Karisma Sheraye

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Hello, I'm Karisma Sheraye – a Los Angeles-based digital content creator + partnerships & collaborations strategist with a passion for travel and living a conscious lifestyle. Before becoming a digital content creator, I studied Film & TV and worked in marketing forming brand partnerships & collaborations. Now you’ll find me creating content all around the world and at home!

Gotta Have Karisma is a conscious travel & lifestyle blog that shows others how to live an adventurously conscious life packed with fun, freedom and fulfillment. I use original video, photography, and blog posts to present conscious lifestyle tips and travel experiences in a fun, visual way across all my social media platforms.

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I am a BLACK WOMAN🙋🏽‍♀️ . 👑 We are QUEENS 💪🏾 We BUILD each other up 🗣️ We speak LIFE to each other 🖤 We LOVE each other 🙌🏾 We ENCOURAGE each other 🎉 We CELEBRATE each other . NEVER tearing each other down! . And we love, support and will fight for the legacy of our fallen sister, Breonna Taylor ✊🏾 . #gonetoosoon #sisterssupportingsisters #blacklivesmatter #unpluggediq #elevate

#blackouttuesday 🖤

The protest in #losangeles started off today peaceful and with high vibrations today at Pan Pacific Park with a power message from @docmellymel and others from @blmlosangeles and @bldpwr ... Actually everything was going great and it was a beautiful sight to see blacks, browns and allies coming together until agitators arrived on the scene with the only intention set to change the rhetoric. . As almost everyone was wearing a mask I looked to my left I saw a white guy standing in the crowd alone without one while everyone around him chanted for him to put on his mask. He refused but the crowd kept it's cool. This was about the extent of the issues until it was over. And let's be clear it wasn't us that was tagging and spray painting cars etc either ...As people took to the streets and more and more began to flood the neighborhoods that were just arriving that's when it all really began with the caios. . I live right across the street from this park and if you were driving the streets everywhere were backed up like a parking lot while people blasted @nipseyhussle @nwa tracks from thier cars. Between the time it was over and before I could even make it home the traffic on every street was stopped with people taking over the streets chanting, jumping on cars, police were striking people with batons, LAPD cars were set on fire, rubber bullets were being shot by LAPD, people being tear gassed and more. . There really is no complete peaceful way to control a protest. Especially once the Agitators arrive along with the masses. You will have those that have learned to unteather thier souls and refrain from allowing others to move them, however there are many more people that don't and it's unfortunate that our people would not have to protest if they weren't killing us. . It shouldn't have to take petitions, rally's, protest, Instagram post, tweets or anything else for there to be justice. It should have already been there. Point blank! . #blmlosangeles #gottahavekarisma #losangeles #blacklivesmatter

8 min 46 sec . I've sat in silence & pretty much off of social media in the last few days. I've cried while processing and dealing with the magnitude of anger, heartache, disgust, devastation & other feelings that have been mustering up inside of me. . 8 min and 46 sec. . I could not stand to hear George Floyd's voice cry out and beg for his life over and over again while the heartless murderer Derek Chauvin not only stood over George Floyd with the look for entitlement and satisfaction on his face but intentionally knelled on him, intentionally ignored George's plea for him to be able to breathe and clearly did all of this with no regard what so ever for human life by clearly ignoring the foreseeable results of his actions that caused George's death. . 8 minutes and 46 seconds was the length of time that Officer Chauvin knelled on George with 2 minutes and 53 fucking seconds seconds of that George was unresponsive! #murderer . I understand all of the anger, rage & rioting that is happening as a result of all of this but that is not the answer. That is not how we make change. We have to rise above & not allow them to unteather our souls. They want to see the rest of us act out so they can find more reasons to incarcerate us. Don't satisfy them. Rise above and correctly come together in numbers. Protest & legally take action to make the change. . Join @blmlosangeles and @bldpower in #losangeles today at 12pm (noon) at Pan Pacific Park. Come with energy and show the power that we have. Stay in alignment with the bigger goal. We got this! . And yes I'm talking to all of our black & brown allies too! Go into your communities and be the voice for us too. At the end of the day we are all human, we all bleed the same color and it's going to take as many of us as we can to continue to make change. We got this! . We got one officer that didn't deserve to wear that badge. There were more at the scene that were also trained that this type of restraint with a subject was dangerous. #murderers . Being murdered was the consequence for using a $20 counterfeit bill for George Floyd. . What should be the officers consequence for murder? . #25tolife and no less!!!!

