Rachel Ramey

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I'm a Christian homeschooling mama attempting to live a healthful lifestyle. My blog offers encouragement and practical ideas gleaned from my own journey.

Location Virginia
Member Since JULY 19, 2018
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Different Worldviews or Different Facts Both Lead to Different Conclusions

You believe that the use of any drugs or biologicals developed with the use of fetal cell lines is immoral; your friend believes they’re fine as long as they don’t use tissue directly derived from a living baby. n’t understand why your friend would be so…selfish, apathetic, lazy…you’re not sure what character flaw is driving him, but you know it must be some kind of character deficiency, because voting is important, so that’s the only thing that makes sense. Because the two of you filter the idea of voting through very different worldviews, you arrive at very different conclusions — actually making completely opposite choices — out of the very same desire to do the right thing and glorify God. You may be able to appeal to a shared standard (e.g. if you and your friend both believe in the Constitution as the basis of American politics, then you can appeal to the Constitution for some things) or to universal morality.

What is a Biblical Worldview?

This brings us back around, finally, to the question we started with: what is a biblical worldview? Individuals will vary in their understanding of the details but, fundamentally, a biblical worldview is a worldview which agrees with the Bible. This is simply a serious of questions about moral issues that call upon the reader to form a biblical response. Originally they were intended for teaching my children, which brings us to the last point: are you passing a biblical worldview on to your children?

Whole Food Cookies & Other Healthy Desserts

They’re gluten-free, grain-free, egg-free, & (optionally) dairy-free, but they rely on almond flour, so they do contain nuts. * GF Chocolate Cookies – Brown rice flour-based, these also contain a small amount of brown sugar and (optional) chocolate (or other) chips, but are primarily honey-sweetened. Gluten-free unless you use chocolate chips with gluten. This is not gluten-free as written, but the only gluten is in the graham cracker crumbs for the crust, so if you swap those out for gluten-free graham crackers or cookies (or substitute a nut crust), it is.

Delicious-but-Easy Whole Foods Side Dishes

Whole foods main dishes (when they aren’t all-in-one meals) call for whole foods side dishes to round them out. We don’t actually use a lot of side dish recipes at our house because we usually just stick to basics like steamed broccoli (with butter & salt), but there are a few side dish recipes around here. These sauteed carrots are flavored with the stuff left over after straining the decongestant. This is a pretty basic recipe for roasted carrots and broccoli.

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