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Stackers University was created for stackers (investors in precious metals) that are interested in learning the fundamentals and science of investing. While there are lots of beautiful coins, what really matters is the weight of your stack and how efficiently you’ve accumulated it. Stackers University seeks to create a community where people can learn and get good sound investing information that will help your returns without hype, hysteria or fear mongering. Stackers University is channel fully committed to help you learn the fundamentals of precious metals investing, how to become a better investor and ultimately stack smarter.

When you decide to join Stackers University, you will find a community focused on everything from why and how to stack, guiding principles, understanding market conditions and even the role of emotions and investing. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced investor or someone that has never made a purchase, Stackers University has something to offer you! My hope is that in addition to being informative and engaging, you will be entertained and better off for being a part of Stackers University.

Stack smarter and never stop learning!

-Dr. Stacker

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The Biggest Danger For Those Stacking Gold And Silver In the midst of a global pandemic, the average person was faced with an unprecedented crisis. In the search for safety and sound money, people began stacking gold, silver and platinum. Gold and silver stacking is not without risk, but one risk reigns supreme over all others…There is ONE AND ONLY ONE risk that causes stackers to twist and turn in their beds, only to waking up screaming and terrified. #stacking, #stackers, #stackersuniversity #goldinvesting #silverinvesting #silverstacking #goldstacking #stackingsilver

Gold Confiscation: Why My LCS Wouldn't Sell Me This Coin Unfortunately, confiscation seems to be like a game a whack-a-mole where every time you knock it down in one area it pops up somewhere else. Sadly, for years confiscation, particularly of gold has been a very popular topic on youtube. No matter how many responsible creators take their turn at whacking this mole, confiscation pops up again as someone twists them self into a pretzel to justify how gold confiscation could happen again. Now, the conversation has shifted to pre-33 gold. #stacking, #stackers, #stackersuniversity #goldinvesting #silverinvesting #silverstacking #goldstacking #stackingsilver

This Pattern Is Why Gold And Silver Prices Will Increase? What in the heck do I mean by gold and silver being perfectly seasoned and that impacting prices? Any prepper will quickly remind you that you can’t eat your gold and silver, soooo? I’ll show you how to know which way gold and silver prices tend to move which will help you maximizing your stacking and get more gold and silver based on lower prices. #stacking, #stackers, #stackersuniversity #goldinvesting #silverinvesting #silverstacking #goldstacking #stackingsilver

Silver Stacking Strategy Mistakes That Cost You Money Stacking silver is extremely exciting and it stimulates us on a number of levels. However, in that excitement we are much more likely to make silver purchases and engage in activities that are not in the best interest of your silver stacking goals. If committed early in your silver stacking journey, these mistakes can easily become one of the 7 deadly sins of stacking silver. #stacking, #stackers, #stackersuniversity #goldinvesting #silverinvesting #silverstacking #goldstacking #stackingsilver

A Fractional Gold Stacking Strategy For 2023 There are two debates that will never be resolved, the first debate being which is a better investment gold or silver and second, whether people should buy fractional gold. There seems to be three main camps when it comes to fractional gold. One camp is buy whatever fractional gold you can afford, another is save up and then buy a larger piece of fractional gold and finally, you should never buy fractional gold because of premiums. #stacking, #stackers, #stackersuniversity #goldinvesting #silverinvesting #silverstacking #goldstacking #stackingsilver

Expect Volatility From Gold And Silver Prices In 2023 For more than a year, all we’ve heard is that we are entering a gold and silver bull market as we watch prices take us for a ride on the volatility rollercoaster. Silver and gold investors have to choose what role volatility will play as we should expect prices to fluctuate during 2023. You must ignore the hype as gold and silver prices do not got straight up or straight down. This video will show you exactly how I manage market volatility in 2022 so you can profit in 2023. #stacking, #stackers, #stackersuniversity #goldinvesting #silverinvesting #silverstacking #goldstacking #stackingsilver

What's Next For Gold And Silver Prices? Gold, silver and platinum prices took us on a wild ride where prices experienced huge differences between highs and lows. While gold, silver and platinum ended in positive, prices here not anywhere close to predictions or expectations. So where do the they go from here? #stacking, #stackers, #stackersuniversity #goldinvesting #silverinvesting #silverstacking #goldstacking #stackingsilver

2002 Stacking Gold and Silver Awards Show: The Stackies We spent the year stacking all the gold and silver we could, but now is a time to celebrate all of the hard work we put in this year. The Stackies are an opportunity to celebrate the best in YouTube gold and silver stacking channels and the incredible people in the community. Stacking gold, silver and platinum is a wonderful activity on some many levels and there are so many incredible people out there that so freely share their time and knowledge that it’s only fair we acknowledge and honor them. #stacking, #stackers, #stackersuniversity #goldinvesting #silverinvesting #silverstacking #goldstacking #stackingsilver

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