Sarah Musselman

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University of Texas at Austin Advertising Graduate and McCombs Post Graduate with an art based degree with coursework geared towards 3D design, drawing, and design softwares.

Store Visual Merchandising Planner, Advertiser, Model, Designer, Etc.

Current Brands Doing Things I'm Following: Humanrace, Spice Beauty Space, GOLFWANG, Spiritual Gangster, Everyday Clothing. Small owned and hand made clothing, @terrancewilliamsdesigns on Instagram is a great Dallas brand. Suunto. The evolution of the Dell Gaming and Alienware merger and growth of Dell Gaming. Small business application growth. The evolution of the Dell line of Inspiron computers for design as well as Microsoft growth with Dell sectors being in the media now.

  • Former Division I Athlete and All-American First Team Scholar, First Team SEC Scholar, Presidents List, Deans List and some other honor societies. Avid club joiner.
  • Springboard and Platform Diving Safety Advocate, camp counselor, coach and former athlete.
  • Two Semester Writing Director of Spark Magazine Texas and University Fashion group member.
  • Texas Sweethearts Class Vice President and active member with one semester being in the top percentage of service members to the local community while working and serving.
  • Former Customer Representative for specific Berkshire Hathaway Automotive Dealerships sales, service, and parts departments and upwards of 10 other clients over 4 years and some change.
  • Former Strategy Intern for Dell Advertising Firms during the Alienware merger and Dell Brand Gaming laptop launch. Working within gaming and small business growth.
  • Former Freelance Data Reporter, Designer or Web Developer for Aston Martin NA, master planned communities, small business applications and others
  • Fitness Model for Brands Similar to Four Athletics and others.
  • Digital Designer @ I also don't mind waiting tables.

Elon Musk Young Human Found Aspirational Living Based on City Circumstances Documentary Participant Set for Release When Terrorism Attempts Stop Domestically and Globally.

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The thing I loved about @feliciathegoat was he and I would motivate each other through calm @inboxdollars survey company like days whenever they didn’t pay enough to make a living at all (and still generally don’t) but we would motivate each other through 8 hour days of doing whatever we could and then he would drop me off at a library or study place with a full pass the recommended calories @cvspharmacy lunch or dinner with a textbook while he tried to see if he could get us any entertainment jobs whenever they came after my tap dancing because he does have an impersonator and I would yell at the impersonator to leave fa myriad of other things about my tap dancing But he didn’t want me to be in the heat so he’d get me @cvspharmacy meals from there with our survey gift cards and leave me inside and then come back and make me tell him what I learned from the book and show him my notes, then he would help me not him for fashion formulate how to say what I learned for myself — then we started getting sued because we were too young to be doing that That is why I also don’t talk about my time with the Boy Scouts because I used to get attacked at the rumors about him even back then and how much my story goes against them but if we get super in private it’s me the rumors aren’t even there :( Now he works with the @whitehouse to still get me blind resources and make sure other people at this point can’t abduct and haze me — right after the recovery from my eye procedure I had to see fake Terrance and fake his dad (who always do deal with theirs with whatever the fbi suggest super openly and willingly), like I was still in sleeping mode and had screamed through the start recovery time for one day raising my voice saying “ah my eye really hurts” out loud to not have to take a single pill at all based on therapy recommendations and stood and walked up and down the stairs for the other days but was back to working and someone called them to the home I was staying in but the fbi got them and we caught that the way they were getting out was a person was getting them out of their homes like checked into mental homes for these people based on what they do

As always, the White House does label calling me a solicitor racist (because for some reason people only call indigenous people in sales solicitors at an alarming rate yet we get robbed for other industries) since that is not a label people get placed in for working with brands the way I do plus I do free work for USA safety and land are an protection for free for you already while also developing and investing into the economy as well as donating box office amounts of work into trying to repair the economy with my creative works. However, there are also free things you can do to support me like scamming this pack of QR codes as always not robbing me is great support but you do get logged as an out fugitive for robbing me and I don’t care how it effects your life when the UN and now Brexit break down to move domestic to take on my families case. People have started robbing me asking why it feels like they feel effects on their lives… I don’t eat if I get robbed and give up all my money because of robberies the @whitehouse does see that more of a struggle that what you face to rob. Since I just don’t eat and don’t rob. As always I love to partner with applications like @scan.panda to earn money in a contracted, non soliciting manor that doesn’t involve taking peoples money and love to work with brands that present that type of work as well or modeling and designing. I have gotten robbed for all of these industries and coaching so that is why the @whitehouse is taking on my case again. They are denoting that it should be safe to support me now and I have gotten an education in advertisements to back all the work I’ve done.