As many of us are still under quarentine we find ourselves not being able to enjoy the parades, vacations or big cook outs that we are used to. . As we continue practice physical distancing and parts of the world begin to open up and prepare for a new normal for many of us I would love to know what you did or what you are still doing to enjoy this three day holiday weekend? . I personally began to explore closer to home and began to explore and travel once again starting with a local destination that I could travel to just for the day. . Hello Rancho Palos Verdes, California, USA! It's a city in Los Angeles County, atop the Palos Verdes Hills and bluffs of the Palos Verdes Peninsula. If you have never been it's beautiful and the Point Vicente Lighthouse is a great place to stop for a picnic, capture great cliff views of the Pacific Ocean, take photos with the light house views and enjoy the amazing peaceful energy you feel when you are here. . 📸: @monique.efta . #losangeles #california #rachopalosverdes #pointvicentelighthouse #unpluggediq #travelpreneurlife

There is no way to be a perfect Mother, but there are a million ways to be a good one! . Happy Mother's Day to not only to my mom for blessing me with life... She's my diamond in the rough. . But also Happy Mother's Day to all of the amazing women in my life. No matter if you realized it or not but, but from one mom to another, you have inspired me at one point since our life paths first crossed! . Us mom's all learn from each other and I've always seen the many ways that you found to be an amazing mom. . Today I not only celebrate my mom, but all of the amazing women that have been in my life. Sorry there were alot more amazing mom's that I know then I could post photos.... Love you all. . Keep shining #queen . ox Karisma . #happymothersday #mothersdaya

Do what brings you joy! . If time, money (and the corona virus) didn't play any role in the decisions you made in life what would you be doing that would bring you Joy? . I would be exploring and traveling the world near and far, spending more time with my family and friends that I am in alignment with and helping as many people as I can to live a #unpluggedlife so they too could spend thier precious lives doing more what brings them joy! . Well since I absolutely can't travel right now and spending time with those that I love is limited... I've been spending my time and energy into helping as many people as I can to live a unplugged life by helping them raise their Unplugged IQ. Come join our global Unplugged IQ community for FREE at unpluggediq.com ... there is something for everyone! link also in bio! . PS... This photo from the California Poppy Bloom in Lancaster, California and if you want to experience it from the comfort of your home you can watch it on the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve Live Stream. . #poppyfields #springtime #joy #workfromhome #workonline #virtuallearning #community #elevatedmind #organic #unpluggedIQ

Happy Earth day! 🌎 . It's Earth Day, and while every day is technically a day to be kind to the planet, this is a day to demonstrate support for environmental protection, show your appreciation for mother earth, get into new habits if needed and, last but not least, inspire others to do the same! So what are you doing to celebrate Earth Day? There are so many little things you can do to celebrate and help save the Earth, and i’ve got 10 super easy ideas below! And don’t worry… if you don’t have time today remember everyday is a day to start being kind to the plant so you can start any day of the year and not just today! . #1 Plant a tree or start a garden #2 Buy in season and buy from local farmers #3 Recycle, Recycle, Recycle #4 Ditch plastic and get a reusable water bottle #5 Use a cloth towel instead of paper towels #6 Use reuseable silicone straws instead of plastic or paper straws #7 shop eco-friendly household products #8 Use non-toxic cleaners in your home #9 walk or bike instead of driving #10 ditch paper bill's, statements and junk mail. Go electronic! . To read the full blog post go to gottahavekarisma.com

I'm going to be on @redtabletalk . Well not yet that is. I'm speaking it into exsistance and I need you to make this a reality. Please save, share, repost and anything else to help this make it to @jadapinkettsmith . The mission is help every child that shares the same or similar story as the one in my open letter to my son's father therealsinquawalls (link in bio) . I know that God had me go through this experiance because he knew that I knew that if he gave me the vision to see something, that it also meant that gave me the tools and resources to make it a reality. . He also knew that I would be the perfect one to ignite change and not be afraid to tell our story in efforts to help to others. . When I heard Jada say on the episode where they brought on TI @troubleman31 and Tiny @majorgirl "there are certain things about raising a man that I can't know." I began having ideas stir in my mind. . Then after watching an old episode of Jada and @willsmith ex wife @shereezampino I knew I wanted to bring the topic of coparenting there because it was a high vibrational outlet in alignment with the mission to improve the success rate of coparenting and keeping our eye on what is important: THE CHILDREN! . I know raising children with your ex-partner can be difficult, but both Jada and I agree ... "It's not impossible". We just have more examples in society of it not working, then it actually working. It's a habit that has been pasted down from generation to generation. . Once we have more examples of ex-partners having successful stories of raising thier children we will start to see more and more successful co-parenting stories and see more of our children thriving from having both of thier parents and learning healthy behavorial habits then what we see now because it will become the norm to get along with your ex-partner and successfully raise children with them as well as get along with any new partner that they may have in their lives. . So I ask you help our children...by spreading this message. Change starts with one person and I am no longer afraid to not be that #oneperson . www.gottahavekarisma.com . And stay tuned... I will be on Red Table Talk Soon!

Need your help!!!!!!!!! . It's finally sunny outside today so I packed my suitcase cause I'm out of here! . 😷 mask ✔️ 🧤 gloves ✔️ 📏6 ft measuring tape ✔️ . I can't take Los Livingroom anymore but I can't decide where to go travel to. Puerto Backyarda or Frontyardo Rico. 🤔🤔🤔 . All I know is that I am just ready to be kissed by the beautiful sun 🌞 that is out today and soak up some Vitamin D to help boost my immune system. . Where are ya'll heading to today to catch your dose of sun + vitamin D???

