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Family Travel / Healthy Family Lifestyle Fill your life with experiences so you always have a story to tell. Let’s collab!

Location Naples, FL
Country United States of America
Member Since JUNE 24, 2019
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Those of us who have kids know the struggle of spills and messes! We also know how much of a pain in the butt they are to clean up! Thankfully I have the ILIFE Shinebot from @ilife_global! This is a robot mop machine that has built in navigation systems and smart app controls meaning you can control it right of your phone! It’s super handy and the battery charges quick and lasts long! It’s definitely a life saver! Make sure to check the link in my BIO! #iliferobot #cleanwithilife #ilifew450 #ilife

Spending time with my little one and his @dino_ranch friends Jon and Thunderbolt by @jazwares! You can find them at @target! #DinoRanch #Jazwares #DinoRanchToys #JazwaresPartner #socialspotters

If you were able to go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? I know I would be at @seaworldorlando! #seaworld #seaworldorlando #hosted

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes memory.” – Dr. Seuss.

My husband's birthday just passed not too long ago, and I decided to get him the Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones from @panasonic! He told me he loves them so much! He takes them everywhere with him! They are perfect for travel as they are compact and Bluetooth! Their battery life is impressive, and the sound is even better! Mainly including the noise canceling! When he first got the headphones, we all decided to try them out, and we were shocked at the noise cancellation! They indeed are so lovely! We have had so many different headphones, all types of brands and whatnot, but these headphones left them all in the dust!

What time is it? It’s Barcelo time in Riviera Maya! ❤️

Starting a new health goal this summer? 👀 Don't just dip your toe, take the plunge with @Primowater! Whatever your goals, a Primo water dispenser makes it SO much easier to stay hydrated and fueled up while you work toward a healthier you. 🙌 And now's your moment to dive right in: enter the #PrimoPlunge giveaway for a chance to WIN A FREE YEAR of refreshing Primo water and a FREE DISPENSER of your choice! To enter, go to the link in my bio and share how you plan to plunge into your 2022 summer health goals. ☀️ Good luck!

✨✨✨Link in bio✨✨✨ The best organizer for your fridge. Got this one from @displaytechnologies!!! AD Love the way my drinks look stacked inside the fridge! The organizer is very high quality and extremely easy to install! Definitely, a must-have for your kitchen! #organization #organizing #organizer #fridgeorganization #fridgerestock #fridgegoals #fridgestorage #fridgeporn #organized #organizacaoprofissional #organizedhome

Summer vibes ☀️☀️☀️

I just got a visitor!!!! #onlyinflorida #florida #alligator #alligatorperformance #lifeinflorida #naplesflorida

There is nothing more I love in Lev’s room than these shelves! They look amazing, they are so handy, and they last forever! We have moved several times and i’m so happy we took them with! They are super easy to set up and look great! #ikeaforthewin

I recently fell in love with the plant-based brand, @ozofoods, and when they released their new bacon products, I just had to go try them out for myself! I ran to my nearest @sprouts and picked up OZO®’s plant-based spicy jalapeno bacon. They are so good and easy to cook with! I used them to make these delicious plant-based bacon jalapeno poppers. For this recipe you’ll need: Jalapenos Plant-based cream cheese Plant-based shredded cheese Plant-based spicy jalapeno bacon from @ozofoods First, you have to cut your jalapenos in half and scoop out the insides. Next, you’ll mix your shredded cheese and cream cheese. After, you’ll stuff the jalapenos with the cheese mixture. You’ll then take your plant-based spicy jalapeno bacon, and you can either wrap the bacon around the jalapeno popper or lay the slices on top. Bake in the oven on 400 degrees for 10 minutes, and voila, you have your delicious, plant-based jalapeno poppers that everyone will enjoy! Make sure to check out OZO® and their new plant-based bacon products, available at your nearest @sprouts and on their website! #Sponsored #OZOGood #OZOKnows #plantbased #plantbasedmeals #plantbasedrecipes #plantbasedeating #plantbasedpower #plantbasedprotein #sproutsfinds #plantbasedalternatives

Great first day at AAU Nationals! Having fun and playing hard despite some injuries!

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