Vernae Hogue

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Location Birmingham, AL Jefferson County
Country United States of America
Member Since MAY 23, 2019
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@dominos just gave me a #surprisefree and it really made my day. Thanks!!! #surprisefrees #gotitfree #getitfree by odering multiple promoted items. #freebies

girl, Girl. GIRL!!! @briogeo done doubled up on us. My favorite pretty pill comes in a bigger bottle. It's not an addiction, if it's #healthy right? #healthyispretty #healthylifestyle #hairjourney @sephora

Save 30% with AFTERPAYDAY If you're not upgrading, please protect your devices. This #chipshortage is REAL. Retailers are not receiving the freight they expected. The @samsung launch for their #zfold3 and #zflip3 took a HUGE hit. What's going to happen with the #iphone13 launch? Good luck @apple !!! Shop @iphone and @samsungmobileusa phone cases and screen protectors at These cases go back 5 years. Hold on to that phone, honey. Things will get better. #deals #discount #smartphone #phonecase #ad @samsungus #chipshortage #chipshortage2021

Okay @redken let's see what you're up to these days... #redkenbigblowout is a thick, sticky, pink gel that protects your hair from heat, shortens blow dry time and adds body. The first video was filmed at home after a relaxer retouch and deep conditioning. I used a hot air brush and a large curling iron. My hair is usually stiff after all that, but not this time. The jelly felt tacky until I dried it and it gave more volume than body. After curling, the second melt locked my curls into place and my style lasted over a day. The second video was filmed at the gym and I only had my hot air brush - no curling iron. (Honestly, you need to follow with a curling iron to convert this protector into a silky texture.) I prepped with Redken #volumeinjection shampoo and conditioner. I did appreciate being able to dry my hair that quickly, but it just stuck straight out. Look at that sheen, that curve, that movement... With both uses, I could re-curl my hair TWICE before shampooing again. Yes, I recommend Big Blowout jelly for anyone who uses two or more heat stylers. My hair looks and feels amazing. Thanks for including me! #hair #haircare #beauty #ad #sponsored #gotitfree #getitfree

Two weeks after John did my #dipnails💅 ... I had assembled a bed, unrolled a @restonicbeds @scottlivinghome mattress and finished a floor set @talbotsofficial @thesummitbirmingham My nails still looked great and none of them cracked. After another week I finally got them redone. Check out @venice_nails_and_spa in Riverchase Riverchase Village. 3780 Riverchase Village, Hoover, AL 35244 Call 2057301633 for appointments. #dippowdermanicure #dipnails #manicure #prettynails #beauty #selfcare #selfcaresunday

A lot of retailers thought we no longer needed a #facemask and stopped ordering #mask Hit all the clearance racks for the last #clothfacecoverings @talbotsofficial is still in #clearance mode with 60% off markdowns. #modernclassicstyle #cdc #covid19usa #covid19 #preventionisbetterthancure #healthylifestyle

I received my Restonic Scott Living Shippable Sleep Hybrid in less than a week, when smaller packages took almost a month due to COVID-19. It's available in six sizes at I got a kick out of the width of the bundle. I thought they accidentally sent me a smaller size, but it was right. When I unrolled it, my mattress hissed for five minutes and looked queen sized in eight minutes. (Of course, I time lapsed the video just a bit. And the room is kind of small, so I filmed from corner to corner.) Unwrap the plastic, unroll the burrito and finally unfold the mattress. You only need scissors once it opens flat. They say it takes a full day to reach its optimal volume and texture, so I slept on the sofa. (My other mattress is also very old.) Now, I've tried two similar brands and didn't like either, so I didn't expect much. When I finally slept on the @scottlivinghome hybrid by Restonic, I was relieved to find this level of comfort. My first sleep with the Scotts wasn't even a full night's sleep and I felt amazing. My back problems are improving and my coworkers say I'm less of a witch.  #scottliving #livingwiththescotts @mrdrewscott @jonathanscott @restonicbeds #unwrapunrollunfold #restonic #hybridmattress #qualitysleep #relaxation #stressmanagement #depression #weightloss #naturalweightloss #covidkilo I tried this product and received a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.

