Walking On Travels

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Keryn is a freelance writer and digital influencer living outside of Washington, DC. Her work has been featured in Travel Age West magazine, Thrillist.com, ParentMap Magazine, Travelocity.com, TravelMindset.com, and many more print and digital publications looking for quality, well-researched content. Keryn launched Walking On Media, LLC, as the parent company to WalkingOnTravels.com, as well as digital influencer projects where Keryn works with destinations and brands to create an authentic message that resonates with millennial and Gen X travelers, especially moms who don’t want to let go of their travel dreams. In 2017, Keryn launched Twist Travel magazine, a print and digital magazine that helps parents design a travel inspired life by bringing travel back into the home through décor, personal style, kid gear, and of course, getting out and seeing the world.

Most days you can find Keryn dragging the three men in her life across the globe or writing on her award-winning travel website Walking On Travels, a site that gives hope to today’s active parent who doesn’t see kids as a roadblock to travel, but an excuse to get out the door and explore. Keryn has laughed at the naysayers by bringing her boys to far off lands like China, Hong Kong, Japan, Hawaii, back and forth across the USA, Mexico, Canada and Europe. Keryn loves to encourage families to take that first step out the door, the hardest step of all.

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Pre-pregnancy, you didn’t have to worry about things like your center of gravity, or slipping and falling (to a certain degree). Pregnant women have a lot more to think about when they layer up agains the cold winter air and step outside into slick and slippery conditions. If you plan on being around a lot of people this winter, it’s a good idea to get a flu shot to protect you and your baby from cold and flu season. I felt like a whale throughout most of my pregnancy, so anything that made me feel like me, from my ski hats and scarves to my coat, was worth the investment.

Middle Eastern Date Bread Rings to Add to Your Next Brunch

or ka’ak bi ajwa), a crunchy biscuit stuffed with ground dates, or menenas, these fluffy, yeasted sweet breads are usually topped with a milk or egg wash and sesame seeds. For the dates, you can get regular medjool pitted dates from your local grocery store, or find baking dates at your nearest Middle Eastern shop. In a large oiled bowl, turn out your dough into the bowl, covering the bowl with plastic wrap or a towel to allow the dough to rise in a warm, dry place for at least an hour or until doubled in size (you can set your oven to 100°F to help the dough rise if it is too cold in your kitchen). Switch to your broiler, browning the tops for another 1-2 minutes until golden brown (keep a watchful eye on your date bread as it will go from golden brown to burnt quite quickly).


Apply Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® antiseptic daily, proven to help kill 99.99% of germs for up to 12 hours. Regular nasal decolonization is essential and safe for travel for adults and kids two years and older, and with the Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® antiseptic PopSwab® ampules you can pack them in your purse, backpack or carry on for easy access throughout your trip. As healthy travel gets a bit more difficult to predict, knowing you have back-up support is essential to domestic and international travel with kids. This is NOT to say a man or “daddy” wouldn’t help, but it’s just easier to say find a “mommy.” I also told them to find a police officer, because most toddlers know what a policeman and fireman look like and will feel safe with them until I can be found.

Linzer Cookies that Bring a Taste of Austria Home

This sandwich cookie recipe may seem simple, but when you go to make your own Linzer cookies, keep in mind that the dough needs to stay cool or everything starts to melt and fall apart. You can add that smaller cookie back into your cookie dough pile you are using to make more cookies, or bake up these tiny cookies for an extra treat. Bake your cookies for 12 minutes, adding time as needed, until your Linzer cookies are just starting to get golden brown on the bottom and edges. Once cool, dust the top cookies with powdered sugar (I put powdered sugar into a very small mesh strainer and shake it around over the cookies for a more even sprinkle).

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