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I am a working mama from Austin. I share all things that make me smile and are important to me—mom life, self-care, what inspires me, family time, delicious eats, and the beauty in everyday moments.

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#sponsored Skincare routine or routines?✨ Do you have one skincare routine or more? I have three! I have a morning routine and then I cycle my nighttime routine. Every other night I use retinol and the other nights I use an AHA peel or just let my face rest from treatments. The first skincare product I apply during retinol nights is retinol. After a few minutes I follow with moisturizer and eye cream. Just three steps. With @PerriconeMD’s High Potency Retinol Recovery Overnight Moisturizer I get a triple retinol blend and intense hydration in one. The moisturizer feels and smells amazing and very luxurious. I love smelling it. The moisturizing cream glides on like butter and really hydrates as it says. I’m liking this combo. Do you have a nighttime skincare routine? #PerriconeBeautySleep #perriconemd

Life is like a box of crayons. You decide which ones to use and how to use them. But no matter which ones you choose and what life they create, you are always the star, a Tau Ceti. 🎨: @josefkristo #TauCeti #austinmurals #trueaustin #downtownaustin #austintx

New home, new bathroom, new skincare products ✨ There are two skincare products I use day and night — cleanser and toner. The others are AM or PM specific. I had heard of @thayersnatural but haven’t had a chance to try their products, so I was happy to receive and try Thayers new Hydrating Milky Cleanser and Hydrating Milky Toner. @thayersnatural Hydrating Milky Cleanser was soft on my skin and washed off easily. The toner added an extra layer of softness, which was a perfect prep before applying serum and moisturizer. Both products are powered with hyaluronic acid and snow mushroom, which I learned is an ancient plant ingredient that acts like a strong humectant. If you want to check them out, they are sold at @target, @amazon and @cvs. #giftedbythayers #thayersmilkytoner #thayersmilkycleanser #thayers

Happy 5th Birthday Munchkin🎂 My munchkin’s first birthday party with friends was so fun. Watching our little guy interact with his preschool & PreK friends was too cute. A Jurassic World theme in an indoor playground made for the perfect birthday party for him 🥳 #jurassicparkparty #jurassicworldparty #austinmoms

New year, new day ✨ While celebrating New Years Day with an amazing dinner at @lapiscinaaustin, I thought of many things I would love to manifest into 2023. While there is a lot, these are my top four: ✨ Good health. We’ve gotten sick, but have truly been blessed with overall good health. I don’t take it for granted. ✨ Family time. More fun family time and more time playing with my munchkin. Time flies and I don’t want to miss anything. ✨ Slowing down. Life’s too short to sweat the small stuff and it goes by too fast. ✨ Laughing more. It truly is the best medicine. What are you hoping to manifest in 2023? #newyearsday #2023goals #austintx #austinmoms #austinfamily

#ad | Creating a relaxing home office with @aluminyze With a new home comes the fun part, decorating and making it a home. Since we moved to our new house I’ve been slowly putting special touches to each room. One of the last rooms to get TLC is our home office—a place where I spend a huge chunk of my day. I wanted a relaxing print that brought happy memories. So, I chose a photo I took of Diversey Harbor which is in my old Chicago neighborhood. I wanted a unique, untraditional print format so I was excited for the opportunity to print it on metal with @aluminyze. @aluminyze metal prints are very impressive. The aluminum they use is very lightweight, durable, rust-resistant, anti-corrosive, and flame resistant. @aluminyze also offers various options, such as the matte silver surface I chose for my print. The highly vibrant colors and surface options make @aluminyze metal prints a great option for your most creative photos or to keep your holiday memories alive. Click the link in my bio to check them out and take advantage of Aluminyze’s 35% off New Year’s Sale. #AluminyzePartner #Aluminyze #metalprinting #homeoffice #homeofficedecor #austinmoms

And just like that 2022 is almost over✨ We have so many experiences we will always remember. Our favorite is a tie between closing on our home and going to Disneyland. We waited very long for both! What’s your favorite memory of 2022? #2022memories #2022year #austinmoms #austinkids #austinfamily

My Massage Life: Self Care and Necessary Maintenance

I use massage therapy to alleviate ongoing tight muscles that lead to extreme discomfort in my neck area. ’s appointments over the years and years of physical therapy to determine the issue and treat it. After several years of massage appointments, I can say that a monthly massage has greatly helped to alleviate my neck issue and keep me from getting worse. I always choose the deep tissue massage because I need the relief from the tight neck muscles.

A Winter Like No Other—For Texas

I saw videos on Instagram of homes destroyed due to pipes bursting and icicles inside homes from how cold they were. Donate to a mutual aid fund, such as Mutual Aid Houston, Austin Mutual Aid, or Feed the People Dallas. Donate to national organizations, such as the Salvation Army and American Red Cross in North Texas, Central and South Texas, and the Gulf Coast region of Texas. Donate to or volunteer with disaster relief organizations like Crowdsource Rescue, which has been activated to help those in Texas.

Compostable Diapers: A Win for The Planet and My Son

My three-year old son tried Nest Diapers training pants back in December. Nest Diapers developed a line of diapers and training pants that are truly compostable. At first touch, I noticed right away that Nest Diapers training pants were a whole lot softer than the other brands I have used. The training pants have a wetness indicator strip, just like the other well-known brands, and very soft, flexible sides that tear off for easy changing.

Six Ways to a Toxin Free Beauty Routine Using Essential Oils

Simply Earth is a monthly subscription box started with the goal of making a natural home fun and easy. Simply Earth‘s box is a great way to learn about essential oils and begin making fun recipes that make your home more natural. The Simply Earth subscription box comes with essential oils and toxin-free recipes. First time Simply Earth subscribers who use my code MAMALOVESFREE receive a $40 gift card with the first box, as well as a bonus box!

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