This is a little preview into my e-book and what you can expect if you do decide to invest in it. Again, it is no secret that affluent people in America do get robbed and can get robbed into salary caps by people and by the crooked media quite honestly… tabloids will rob people and then take their documents and say that they are going to develop a headline about the person so that is a form of identity fraud that is happening to affluent people I will dive into all of these things a little bit more in my e-book with a little bit more structure. this is just some more information into the contents of the e-book and how it is taking form in the topics that the FBI helped me pre-plan into an e-book to give in a micro priced sort of way on the Internet because I do know that we take salary cabs so some people are working with a salary cap and I would love to give you some information at a micro price for the e-book for you to download print have with some suggestions in tips that I have taken on in my own life to be able to get through robberies with ease and with hope that I will still be able to build wealth to my maximum wealth potential. I’m also going to talk a little bit about how to approach your maximum wealth potential without fear. Because, robbery can make it feel like we are already living in a very dark dystopian type of socialism if that were ever a thing, and so I will talk a little bit more about how to approach your wealth potential without fear of wealth and without fear of getting there without getting robbed. Some famous people do live completely on the road and in hotels for times in advocacy groups and with federal groups mandated to live that way in America domestically and it can really make your domestic country seem very Third World if you are young and your family is constantly having to pay to move — I hope this e-book can help people in populations our faces understand that there are some ways that you can find stability places and work with the White House and the structure of your life to decrease the chance upon your life in the forefront of building wealth as you start your career off.

This is also something I’m bringing to my personal brand and some thing that the FBI has asked me to take a stab at trying to do for others in a micro amount priced short e-book added to my personal brand, that is talking about home hacks and things that you can do to try to keep your life robbery proof and appear that you do not have as much affluence as you do when you go outside from your home and how you can even be an influencer from home with some anti-robbery tactics about how to be an influencer from home and not get robbed, because it is horrible people will rob influencers I wanted ro be an influencer very bad as a kid about rock n roll lifestyle actually how it is, when I was a kid and I got up to that level. Then, I would give robbed so horribly I would back then leave the house and get robbed immediately from my doorstep sometimes they’d hide in my yard to rob me like it was a funny joke and so the White House is trying to give me back there to my old life without getting robbed and we’re putting these anti-robbery little hacks and education into my new brand as my same self with more education about what happens to influencer affluence or just affluent people domestically — and some of the true reasons why affluent people in America will give it all away and start new brands and initiatives.

I love moments like today — my family is indigenous and my mother, Jessica Navascottio, was working for the fbi for the short time as a mother who went through FBI school because of what was happening to Indigenous and Armenian babies. We began just giving our wealth away / I used to love dancing to this grandfather clock chiming and I loved the chains and in the short time I was alive when we had this clock in our home my family would let me dance back and forth with the clock when the chime is turned on until robberies got bad on my tribe. We started donating items like these and recently some friends started taking me around to show me some of the items around places that have been able to stand and stay 💕 You can replace the image in the top of the clock and so since this specific food and drink location is so kind to indigenous people, my dad took the image in the top in a vacation to support my mother and replaced the family portrait that used to be housed in the top of the clock so they’d still have an image taken by him in their location for what it’s worth, if it was ever worth anything at all this place would have an image, taken and then Kodak printer printed by George Harrison wearing plaid on the net specifically, and that George Harrison indeed. I love my parents sentiment when they did stuff like that to try to protect each other and their lives and offspring when people wanted items like this clock from our then homes we lived in, actually.

I am thrilled that my phone screen was fixed by a small owned little @ifresh_techrepair where @feliciathegoat and I used to chill when I was a child and they repaired my phone so quickly in a matter of time while I enjoyed a Mountain Dew slushee during the repair so one up to that place for the childhood modeling on that very platform and chair structure as well as for the fast repair today and easy yet non pressing sales service. Love places with a sales experience like that and 10/10 extra for the little remembrance of childhood hanging out on the stage with a DLSR camera for the time it took to remember the phone as the small business evolved. I used to think that little chair spot was so rad if a crew contacted the business and booked a day with the community of businesses to have some time with the set up to be a model during times when @feliciathegoat and I would come hide out here if people had driven to his home or my home during his ride to musician and me trying to model but having to go with sports instead ☺️ Love the nostalgia of places like this — @feliciathegoat took me around places to check out some places with him that I might feel nostalgia and now that I have gotten my therapy taken down due to military disclosing to society about what he and I went through, the nostalgia makes me feel relaxed when I see one of them out now omg. 😭😭😭

