Sarah Musselman

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University of Texas at Austin Advertising Graduate and McCombs Post Graduate with an art based degree with coursework geared towards 3D design, drawing, and design softwares.

Store Visual Merchandising Planner, Advertiser, Model, Designer, Etc.

Current Brands Doing Things I'm Following: Humanrace, Spice Beauty Space, GOLFWANG, Spiritual Gangster, Everyday Clothing. Small owned and hand made clothing, @terrancewilliamsdesigns on Instagram is a great Dallas brand. Suunto. The evolution of the Dell Gaming and Alienware merger and growth of Dell Gaming. Small business application growth. The evolution of the Dell line of Inspiron computers for design as well as Microsoft growth with Dell sectors being in the media now.

  • Former Division I Athlete and All-American First Team Scholar, First Team SEC Scholar, Presidents List, Deans List and some other honor societies. Avid club joiner.
  • Springboard and Platform Diving Safety Advocate, camp counselor, coach and former athlete.
  • Two Semester Writing Director of Spark Magazine Texas and University Fashion group member.
  • Texas Sweethearts Class Vice President and active member with one semester being in the top percentage of service members to the local community while working and serving.
  • Former Customer Representative for specific Berkshire Hathaway Automotive Dealerships sales, service, and parts departments and upwards of 10 other clients over 4 years and some change.
  • Former Strategy Intern for Dell Advertising Firms during the Alienware merger and Dell Brand Gaming laptop launch. Working within gaming and small business growth.
  • Former Freelance Data Reporter, Designer or Web Developer for Aston Martin NA, master planned communities, small business applications and others
  • Fitness Model for Brands Similar to Four Athletics and others.
  • Digital Designer @ I also don't mind waiting tables.

Elon Musk Young Human Found Aspirational Living Based on City Circumstances Documentary Participant Set for Release When Terrorism Attempts Stop Domestically and Globally.

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What I’m logging on my Instagram now is called a @boyscoutsofamerica discovery project This is so the Boy Scouts can earn the rights to investigate into my specific camp outs paths that I was on from the Northern Kentucky and Ohio area Boy Scouts and which scouts and or adults near the boy scours were dragging me into the woods for raping and besting at Boy Scouts and telling me I should like it if I wanted money or to be famous This is also to help log who may still be stalking George Harrison or any of his family for them to need to be in hiding domestically One thing that George Harrison’s DNA Biological lineal is famous for is getting robbed or willingly giving up all belongings and leaving their homes as indigenous people so that robbers or stalkers can just have them - this will help prove the invalidity of forcing a famous person to do that to avoid stalking or mobbing. This will also help log the robberies on George W Harrison’s life. Aka if your are extremely wealthy or famous like that and driven to homelessness in cycles ever by people attacking your wealth with stalking or rumors made from you hand hold walking kids across parking lots or things extremely platonic such as that which lead to false tabloid headlines, you’re belongings are tracked and logged as robberies still - this round will now begin tracking those headlines so that damages lost from these headlines written by tabloids as you walked a child you were likely also related to across a parking lot into school or something so that any financial damages you faced can be added back into your estates worth as if you had only walked a kid across a parking lot the day the tabloids accused you but kids never did The Beatles have so many slander and libel suits that to retrack the start of the ramifications they had to even know where George Harrison was during one missing case - since The Beatles had so much flash mobbing in their time, they still have some missing cases open of The Beatles Essentially they are trying to close all missing cases of The Beatles to include why I spent two weeks missing at a 24 hour coffee shop doing child labor on the internet that doesn’t all profit me

I do look a little bit campy right now However, I am doing a project right now for @thebeatles management crew in an effort recover me, myself and other WW2 veterans or else y’all have some people conning your management team but voices said it wasn’t conning with voice and I can remember the details and meetings now with no therapy The project is to show what The Beatles ever did if they were run homeless by flash mobbing This is also to show how no one ever truly has to be homeless and is a journalism effort to show what some of The Beatles lived like if ever run homeless by fans or flash mobbers breaking their homes or running into their homes hard enough to break them down or into the walls - some members of The Beatles or their family would just walk away without calling insurance to not be seen These people are considered WW2 Veterans or missing people by war standard of abduction and torture for the methods in which their homes would be damaged Because it’s absolutely fucking nuts to run in a fan pack at someone or their home - I gladly excepted this role as an ambassador for the state to show how The Beatles occasionally lived if their home was ever flattened by flash mobs This experience is also sponsored by @eurekasurveys and @surveyjunkie This is also a USA effort to stop robberies The @boyscoutsofamerica said they would also finally track this in case of help The Beatles recovering any WW2 veterans or The Beatles lineal that might not have been included due to abductions but the true reason is to reverse back The Beatles image domestically to its true state and not eating mushrooms or being abducted or mobbed

