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Keryn is a freelance writer and digital influencer living outside of Washington, DC. Her work has been featured in Travel Age West magazine, Thrillist.com, ParentMap Magazine, Travelocity.com, TravelMindset.com, and many more print and digital publications looking for quality, well-researched content. Keryn launched Walking On Media, LLC, as the parent company to WalkingOnTravels.com, as well as digital influencer projects where Keryn works with destinations and brands to create an authentic message that resonates with millennial and Gen X travelers, especially moms who don’t want to let go of their travel dreams. In 2017, Keryn launched Twist Travel magazine, a print and digital magazine that helps parents design a travel inspired life by bringing travel back into the home through décor, personal style, kid gear, and of course, getting out and seeing the world.

Most days you can find Keryn dragging the three men in her life across the globe or writing on her award-winning travel website Walking On Travels, a site that gives hope to today’s active parent who doesn’t see kids as a roadblock to travel, but an excuse to get out the door and explore. Keryn has laughed at the naysayers by bringing her boys to far off lands like China, Hong Kong, Japan, Hawaii, back and forth across the USA, Mexico, Canada and Europe. Keryn loves to encourage families to take that first step out the door, the hardest step of all.

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10 Practical Tips to Touring Holyrood Palace with Kids in Edinburgh

At the top of the high street, known as the Royal Mile, is Edinburgh Castle, while at the bottom you will find Holyrood Palace. This royal estate is one of the Queen’s royal residences, has hosted dignitaries across the globe, and is a sneak peek for visitors who want to check out royal life. We had seen the outside of Holyrood, the giftshop and the café, after hiking Arthur’s Seat with the kids, but I wanted to get into those walls and see what was housed there. We celebrated the end of the rain with scones and ice cream at the Holyrood Palace cafe, before walking back up the high street towards our rental apartment.

21 Exciting Things to do in Austin with Kids In Texas

Austin is a very kid-friendly town with lots of outdoor activities as well as some fun museums, thriving music scene and a gigantic university campus. Most of Austin’s main family-friendly attractions are located near the University of Texas, in downtown Austin and just south of Lady Bird Lake. There are literally too many amazing taco places to mention, so I recommend you start with Mando Rayo’s awesome and exhaustive blog, Taco Journalism, or check the best tacos in Austin on A Taste of Koko, which is dedicated to all of the best food in Austin, Texas. If you’re into history or Texana, you might want to check out the Bullock Texas State History Museum (they always have some cool kid-centric exhibits) in combination with a tour of the Texas Capitol building just a few blocks up the road.

25+ Amazing Travel Books and Memoirs by Black Female Authors

Nelson’s book is part memoir and part history book, giving an “intimate portrait of a place that has provided respite and rejuvenation, community and contemplation for generations of African Americans.” Her quest to find herself, brings her face to face with the contradictions of American Zionists and their search for the heavenly “Promise Land” across borders, as well as finding out there Black Jews in the world, including in Israel, the Jewish “Promise Land.” Read the Series for free with Travel guides specifically written for women are far and few between, but travel guides by black women are next to impossible to find. The gals behind the “Dairy of a Traveling Black Woman” want to show the world that you CAN travel as a Black woman to the places you have only read about in story books or seen in movies.

10 Ways to Make Extra Hotel Beds When Traveling with Kids

Your kids can definitely share a hotel bed if you book a room with two queen beds. When my youngest was just starting to sleep in his own bed after moving out of his crib and climbing out of his travel crib, we had to figure out how to have the kids share a hotel bed. If your children don’t want to share the sofa bed, splitting it horizontally doesn’t work (see above) or you have more children than bed space, grab the sofa cushions to make a comfy bed on the floor for your child, placing a sheet under and on top of the cushions. No, instead, if you are looking for some extra room in your hotel room, open up the closet doors for added floor space.

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