OK, now I’m going to dive into a little bit more about why I love working with brands like @target - after my documents were stolen when I was a child, while I was getting my citizenship again and preparing to go back to Mexico to get my citizenship for the second time @target let me work with them with gift card domestically to build a money to be able to go to Mexico to get new documents so I could. I did do a little news feature over this style of work but you can apply your job with @target plus surveys and cash back systems to fuel you getting food and lunches guaranteed daily based on nutritional value with the USA survey system to make sure you can eat while being afforded your job with @target Then target offers early enough shifts in the morning to where you can work in the morning and then in the afternoon’s make sure to use your cash back programs and do some surveys to build up some lunch money to add to your @target gift cards on wood would now be the target my circle app. So today I was able to store some food in the community fridges for lunch this week but I was also well able to use the cash back from my purchases today for lunch to be able to make sure that I will be able to also afford a lunch purchased in-store based on a gift card tomorrow from Surveys and my cash back from my purchases today. Then you eventually can find yourself in this funnel of being able to afford your lunches they leave your work you do at work and outside of work on the work you do outside of work starts to age or work time and that’s why the style of were kind of took off whenever I tried it back whenever I was trying to reobtain documents after my birth docs had been stolen. This is why I personally love @target for giving me the opportunity to build up some money to be able to go over to Mexico and then come back to the USA and obtain documents that way after my birth documents were stolen. It does become kind of a weird challenge hobby to yourself to live this way but thank you so much @target for partnering with survey brands to give people even more stability And thank you to @kindsnacks for funding my tomorrow lunch by being cash back offers today

Today I am loving being a modern woman because kind went out with these nice ice cream bars like this snicker ice cream bar but it kind bar and you can get your cash back on a couple different survey apps with the kind bars and it just makes the date a little bit better makes it a little yummy and you might get some cash back to your day from the brand @kindsnacks

I can also do the classic setting up branding funnels do your brand or setting up add words to funnel traffic to your Brands website with the help of @fiverr as well — feel free to reach out and reserve time at the link in my bio. People have rumored that some of this stuff is starting to get outdated — it’s not, the internet does work the same with products and services which is what it was for…

As always I can also help you with email marketing via active campaign or really any sort of email engine that you are using to amplify your email marketing as well or align it to your brand more via @fiverr feel free to reach out.

I finally got a YouTube set up in affiliation to @fiverr - I have found applications like these to be very helpful and have my YouTube link in my bio links where you can look into how I’ve set up my profile and some applications that have aided along the way to make your freelance career process smooth if you would like to make it a passive or forefront in your life, I hope it helps! Also I love my mommy!

The other thing going on is the @blklivesmatter movement did reveal to me that they have a $14 Million dollar fund they tried to therapy hide from me that they asked me to kick off telling people the truth about Jessica Navascottio and some of the things she faced aand did with her kids actually to protect them. - Alll the Things as last time plus mother while being screamed at that “she’s a murderer and a future child la ssaulter” then chased around with hand violence threats or knife weapons by an actual child assaulter anytime she enters the Home near her actual biological child while being implicated actually for no time at all and only being prison staff hired within a non fugative protection program Back in the day we were allowed to #love Jessica’s “non fugative prison bish ish” and be proud of a Black woman for having the might to want to Miss Jessica-ify the prison system - then you could go “uh son, uh son” after you said how proud of her to her you were in regards to that. To show, what Black and Indigenous and Latina and Armenian mothers do and face to have children and keep their children beyond birth and document how their children get abused by people who don’t even know who their mother is and people who support slavery. @blklivesmatter will be funding revolving more and more of me calling people out for lying about Jessica and requesting they correct what they said about our family or move further into a fugative out program and UNDERSTAND what they have actually attempted on American society for history textbook logging if we all die while these people live in delusion. So they better write the White House to not be in a history text book as their Miss jessica attempts and the fbi logging, anyways Then again in July 2022 there was 14 million dollars placed into the economy by @blklivesmatter against these people and their stories to get to fund my truth telling about where my mom is and how she is still in my life. They’re just funding it behind me getting to tell the truth and then more organizations have funds going in behind