So back in February I announced that I was officially kicking plastic straw use goodbye and declaring that I had agreed that silicon is the path to sustainability, leaving the world of disposable plastic behind. . Well I'm still on that mission even while I'm on quarentine. Actually using my #GoSili reusable silicone straws has further motivated me to even go further to help save mother Earth and help others to join me. . So join me... start by ordering your straws. Shop @gosiliproducts. Then also stay tuned as I will be inviting you all to some really cool things that I have lined up for earth day. To get on my mailing list click the link in my bio and head over to my website to add yourself to my mailing list. #gottahavekarisma #sustainable #motherearth #oneworld #silicone #earthday

Over 3.3 million people filed for unemployment insurance and even more laid off from thier jobs with no pay. . Most landlords are not canceling rent even through our president says no evictions, no foreclosures. . The average person does not even have $500 in thier savings account. . Traditional businesses are taking a hard hit right now. . Gig workers, Entertainers and Athletes are taking a massive hit right now because of government shut down. . Travel agents, flight attendants, waitresses and more are in need of extra income online right now. . Trump has signed a bipartisan $2 trillion economic relief plan that includes stimulus checks for qualified Americans of up to $1200 to qualified adults and $500 for children will begin to go out in the next few weeks. . If you know anybody let them know to contact me. My team and I are working around the clock to assist people helping them to uncover what the best online income stratergy is for them. There is a lot out there so don't be fooled not every opportunity is the right one for you. Let us help you to align yourself to be in the best industry to be in right now, and not just one time, but literally every month for the rest of your life. . Click link in my bio or go to my website to set up a FREE 30min online income stratergy call with me... Serious inquiries only. No time to waste. . #changinglives #workfromhome #unpluggedlife #unpluggedIQ #workonline #locationindependent #remotework #covid19 #corona

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic has the world on edge. . By now I'm sure everyone on planet earth has heard about it. Many of you are terrified of it... because fear comes from not knowing the facts while at the same time being fed misinformation. . Click link in bio⬆️ . Coast to coast large public gatherings and major events like the #nba games, #coachella, #ncaa games #southbysouthwest and more have been canceled. . Universities have moved thier education to online and employees told to work from home remotely. Highschools and elementary schools have been closed down. . The stock market is experiencing metoric crashes. People are being laid off and small businesses are going out of business in a matter of weeks. . People are flooding the grocery stores and big-box stores like #target and #walmart to stock up on food, water, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, facemask and more. . Psychologists and public health experts say public anxiety is high, and it's largely fueled by a feeling of powerlessness. This feeling of powerlessness comes from a lack of understanding which comes from a lack of facts and truths. . Earlier this week I did an interview with @drkanisha where I asked her the questions that we all needed to know. Since we went live my inbox was flooded with thank yous for the information and for calming thier fears. . If you missed the live interview Click the link above in my bio. I not only turned the interview into a blog post with some updates, but I also provided the recorded interview in my blog post. . Please read, watch and share. Help calm down this madness by spreading the facts so people don't have to continue to live in fear. It's ok. We are not going to die. The world is not coming to an end. The more truths about this we can spread around the quicker this coronavirus frenzy will go away! . xo Karisma . PS. This photo was taken over a year ago. I had some difficulty breathing and other symptoms after traveling so I got checked out, I was fine and sent home the next day. . #coronavirus #covid #covıd19 #pandemic #usa #nofear #getfacts #stockmarket #gottahavekarisma #travel #lifestyle #health #factsoverfear

Truths About Coronavirus & What Everyone Needs To Know About It

Lebanon has 68 cases with 3 deaths, Kuwait 80 cases, 0 deaths, Egypt 80 cases, 2 deaths, Israel 109 cases and 0 deaths and Qatar 262 cases, 0 deaths. Washington state has the largest number of corona virus cases which currently is at approximately 366 total cases and 30 deaths reported. I do have travel insurance on future flights, in case new cases arise that may warrant me changing my travel plans. It’s very important to share detailed, practical and helpful information on Coronavirus so that others can become informed, prevent from spreading the virus, calm down the chaos caused by the lack of information and also prevent people from doing crazy and dangerous things to themselves and others out of fear.

I am officially kicking plastic straw use goodbye and declaring that I agree that silicon is the path to sustainability, leaving the world of disposable plastic behind. I'm on a mission to help save mother Earth and that's why I decided to say goodbye to plastic straws in 2020 and hello to #GoSili Reusable Silicone Straws + Carry Tin. . Single-use plastics are taking over our landfills and filling up our oceans. Every day, 500 million plastic straws are thrown away in the US. A small investment can make a large impact on our environment. Join me and kick plastic straws to goodbye for good! Shop @gosiliproducts using the link in my bio. . #gottahavekarisma #sustainable #motherearth #oneworld #silicone #consciouslife #sustainability #mindfulliving #plasticfree #changemakers

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