As always I usually get a cool The Beatles fact when I get heavy info For this release my info was the origins of this song as most people know The Beatles as a USA Military All Forces Moral Band - the boys did face WW2 among touring and have to leave tour sometimes with family replacements on stage in order to serve in the military needed This song actually is beautiful as they wrote it a little bit older after their first experience seeing their wives faces for the first time. Awwwwww - some of the boys had been through programs for young male adult military recovery but still felt this way about their wives physical face look thinking they had met or seen them for the first time

So for those not understanding what these maps would do Tyler and I after separated were studied to have PTSD similar separation anxiety effects at how long we had been together on the streets by the time we were full found and associated to knowing each other before - so when separated even if being told we didn’t know each other our bodies still psychologically responded to separation at how long we had been bonded They then used our case to try to locate further kids aging into adults from our group as some of us had been met by medical hospitals and the witness protection program for name change while hiding together as kids Some kids through this process and in childhood also didn’t know who their extended family was or if they were okay at how things happened so while Tyler and I see each other’s faces and cry sometimes at being brought to each other or have to sit to the floor and drop down at the site of each other etc, we don’t always know each other’s names at the time or what we are going by I only know him as Tyler the Creator and he only knows me as that diver girl that was once on Disney channel shortly who looks like his friend This is actually a super painful experience until we realize - it feels like being shortly disabled at how mind jolting it is when we first see each other until we can sit down and start aligning our stories to each other to realize why whatever that is bringing us in front of each other is happening and why were crying and collapsing at the site of just someone we listened to their music or saw on TV once at how psychologically bonded we were found to each other then allowing the thought of Earl and Lucas as our parents when we were found and studied as formerly street traveling youth

Sometimes I do want to send a probe out and see what the geographic mapping would say in answer… where did you end up geographically planted domestically to globally after the last time The Beatles attended the Grammies domestically? Just like in an online response manor to make one of those cool light up maps or something as a new heirloom or memorabilia - an evolution of Beatles fandom. A map of where the Beatles displaced to after each of their largest mobs. Who knows? A series of large event displacement maps It’s like an indie gift giving set - “this map was a mapping of where we all ended up, after Madison square garden to Cincinnati gardens tour displacement map” “this was where we all ended up in points on a map after we shot Help! displacement map” the dots on the map could be LED or fiber optics even moving lines They actually tested this at a base over time w @feliciathegoat testing a first but BETA GPS map after he knew I was alive found actually for three weeks of my location moving while he was monitored by psychotherapists so that if he needed to to accept the alive news look at it he could tell someone if I was walking speed moving or in one place and accept my aliveness after accepting I was dead under a false report and mind coping at the still uncertainty of what people would try to do to me, so that he still knew I was moving around so that Tyler didn’t have to see the terror of potential future attacks but could see movement Working on this project is when Tyler is FBI convinced he’s Felicia to me and I’m FBI convinced I’m Narwhal Jr. for the taping for anyone who has seen the “Bye Felicia Bye Narwhal Jr” video This was a test to offer these to formerly homeless children ‘street to mind’ bonded to a non related child via the streets or for WW2 veterans struggling to remember This also sparked a federal study over the aggression women receive to send nudes as that was a partial truth syrem reason my case was touch and go to not release full alive details to Tyler, higher than hard drug use possible but not disclosing bc it could still include doctor drug induction after beatings that don’t leave hospitals which but was a found AIM plan

The other thing that people don’t know The Beatles face is abduction I would love for people to advocate for the terror to end. The Beatles are strong but I am not finding them. No one is. In 2011 or so I was lead into a pitch back room and told I was unclaimed by The Beatles and Odd Future by a non memorized management voice of either groups and told that The Beatles saw my life as harlot similar and no longer wanted to claim me and that Odd Future found my defense of myself and yet claims of assault in a town they called a super fan town, annoying Things like that where it’s a pitch black place in the room without blindfold and you haven’t military camp memorized the voices or studied the specific process for information movement type under one The Beatles would use then get beat and left but don’t want to tell anyone besides the fbi that breaks it down - people haven’t been supposed to know the government has been starting these initiatives but to try to calm John Lennons family a little bit about why were being convinced these things and told we’re not allowed really to believe otherwise Over my cousins I’m usually told “well your cousin or cousins whatever could still be bad guys” over and over until I give up trying to remember why I don’t think they are or spun off like that but I’m not supposed to remember that it’s a study as well People have gotten vocally aggressive at my calm attempts to remember why I just ignore the Beatles all together to not be rude or unknowing but trying to calmly move the potential convo along or leaving which can come across rude People I don’t think know things happened like this for The Beatles over time when they try to show me or suggest that my solitude life was not theirs similar or I had the solitude and alone happy with self sound mind consciousness part incorrect

