad gifted] anyone fancy a Christmas giveaway?! 🎄🍸🎄 I’ve teamed up with @hykegin to offer one lucky follower a bottle of Hyke Gin! This gin is super sustainable - made from a spirit made with surplus table grapes from the supermarket supply chain. It’s then flavoured with botanicals inspired by the grapes origins in Africa & South America - including some of my favourites - green & black cardamom, classic gin botanicals and some more unusual ones. ⭐️ to win a bottle: ✅ like and save this post ✅ follow @whatskatiedoing and @hykegin ✅ comment on which Christmas themed botanical is part of the mix! (Hint 3 wise men…😉) Feel free to share and tag your friends so they can enter too! Competition closes at midday on Friday 23rd December and the winner will be contacted by me via Instagram that afternoon (note your gin will be posted after this so expect it early in the New Year) 🚫 competition not affiliated with Instagram 🔞 over 18s only 🇬🇧 U.K. addresses only - sorry to my international followers! You’ll be contacted from this account if you win 🍀good luck all & Happy Christmas!🎄 #whatskatiedoingblog #hykegin #sustainablegin #wastenot #wingin #christmasbotanicals #gincompetition #christmasgin #ginforthewin #gintastic #gintonic #ginandtonic

Classy cocktail sets for the perfect gift

The set includes a bottle of their famous pre-mixed negroni and 2 of their rose liqueur glasses to create their perfect serve. The Pink negroni is Asterley Brother’s seasonal twist on a white negroni with Schofield’s Vermouth, Cabby’s Gin, pink grapefruit, rose & gentian liqueur (and it’s divine!). When you’re ready to serve, rinse your martini glasses with a wash of the Sacred English Dry Vermouth and discard the rest, then top up the glass with Sacred Gin straight out of the freezer. Included in the bundle is a bottle of Gibson Edition Copperhead Gin (enhanced and redistilled with pickling spices), savoury semi-dry Gibson Edition Del Professore Vermouth, personalised custom made nickel martini glass, branded side bowl for onions, jar with signature double pickled onions, branded cocktails napkins, porcupine cocktails skewers and step by step recipe of “How to make an Ultimate Gibson Martini”.

How to serve pink gin

Broadly speaking there are some key ways to serve Pink Gins: gin and a mixer (e.g. tonic, lemonade or ginger ale), in sour cocktail with lemon juice and sugar syrup, topped up with Prosecco, as a replacement for ‘regular gin’ in classic gin cocktails and neat! Stir all ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled tumbler or serve without ice in a coupe glass. This cocktail results in a pink cocktail though, balancing the fruit flavours with lemon juice and fresh basil for a refreshing serve. Serve Warner’s Pink Berry over ice with a splash of Mediterranean tonic and garnish with raspberries and mint.

Cooking with gin: savoury edition

Place the cooling rack over the rice mixture, lay the fish on top, season with salt and pepper and place the baking dish over low heat. Seal the dish tightly with tinfoil (the tinfoil should not touch the fish if possible), leave over the heat for another 1-2 minutes, then turn off the heat and leave the fish to smoke for 8-10 minutes or until tender. Remove the fish, season, add a drizzle of olive oil and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice Atlantic Spirits were inspired to use the sea in a savoury recipe with their gin, and their Thai basil gin makes a fab twist on the classis Moule Mariniere. Meanwhile take the pan you were using and add the sliced mushrooms and shallots and saute over a low heat until they soften, c. 3 minutes

Cooking with gin: sweet edition

Spoon the mixture into the cake tin & bake for 45 minutes until firm and springy and a skewer comes out clean. Add a spoonful of the flour mix to the butter mixture and combine, then add a spoonful of the soaked fruit mixture and combine. Make the brownie mix up according to packet instructions (they usually ask you to add an egg and oil to the dry mix), but don’t add any water. Serve with a garnish of Hayman’s Sloe Gin-sweetened cream, flaked chocolate, and drizzle over the remaining coulis As we are a month away from Lent starting, why not get prepared for Shrove Tuesday with these pancakes, which use both gin and tonic in the pancake mix and syrup to drizzle over:

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