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Stackers University was created for stackers (investors in precious metals) that are interested in learning the fundamentals and science of investing. While there are lots of beautiful coins, what really matters is the weight of your stack and how efficiently you’ve accumulated it. Stackers University seeks to create a community where people can learn and get good sound investing information that will help your returns without hype, hysteria or fear mongering. Stackers University is channel fully committed to help you learn the fundamentals of precious metals investing, how to become a better investor and ultimately stack smarter.

When you decide to join Stackers University, you will find a community focused on everything from why and how to stack, guiding principles, understanding market conditions and even the role of emotions and investing. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced investor or someone that has never made a purchase, Stackers University has something to offer you! My hope is that in addition to being informative and engaging, you will be entertained and better off for being a part of Stackers University.

Stack smarter and never stop learning!

-Dr. Stacker

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Leaving Gold And Silver To Family: 7 Considerations Stackers often talk about never selling and leaving our gold, silver and other precious metals to our family, children and/or loved ones. Before leaving this earth, there are several considerations and it's not as easy as simply leaving gold and silver to family. #stacking, #stackers, #stackersuniversity #goldinvesting #silverinvesting #silverstacking #goldstacking #stackingsilver

Why I Didn’t Buy The Last Dip We always hear "buy the dip," but does buying the dip always make sense? Market conditions indicate that there is a strong potential for weakness with the price of gold and silver. So which conditions do we need to monitor? How should we plan? Remember, sometimes, what starts as a pothole can quickly become a sinkhole. What direction to you think metals are heading within the next 30 days? What condition do you think will make metals take off? #stacking, #stackers, #stackersuniversity #goldinvesting #silverinvesting #silverstacking #goldstacking #stackingsilver

Gold And Silver Buying Guide: Where To Start LINK IN BIO Buying gold or silver can be confusing and may feel overwhelming. This buying guide video are the first steps buyers of gold and silver should take in order to find the best deals. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or been buying for gold and silver for a long time, once this video is over, you will know the exact steps I have taken and take in order to find the very best deals regardless of buying online or in person. My method has allowed me to acquire my entire collection of gold for around a 3% over spot and silver for around 7.5% over spot. I will also show you and provide you with a link to download a buying guide with my premium calculator and ideal premium range for gold and silver. And as a bonus, I’m going to share a link where you can purchase an one ounce gold bar or 10oz silver bar at spot. Finally, for the sake of time, I’m not going to cover how to find or manage person to person transactions are go into detail about which coins or sizes are better because those require their own video. #stacking, #stackers, #stackersuniversity #goldinvesting #silverinvesting #silverstacking #goldstacking #stackingsilver

How To Buy Gold For Cheap Or "Free" Every Month: Choosing Wealth Over Stuff LINK IN BIO Want to know how to buy gold or silver for cheap or free? Start by changing where you already spend money. Choosing how you spend your allows you to buy gold for cheap or free by redirecting that spending to gold. With every dollar you get to choose wealth or stuff. What's your choice? #stacking, #stackers, #stackersuniversity #goldinvesting #silverinvesting #silverstacking #goldstacking #stackingsilver

7 Steps To Prepare For Inflation And Recession: Metals Will Shine! LINK IN BIO With inflation reaching unbelievable numbers, we know the storm is coming so we must prepare for inflation and its effect on the economy. Metals will shine bright, however that will be after the financial hurricane has passed. Today we need to prepare for the impact inflation and a recession will have. So, how do we make sure that we metaphorically position ourselves in such a way that we travel with the eye of this financial hurricane, ride out all the danger and destruction and emerge better once this financial hurricane dissipates? Take a look! #stacking, #stackers, #stackersuniversity #goldinvesting #silverinvesting #silverstacking #goldstacking #stackingsilver

Managing Emotions and Investing In Silver LINK IN BIO In this video I share 5 emotional traps and how you can counter the while investing in silver and gold. Investing and managing emotions should go hand-in-hand as our emotions can be quite powerful. Never has a market triggered so many emotions as the silver market. While our belief in the metal is unwavering, someone needs to tell our emotions. #stacking, #stackers, #stackersuniversity #goldinvesting #silverinvesting #silverstacking #goldstacking #stackingsilver

Key Indicators: Gold, Bond Yields And Real Interest Rates Bond yields and gold prices have a long history as US investors have traditionally sought out bond yields for their portfolio diversification. Gold investors should be interested in bonds because of the strong correlation/relationship between 10 year bond yields and gold prices. In other words, when interest rates or real yields on bonds go up, gold prices goes down. This correlational relationship explains why inflation is gold's best friend while rate hikes are its worst enemy. #stacking, #stackers, #stackersuniversity #goldinvesting #silverinvesting #silverstacking #goldstacking #stackingsilver

How Much Gold & Cash Do You Need? This much for every $100K of income...check out my video on YouTube... Link In Bio

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