Vixbull Frenchies

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French Bulldog Club of America Preservation Breeder showing the backstages of a life with spoiled AKC French Bulldogs, kid and husband. Sharing my almost 20 years of experience with this amazing breed and our personal dogs!

Member Since JANUARY 18, 2022
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Stroller speed = 0.3 MPH πŸ’¨ (2 minutes of strolling - 3 minutes of kisses) outfits by @frenchie_bulldog

I am smol. I am stink. (throwback to baby Dumpling, now Esme)

know your worth 😌✨

self confidence is everything 😌 throwback to baby Envy and baby Gouda! πŸ’šπŸ’œ their litter names were Hazelnut and Peanut. and they were adorable since day one, for sure. Gouda is about to be retired and I hope baby Colby (and possibly Luke, official name TBD) can carry on his legacy. as for Miss Envy, we will see if motherhood is in the cards for her πŸ™ Both Envy and Gouda are AKC Champions. ☺️

dat second plate of brown and beige food hits different πŸ˜‹

it’s giving turkey πŸ— (throwback to Gouda in 2021 as a widdle baby!)

when you find the tickle spot ✨ πŸ’š throwback to 2021 when I had the nuts litter! two very famous Vixbull frenchies came from that litter, can you name them?

let go of that rectangle and nobody gets hurt 😀

cub or pup? 🐻🐾 πŸ–€ throwback to 2020 when we had our Fall babies! who can name this pup? (bonus if you get his official forever name too)

the Frenchie limit does not exist πŸ“ˆ ⭐️ throwback to the coffee litter, which gave me Cayenne and Quinn! πŸ§‘πŸ–€

It was bound to happen, I’ve been warning him for months πŸ₯²

this but all day every day. it never stops πŸ₯²

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