My hair is about to be re long… so I am living a little bit like @georgeharrisonofficial used to live, right now at simply the growth of my hair after the last two big grow outs and the crowd it draws after I stopped having my hair relaxed in 2017 I personally think it is extremely strange my friends and I all passed to live homeless for a bit as a kids camping and can George Harrison live as adults I also miss my friends. I began having guns put to my head again in 2017 and so that is where I have been: buying business so that that is not happening to you George Harrison had his death notice published carrying me for the last time that morning and telling me I was really going to not like this one lol… anytime any of the kids said “I think George Harrison might be my best friend” or laughed at George silly too hard… something our parents were like “okay yeah kid? Get in line but good for you, we love George”… the gov started sending us into hiding so he or we didn’t get abducted for residential schools for this small notion George would make to make sure each kid related to him knew his heart over the headlines if they didn’t block it oiler over the trauma or kid platonic admiration of a cousin with multiple legal livings multiple times over time because everyone loved The Beatles but had no clue how he had to live even to meet his own baby cousin or help her with potential disability which was EXTREMELY demanding for a baby and an aging person. I could not believe people had assumed George Harrison liked living the way Us living this way was also to get John Lennon to follow and Steve Jobs to follow cleared of bad dad rumors over the statistical study of it all for the federal government to show how much harder men like that must fight the system to simply hold the dad title at all since people like that actually get conned and mobbed and impersonated among children looking for voices and slight manorisms quickly to cling to safety humans John Lennon to Steve Jobs are known to check into for in patient stay mental homes to try to local their family for the suicidal ideation he has around the bad rumors when they forget about mobbing and conning

I think only alledged the bushes and some immediate family in politics and @billabong knows that some among models have been held up since the day their contracts were signed I literally get prepped to shoot it all on one walk and walked onto a beach then the suspect gets contained back for each image if he somehow knows

Whomever my family is or was drumming for Elvis like that then finding me periodically from result of not their neglegence but i always thought kidnapping after age 3 with whatever life but definitely jobs agtee Elvis fame life... Even carry out... I do not think the bus is broke Carlos Toadvines estate did visit me on my college graduation and just tell me i was doing just fine to them People have told me yall all sucked My views have been changing since graduation and being told yall don't

What Tyler earl and earl Tyler used to do was be on a Black Panther society of America search party for me whenever I got abducted from modeling and would get found in fields in Arizona, fields in Wyoming, just mother fucking fields And who knows but they say to me my degree is certified They would pour water on their clothes and wrap me up and then run carrying me and passing me back and forth until we found a place I do walk a lot for travel to places and rely on that mainly because but I thought that's why Elon musk walks a lot and he had a similar time in the boy scouts where he's never been accused but would get found weird in alone places

When I got taken to @viacom_intl or whatever @feliciathegoat I said to make one like insane clown possee vibes bc I wanted you check if you were okay from that I could never tell if you loved them or hated them or if I love them or haye them I do these pre selects I'm a steel box project for yalls approval the first selections Then someone walked near the back window of where I am and I flinched sometimes it I tell about my work back in 2005 people in the room would have been stalking me if I said it out loud like at a table and then they'd try to take me if I ever mentioned the boy scouts I picked the pre designs because tylers team believed I had gotten raped at the age these were picked - I had tried to report not him and not to any males for non violence and his team found out and came in and gave me this project

Swear I know almost all the Playlists of major odd future shoots for Converse right Halo by Beyonce shooting at Judies x @converse I swear I was born in Cincinnati I just have also been brought to this judies pizza place being told its a @converse team and were shooting at Judies for odd future And that I still have an eating disorder Wow the person.working at this place just brought up the boy scouts neck coolers before I even said they were there

If yall are so sick of me @feliciathegoat @soapmanwun why am I surviving from the beyond double vision land bestings when we got famous in the boy scouts and still supporting small tech owned food places that let us shoot Converse ads huh???? Ouchea like a fucking pony supporting the small bizs that supported us. Now that it's even released thats like all I ate in college I guess if jj is even your friend yall lived away from your mother's

In college I was told ODD FUTURE was suck of me because I bounced between men too much or like late high school... Ummmm I mean I did that because I was reporting men and wasn't allowed to report beyond "because my dad would kill someone" alledgedly if I were to report actually but um.... Situations that normal people say sound fucking psychopathic and my responses sound normal to get away So that's a rude to be told about myself @feliciathegoat @soapmanwunx 716 nos passed by the fbi before they realized it was a statistical no stop that I signed military contracts for at childhood

The other funny thing I was told it's now late enough to release The Hopi Indian tribe invented the Bekah under the name Bekah pronounced very same to Burqa Indian people or Syrian people or Middle Eastern people didn't steal it. It is not any sort of cultural appropriation... they just thought it was a good idea so the government changed the spelling We were all getting looped together and felt bad because we do turn brown with dark hair under them with dark hair or outside of them and get asked if we are middle eastern... so we actually offered for free to them for them to get one if they reached fame or were nervous at all but just a "it's not connected to our culture but we hid in them and can still continue our days" idea and anyone on the USA could get one free one that was just the first large culture to join us It's also Federally given to people choosing to work over 45 hours in the week... even if you are full white white white they will give you one for working that much

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