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Uncommon Caribbean is Patrick and Steve Bennett. We capture the authentic soul of the West Indies through original photography, writing, and video.

Never airbrushed or artificial, our content draws travelers into our home region, compelling them to explore culturally enriching and adventurous experiential travel opportunities found in every corner of the Caribbean.

Proudly born and raised in the Caribbean on the island of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, our professional work experience encompasses a combined 40+ years of accomplished advertising, marketing, and public relations experience in New York and Miami.

We are marketers, not “influencers” or “bloggers.” We understand how to partner with marketing organizations to efficiently and effectively impact their business or the business of their clients.

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Lit Lounge Anguilla: The Newest (and Loudest) Hot Spot on Sandy Ground

The newest party spot in Sandy Ground, Lit Lounge opened in the summer of 2019. There are a bunch of other great party spots in Sandy Ground, of course. If you can make your way to Sandy Ground Beach, then you won’t have any trouble finding Lit Lounge Anguilla. Street art extends to the sea among the ruins of the old Mariners Cliffside Beach Resort in Anguilla, thanks to graffiti artist Adam G. Looking Back at Sandy Island, Anguilla:

French Kiss Valentine's Cocktail 🍹 Rhum and Bubbles in Perfect Harmony

My new favorite: the French Kiss Valentine’s Cocktail. I was hooked at first sip, the sexy combination of bubbles and Rhum Clément Agricole Blanc reigniting old passions, while at the same time setting the stage for new ones later this Valentine’s Weekend. The ti' punch rhum agricole cocktail is a triumph of simplicity that combins just three ingredients with a Martinique joie de vivre Requiring just three ingredients, the Daiquiri Of The Dead is as simple as simple gets when it comes to mixing up a great Halloween cocktail.

Mudjin Harbour Caves, Middle Caicos – Uncommon Attraction

Among the more striking features of the seaside cliffs that line Mudjin Harbour in Middle Caicos are a small collection of caves. The most easily accessible of the two Mudjin Harbour Caves is impossible to miss if you’re planning to enjoy the fabulous three-mile stretch of beach here. From the Empyrean Villas, our home away from home in North Caicos, we drove south along Whitby Highway toward Middle Caicos. The Crossing Place Trail that exists in Middle Caicos today doesn't cover the full length of the original, but thankfully it still includes many of the most scenic seaside sections, including this one at Mudjin Harbour.

Rhum Clément Canne Bleue – Luxury in Every Sip

Said to be the world’s most expensive sugarcane, la canne bleue is renowned for its richly aromatic character. Like all Clément rhums, Canne Bleue is produced to the exacting (and exalted) standards that have earned for the rhums of Martinique the world’s only AOC designation for rum. Rhum Clément Canne Bleue lives up to its lofty AOC designation and exclusive sugarcane, offering a true taste of luxury in every sip. There’s also a bit of a creamy feel and sweetness to Rhum Clément Canne Bleue.

It's just about time to be enjoying these beauties. Know the name of this fruit. And if so, do you know they're edible? Get the answers at the link in the bio!

After a few technical difficulties last week, we're happy to welcome Chef Stephan (@haitianchef) as our Friday Happy Hour guest! Expect a belly full of laughs and some tasty insights into Haitian cuisine... Plus rhum, of course! Be sure to tune in over on Instagram at 5 PM EST this afternoon for all the fun!

A belly full of laughs and some tasty insights into Haitian cuisine are what's in store for our IG Friday Happy Hour live stream later today with special guest, celebrity Haitian chef, Stephan Durand (@Haitianchef). Tune in at 5pm this afternoon for all the fun!

Like all proud West Indians, we're always about representing home in our haberdashery. No day more so for us Virgin Islanders than today, July 3rd, Emancipation Day in the USVI! Here's wishing everyone in St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John (especially those in STX taking part in this morning's Fort to Fort March to Freedom) a happy, safe, and socially-distanced celebration! Mask by @islandboyandislandgyalmerch. Polo shirt by @CoatsofArms.

This week, we're spicing up our IG Friday Happy Hour live stream with some serious kreyol flavor! Our special guest, Chef Stephan Berrouet Durand (@haitianchef), is one of the top Haitian celebrity chefs. How top chef is he? Well, he's a two-time @BeardFoundation scholar, so yeah, he's got the chops! Join us tomorrow for a lively conversation on Haiti, its amazing cuisine, and Chef Stephan's best-kept cooking secrets! The party starts at 5pm right here on Instagram. Hope you can join us...

How would you like this to be your office for the next year? It could be. The Barbados government could soon be introducing a 12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp to allow visitors the option to work remotely from Barbados for a year at a time! More at the link in the bio.

Today, we'll be hearing from this handsome devil. Yes, in honor of Father's Day and his 80th Birthday (!!) we'll be joined by John Bennett, AKA Carl, AKA our Dad—today on the Uncommon Caribbean Friday Happy Hour! Expect formative travel stories, revelations about family connections, and old talk about island-hopping the Caribbean. Join us at 5PM EST cocktail in hand! See you then!

There's never been a better time to do some good in this world. Our friends at @ToyotaUSA and @LocalToyotaDealers feel the same way. We're proud to have joined with them recently to provide lunch for front line medical professionals fighting COVID-19 at Broward Health Medical Center (@BrowardHealth) here in Fort Lauderdale, FL. My hand-picked menu featured an array of traditional Jamaican favorites from our friends at The Jerk Machine (@JerkMachine). While they're always happy to receive meal donations of any kind, these nurses were especially excited at the savory smells of gungo peas and rice, jerk chicken, and oxtail stew emanating from my fancy @Toyota Highlander Hybrid as I pulled up to the hospital entrance. "Sure beats pizza and doughnuts," one nurse mentioned. Indeed, Caribbean food always satisfies!

While the future feels uncertain, one thing's for sure—dads can make a huge difference just by being there. Here's to all the fathers out there doing what they can. Happy Father's Day!

Don't forget to join us at 5 PM EST for The Uncommon Caribbean Friday Happy Hour! This week, our guest is Maya Feller (@mayafellerrd), a nutritional expert you've likely seen frequently on Good Morning America plus Strahan Sara & Keke. (And all-around amazing woman!) We'll talk food, nutrition, her Haitian/Trini heritage, and, of course, enjoy a cocktail or two. See you at 5!

Juneteenth is the story of emancipation deferred. From Pennsylvania's Act for the Gradual Abolition of Slavery in 1780 to the Compensated Emancipation Act in 1862 to the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 to The Thirteenth Amendment in 1865 (though not ratified by Mississippi until 1995!) to June 19, 1865 when federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas—slavery in the United States officially ended at different times for different people.⁣ ⁣ The same occurred throughout the Caribbean.⁣ ⁣ The Bahamas for instance, being part of the British Empire should have ended slavery with The Slavery Abolition Act of 1833. Unfortunately, that news didn't make it to the region until FIVE years later in 1838. Festivities commemorating the event even play off some of the 700 Bahamian islands hearing the news later others. (Though even the stragglers were 30 years ahead of their U.S. neighbors.)⁣ ⁣ A few years ago, we were able to experience perhaps the best way to pay homage to abolition in The Bahamas, The Black Point Regatta pictured above. Learn more about this event and Emancipation Day at the link in the bio!

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