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Marketing, politics, technology, entrepreneurship, Premier League!

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6 Must Have Apps for your New Apple Watch

Check Battery of iPhone on my iPhone: You probably know how to do this by now. You can add this widget to your current widgets by swiping right on your home screen to access the Widget view, then scrolling to the bottom and tapping the Edit button. It offers custom complications to quickly check your iPhone's current battery life. Just tap your Watch face to wake up your Apple Watch and swipe up from the Watch face; the top left icon shows you the current charge level of your Apple Watch.

5 Tech Founders who Scratched their own Itch

When a design conference came to SF and hotels were completely booked, they realized they could rent out their floor and a few airbeds - thus the concept of AirBnB was born. This conflicts with the account he gave to an Atlantic reporter where he didn't seem to initially grasp the magnitude of their idea, where Chesky states, "The moment when we thought this idea wasn't going to work was the moment we came up with it." A second key breakthrough came when they realized the key differentiator they had, and why customers had started choosing AirBnB over traditional hotels; Chesky shares, "People love homes. " AirBnB had tapped into selling an experience. AirBnB is currently raising an $850 million round of funding at a valuation of $30 billion.

15 Minutes with the Surface Studio

The Dial can be physically placed on the screen to interact with your current window in a variety of ways, from changing the color of your brush in Photoshop to scrubbing through your current sequence in Premiere. Having a physical Dial to scrub through video is incredibly convenient, in a way I can't quite replicate on a touchscreen. The Dial also offers haptic feedback, which can simulate a clicking feel as you scroll through volume. This feedback also confirms a long press to change the dial function; having that physical feedback takes a bit of getting used to, but is definitely a welcome option.

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