Jodi Danen

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Create Kids Club is about great tasting, simple, kid-friendly gluten-free food. We are an online kitchen where feeding kids gluten-free is made easier with simple recipes & kids’ cooking ideas. Sprinkled in you’ll find family travel inspiration.

My passion is to make living with celiac disease easier for families. My 13 year old daughter and myself have celiac disease. I'm a registered dietitian with the goal of becoming a leader in this area.

Create Kids Club has an Ahrefs domain ranking of 55 with monthly traffic at 300+K

My audience is built of 71% women ages 25-34 (25%), 25-44 (22%), and 45-54 (18%).

US based audience (84%) with the top 5 cities being California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Illinois.

I've worked for years offering photography and videography services to large blogs and brands. I've stopped that work for bloggers but am interested in working specifically with brands that my audience would be interested in.

Location De Pere, WI Midwest
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Looking for a delicious air fryer recipe? Air fryer chicken cordon bleu is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Made with chicken breasts pounded thinly, sliced ham, and cheese then baked to golden perfection in the air fryer. Gluten-free #airfryercooking #airfryerchicken #glutenfreerecipes

Have leftover taco meat? Make Taco Quesadillas. Super simple and delish. This ground beef quesadilla recipe is made in the oven on a baking pan so you can cook the quesadillas all at one time! #easydinner #kidfriendlyfood #quickandeasymeals

Looking for a quick and easy dinner? Learn how to boil chicken legs to get perfectly tender, moist, and flavorful chicken every time. Grab our tips on how to quickly add flavor bone-in chicken legs while boiling to serve as is or brush with your favorite sauce and broil to crisp the skin. #quickandeasymeals #chickenlegs #easyglutenfree

Did you know you can ROAST frozen broccoli?! And it turns out great?! 🤯 Roasted frozen broccoli turns a bag of frozen broccoli into crispy and delicious broccoli that kids love! Frozen broccoli is baked at 450° and flipped halfway through. The end result is just as good as roasted fresh broccoli! #frozenbroccoli #broccoli #easysidedish #veggieside

Cherry cheesecake dip tastes exactly like cheesecake but is made in a fraction of the time. This simple gluten-free appetizer is made with cream cheese, vanilla pudding mix, vanilla, and milk. It's topped with cherry pie filling but can easily be substituted for blueberries, strawberries, or blended with chocolate chips. Serve with gluten-free vanilla wafers or graham crackers. #cheesecakedip #easyappetizer #appetizers #cherryrecipe

Our air fryer twice-baked potato recipe will be the only twice-baked potato recipe you need! Baked potatoes are hollowed out, air fried to get extra crispy, then stuffed with a mixture including sour cream, butter, fresh garlic, and cheese. 😋😋😋 #twicebakedpotatoes #airfryerrecipes #twicebakedpotato

Just because I wasn’t posting here on IG doesn’t mean the yummy recipes weren’t still coming out over at Create Kids Club. if you haven’t checked out the website lately I’d highly recommend it! If you’re looking for a simple way to cook spaghetti squash you’ve gotta check this latest recipe out. Air fryer spaghetti squash takes just 15 minutes to cook. Simply cut the squash in half, season, bake then serve topped with coarsely ground salt and freshly cracked pepper or use in your favorite recipe. How do you like topping spaghetti squash? #spaghettisquash #airfryerrecipes #ninjafoodirecipes

Hey There! I haven’t posted in over a month as one week turned into 2 and then the month of June was nearly over. 😳😂 I’m happy to report I’ll be back with more yummy recipes come July. 😋😋😋 If you’d like to see why I decided to take the month of June off check out my story. ⬆️ June started with a graduation, continued to a real estate purchase (did you know my husband and I own a real estate company?!), continued with purchasing an entire 3 bedroom 2 bath vacation homes furnishings, planned and went on my first backpacking trip, and finished off the month decorating the short term rental complete with everything one needs to vacation. — I may need another week to recover from all the fun! 👩‍🎓 🏡 🛍 🎒🤪 These pics are from the 5 days I spent backpacking at Isle Royale National Park with my son and our friends. We took a boat from the upper most part of Northern Michigan. It’s a 4 hour boat ride to get to Isle Royale (we had choppy waters 🤢), an island in the middle of Lake Superior. It was an awesome trip with so much quality time with my 16 year-old son. ❤️❤️❤️I hope to do it again one day! Hope your June was awesome and summer is treating you well!

Interested in visiting Costa Rica with teens but not sure how to plan a celiac safe trip? Thanks to our friends over at @zaneytravel you can let them do the work! (#sponsoredtravel) Traveling with food allergies can be challenging, but with the right planning, you can eat safely and have an amazing trip! Learn how by heading over to 🇨🇷🦥 #zaneytravel #glutenfreetravel #glutenfreecostarica #foodallergytravel

Oven-Baked Chicken Tacos are an easy dinner recipe that is packed with protein and veggies in a way that has kids going for seconds! Gluten-free. #easydinnerrecipes #kidfriendlymeals #easyglutenfree

A gluten-free alfredo made with Greek yogurt cutting calories and fat but not flavor! Packed with fresh garlic and parmesan and made in 15 minutes, it's a family favorite for busy nights. 😋🙌🤩 #glutenfreealfredo #glutenfreepasta #easyglutenfree

Gluten-free chicken tortilla soup is packed with chicken, beans, and tomatoes and then topped with homemade tortilla strips. This is a kid's favorite that's made in just 30 minutes. 🙌😋🤩 #glutenfreerecipes #chickentortillasoup #glutenfreesoup

Easy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

An easy chicken pot pie recipe made with pie crust which helps this deliciously warm & filling dinner come together quickly. I used to be afraid of the pot pie

Hashbrown Cheesy Potato Recipe

These cheesy potatoes with Greek yogurt cut fat and calories, not flavor. I have been working on a lower fat recipe for a long time, tweaking it to make it just like my families favorite – Top with the rest of the shredded cheddar cheese Bake 350 degrees for 1 hour, or until cheese is melted and bubbly. You can see where the healthy alternatives like Greek yogurt and no butter come into play.

Creamy & Delicious Potato Soup

This potato soup not only cuts fat and calories of a traditional potato soup, but it also comes in well under $3.00 per serving. The best part about this recipe, besides the flavor, is that it takes very little time to prepare. To save time and keep nutrients, leave the skin on potatoes. After cooked, mash with potato masher or immersion blender To thicken, melt butter in medium sized sauté pan over medium heat Slowly pour 2 cups pureed soup into flour mixture, whisking constantly, a little at a time Whisk thickened soup mixture back into remaining soup in the slow cooker Potatoes, onions, and broth are combined in your slow cooker and left to cook all day.

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