Save 50% off Marz Slim Spray when you use the code Marz50 on Losing weight permanently requires holistic approaches as it involves making a number of lifestyle adjustments. ~ quality sleep (schedule 7-9 hours EVERY night) ~ relaxation (meditation, yoga) ~ stress management (please no vaping or smoking) ~ dietary changes (know the carbs YOU can handle) ~ regular physical activity (moderate-to-heavy cardio) * Yeah, the first 3 are the easiest. I nailed those and I'm working on the rest. Making @marzlabs Slim Spray a part of your program means you’re a step ahead in your weight loss journey by keeping your cravings under strict control. Being calorie-free yet packed full of vitamins and minerals makes it a healthy and natural alternative to unhealthy snacks. Slim Spray helps you lose weight, save money on snacks, reach your goals quicker and finish your program faster. Plus, you don’t have to count calories or  get hooked on snacks with unhealthy ingredients. There's no longer a need for ineffective diet teas, weird coffees, detox pills, program shakes and protein bars. Less is more - so much more. #deals #discount #savemoney #ad #weightloss #covidkilos #naturalweightloss #mealsuppressant #sharktank #creatorco #qualitysleep #relaxation #stressmanagement #depression

If you're holding on to that outdated @apple #iphone or @samsung #galaxy you can find creative #phonecases here Use promo code CASELYVN71MF at checkout to save 20% off your entire @get.casely order until 08/07/21! I'll share more codes. Add a free accessory to $35 purchases their for #backtoschool #sale #deals #discount #ad

For the entire month of June 2021, I took @oneaday_us @briogeo and @toniiqofficial #boswellia capsules. My roots got so bushy that I had to get my perm a week early and my nails grew even faster than that. For July 2021, I'm taking #oneadaywomens @tula gummies and Toniiq Boswellia. My roots aren't moving at all and my nails are growing at their original rate. Throughout both months, I massaged my scalp with @betternotyounger super serum. It looks like The Briogeo B. Well + Biotin made all the difference. I plan to continue using One-A-Day and return to Briogeo. I also need to restock my @airborne_us gummies. Three bottles are enough for me. When you know what works, less is more. #vitamin #supplement #healthychoices #healthylivingjourney #hairgrowthtips #hairgrowthjourney #hairgrowthproducts

Do you like to look and feel your best? Join us in our #mission to help HER look and feel HER best. @talbotsofficial is an omni-channel, specialty retailer of women's clothing, shoes and accessories. #classicmodernstyle @thesummitbirmingham location is looking to hire individuals who bring new ideas to the table and provide exceptional customer service. #nowhiring #jobfair #birmingham #vestaviahills #mountainbrook #hoover Thurs 07/22/2021 10-5 243 Summit Boulevard Birmingham, AL 35243

I woke up my morning routine with @maryruthorganics #veganliquidiron berry flavored syrup designed to fill nutrition gaps. No, I'm not a #vegetarian but I love supplements that are easy to digest. This one doesn't upset my stomach, even during #ladydays That makes it safer for the entire family (men, women, teens). I received this product for free from MaryRuths for my honest opinion without compensation. It is very sweet, tastes great and doesn't have an after taste. #amazon #amazonlifestyle #review #productreview #ad #berryflavor #nutrition #vegan #healthychoices #iron #ironsupplement #noaftertaste #ingestible #period #menstrualcycle

Without finishing my 1st bottle, @briogeo "B. Well Vegan Omega 3, 6, 9 + Biotin" has done wonders for my #skin and #nails. All my products yield better results and the locks that broke the lowest are getting noticeably longer. My roots are thicker and I have to get both my #manicure and #pedicure every 2 weeks, instead of the usual 4 weeks. I tried to handle some of that at home. But, thanks to Briogeo, I now need a professional more frequently. @sephora #healthyispretty #haircare #skincare #supplementsthatwork #supplement #prettypills

Only a #dippowdermanicure can give the levels of cosmetic sparkle we love. This is my #manipedi for the best part of July 2021. Sneer all you want; #brownskin rocks gold the hardest. Make an appointment @genesisnailspahomewood and be early. They're booked solid every day.

SUMO Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi is keeping Patton Creeek shoppers well fed and entertained.

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