People have been finding me out and asking what my mom and I did through the 2000‘s in 1990s with everything that was proposed on our lives. I hope this piece with @pinkmusestudio gives everyone a little more insight into the options that we were given to preserve and save our lives together and separately and some of the things that we could do. I’m really excited to pitch this seemingly daunting title as a more hopeful story of what my mom and I did at the proposal of the black market and what it was supposed to do to black indigenous and Latino people and especially models and designers what was supposed to happen to our lives and how we responded instead before the black market hit and really as it smoothed over and after you know people adjusted to it being out into the free market and how we separated our life more onto an anti-trafficking market in pre response to feel the effects minimally or in waves only. I hope you’ll join the publication in September to find out more about what we did and some of the brands that we could work with all the time, returning to overtime and top of mind diligently in order to still build a portfolio when modeling was supposed to be taken under by the black market and become a really scary market. We still had brands that we could work with as everything got smoothed over so that once again we felt the effects very minimally. I hope this piece can show you some of the brands that we loved along the way or that I at least loved that gave my life a little bit more freedom and more fun time in my downtime. Jessica told me to say “Me, Sissy and Miss Jessica already did it. We already worked with the brands then gave it away or whatever but we already did it. When Serak drops her blog about what we did to not be abducted models, we already did it.” Reign judge one more Final time is not related to me or Jessica Navascottio or my sister or our immediate family — we have tried to investigate all inquiries (where serak would still be her child, did you see how we said that) and they just aren’t adding up outside of our natural families.

I did get to fly into a full family vacation in college for 30 minutes with my whole immediate family but we stood and a black box in front of our families for them to take in the shock duh both my mom and dad were still alive and I was still in college so the space force made it so that aware we were only in a black box in front of our family while they took their family portraits we just took some family portraits that they cook it access to later maybe if it was safe but just to show them that my mom and dad were still alive and de-enlisting from the army we showed them that we will show up to a family vacation for 30 minutes like that and then they could know that my parents were getting out of the army at that time and they didn’t have to tell anyone That was how he told our indigenous family and they could come ask the box questions or us in the box questions i’m in they all knew what school I was in so they could confirm what family it was by asking like are you going back to school in 30 minutes And confirm my school back to me as was giving me where I was going back to in 30 minutes then to know what my parents were trying to tell them or what the space force was trying to show them The space force is trying to make that happen if you were abducted in the 90s like seriously close your case that is what I was told the space force was going to do for any women in the USA who were logged abducted in the 90s because I know it affects peoples life after so they’re trying to completely close anything that’s left is like a ramification from the case even if you’re not sad about it anymore close any part of your case that might still be open, So even if it’s Racial generational For your mother as well Because the space force thinks they have the technology to do that when is starting to see my black family move the United States calls at the Civil War for what people scream at them in falsity or following them, so we have to go to fields and things to meet with our black family now it’s called military bases Now they’ve gotten the forgetting the civil war therapy off and it’s like a new life

Anyways so now i’ll tell you the craziest thing that I ever did with the brand @gopuff - I am an ambassador with the brand but Didn’t want to push it on people because I’ve already much appreciated what they did for me & people during this back In their development time when they noticed stuff going on in Arizona and decided to move their Geo tracking from Silicon Valley to Arizona hub camps with tons of brands when I was younger until I was about seven or eight years old they would take Armenian indigenous Latino or black girls out to this place in Arizona that was supposed to be a place where they could take us and our dads or our uncles and great uncles hostage and keep us there for a while or a few days while threatening us and torturing us that someone in our family was going to die and we were going to have drugs placed into her body and be shipped I know that was what was upcoming in our lives Gopuff Was founded in and hired diversity from the beginning and were able to see this issue starting out in Arizona with the reports that were coming in from black indigenous Armenian and Latino girls and their fathers that were taken out to this place to be taken hostage and go puff moved into the Arizona desert so that they could find us and Change us and feed us and give us a bunch of go puff materials and give us a bunch of go puff bags go puff everything so that we did not look like the former abducted people anymore immediately they changed us into their brand completely to match the camps and got us tents and everything out to where we were and then we were just are working with goPuff after they fed us and everything and they would use it I was like an ambassador ship and say that we were their employees and then they would steal us back That is why we actually call Saul / there is a fake Saul and we call him Saulie and real Saul gets us led through tunnels out to brands set up to geo track out in the deserts And then if they come to look for the abducted kids through the geo tracking camp and break and you just tell them that you are a kid who was there the whole time in your parent works for go puff So you came out with the group and we thank GoPuff

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