Heidi Stevenson

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Taking the road less traveled :) Travel Pictures around the world.

Location Columbus, OH
Country United States
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Life is what you make it… . One of my leading mantras has been “Choose Your Hard.” It is no surprise that nothing in life is truly easy. You have to learn to choose your hard. Being mentally well is hard. Being mentally unwell is hard. Choose your hard. Applying for a job is hard. Staying in a job is hard. Choose your hard. Saving money is hard. Being poor is hard. Choose your hard. Exercise is hard. Being out of shape is hard. Choose your hard. Being vulnerable is hard. Staying bottled up is hard. Choose your hard. Speaking up is hard. Staying quiet is hard. Choose your hard. Using this mantra almost daily has lead me to learn and grow at a rate I’ve never experienced. I’ve made more new friends with deeper connections, spoken up when I felt I needed to, stayed quiet when I knew it would help more than hurt a situation, and made healthier choices for my mental and physical well being. CHOOSE YOUR HARD. . Life/ wellbeing / mindset / lifestyle / posing / pics/ posing ideas / vacay / Maldives / swimsuit / coastal / Amazon fashion / over40style / choice / choose your hard / Columbus / Ohio / trending

The Maldives are a paradise of crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and luxurious overwater bungalows. Each island offers a unique escape, perfect for relaxation and adventure. From diving with manta rays to basking on pristine beaches, the Maldives provide an unforgettable experience for every traveler seeking tranquility and natural beauty. . : #travel #trendingreels #trending #instagram #couple #couplegoals #solotravel #maldives #vacay

After visiting my local Floor & Decor, I found the best tile options for my kitchen remodel: the $0.29 beveled tile. So many options and as you can tell - totally affordable and beautiful. I used it in my kitchen remodel and I am so happy with the results. I recommend heading to your local @FloorandDecor and checking out their impressive tile selection for your next project! They even offer classes with the National Tile Association on how to install tile. In Paid Partnership with Floor & Decor #flooringpro #flooranddecor #kitchen

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