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My name is Afnan Mehdi,

I am a fashion & lifestyle content creator and entrepreneur. I am the founder of The Serenity Podcast, and i love to inspire and create.

I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Location Copenhagen
Country Denmark
Member Since JANUARY 30, 2022
Social Audience 11K
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You want to live the american dream? Travel to Copenhagen✨ Ironic, I know. But can we just take a minute to appreciate how amazing Copenhagen is? From the picturesque streets to the friendly locals, this city feels like the American dream come to life - but with a European twist. I mean, where else can you bike to work, go out with friends, and still make it home in time for dinner? As a local, I may be biased, but trust me when I say that Copenhagen is the ultimate destination for anyone who wants to live their best life. There is a little magic in the City of Spires. (I just hope they work a little more on the Islamophobia because the government is definitely not as lovely as the people there) #Copenhagen #CityVibes #NightLuxe

law student aesthetics ✨ #lawschool #copenhagen #university #academia

[SAVE FOR BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS] anyone else feel incredibly recharged after some good reading? these books are amazing for anyone looking to read about self-help or self-development. i’m currently writing a personal development book and it inspires me a lot to read other peoples incredible work. Atomic Habits has been a favourite of mine for so long! #atomichabits #vexking #selfhelp #books #selfdevelopment

The power of gratitude voiced by the amazing @yasminmogahed ✨ I will be sharing more motivational audios from islamic creators as we are nearing the holy month of ramadan. I’m so excited for the good vibes and even better food 😍 #islamicreminders #motivation #islam #gratitude #powerful

it’s not selfish. ✨ you do not owe people more than you owe yourself. give yourself the world first before you focus so much on trying to give it to somebody else. #femaleempowerment #empowerment #motivation #loveyourself #inspirational

[Save for later] ✨ Nobody is more eligible to achieve your dreams than you are. You have to start betting on yourself and believing that you are worthy of your desires. Changing your life starts with you. #femaleempowerment #motivation #inspirationalquotes #betonyourself

Here’s to the one product that I don’t regret purchasing in 2023! This is the AIRROBO P20 from and it does a wonderful job to effectively clean my house, while i’m studying or doing other errands, it’s like a little effective house pet. ✨ The link to purchase or find out more about this product is in my bio! #airrobo #lifewithairrobo #robotvacuumcleaner

you are pushing away your chance of happiness. ✨ btw, I uploaded a new episode of my podcast today! link in bio if you want to listen. It is especially relevant for people who are looking to learn about UGC. 🤍 #motivation #femaleempowerment #inspiration #internationalwomensday #womenempowerment #successmindset

you have the power to decide. ✨ we seem to forget that we have the power to decide when to let others stop mistreating us. we are not forced to deal with someone elses issues. #motivation #femaleempowerment #internationalwomensday #womenempowerment #inspirational

Happy international womens day to us!! ✨ And as @badgalriri said, don’t let em see you sweat. 🤍 I hope you all enjoy this day to the fullest. Fun fact: in Demark we call it the womens international fight day. 💪🏽 #internationalwomensday #motivation #inspiring #femaleempowerment #wcw

[Save for later] ✨ TODAY IS INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY! And to celebrate that, I want to remind every female to own her power. Owning your power is about acknowledging your worth, speaking your truth, and living authentically. Don't dim your light to make others comfortable - shine as bright as you can! You have a unique voice and perspective that the world needs to hear. So stand tall, be proud of who you are, and own your power! #OwnYourPower #BeYourself #Authenticity #Empowerment #InternationalWomensDay

It’s International Women’s Day tomorrow!! ✨ Do you have any plans for tomorrow? #internationalwomensday #advice #empowerment #inspiration #motivation

Fun fact: I had a job interview that day and I got the job! ✨ ⠀ Studying law in Copenhagen means long days at the university, lots of shopping and lots of food throughout your day. ⠀ #lawstudent #copenhagen #darkaesthetic #lowexposure #muslimfashion #hijabfashion

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