Brian Hawkins

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Tiny House and Container Home builder.
Social Media Manager and Consultant

Location Utah United States
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Hey All! It’s @ethanabitz here with another epic tiny home! This one is super unique, and is an A-frame cabin situated just under an hour from Zion National Park. It has stunning views of the southern side of the Zion Mountains. The backyard of the property also opens right up into tons of BLM land, giving you all the land you’d want to go explore during the day! With the movable side of the cabin, you can enjoy some seriously epic stargazing, right from the comfort of your bed! This cabin provided such an unforgettable experience, I’m looking forward to going back. This cabin can be found on @glampinghub website under Hurricane, Utah.

Perfect tiny House camera

I’ve seen a lot of different security cameras, and this V200 from Vosker ( is the best option I’ve found for tiny homes and RV’s. The biggest reason is because most tiny homes and RV’s wind up off grid at some point and don’t have the internet needed to make the camera function. * Monitor job site, farm, cabin or any other remote locations * Day and night photos with custom alerts on the mobile app Click on the link to get yours today!

Hey Everyone!! My name is Ethan Abitz (@ethanabitz) and I am a huge fan, as are all of you of tiny homes! I’m going to be taking over Tiny House Movement for the next couple of days and show you some of my favorite ones that I have been to. I am a travel and lifestyle photographer based in New Hampshire spending my time traveling around in search of all the amazing tiny homes, treehouses, cabins and adventure that’s out there! This first one is @greenmountaintinyhouse and it’s in the quaint town of Jamaica, Vermont. Outfitted with a super comfy queen bed in the loft, this 290 sq ft house also boasts a full kitchen, bathroom with a tiled shower and small soaking tub, and an indoor electric fireplace and flat screen TV. On the property guests can enjoy the wildflowers, chickens and beautiful views of the area. Come enjoy Vermont at this superb tiny home!

Pet Gazebo

This is the Original Pet Gazebo! This model is 3ft in diameter, but they make 4ft, 5ft and 8ft models. @thepetgazebo makes some pretty sweet set ups that fit inside your tiny home, or outside. They also have features like extra shade panels for the side, food and water slots and different color tops to add some variety!

Who’s excited for Christmas?! @dirtandglass here with my final post of the Tiny House Movement takeover. I know you’re probably thinking “how would you call this a house?!” - well, I wouldn’t! It would be classified more as a micro-shelter, designed by tiny house guru @derekdiedricksen. Micro-shelters need some Christmas love too! I hope you enjoyed the takeover, be sure to check out my social channels (@dirtandglass on YouTube, IG, and more) to see more tiny houses and unique getaways!

Hot Fudge

I’m not sure if it is a secret recipe up to this point 1/2 cup butter (can be salted or unsalted) 6 oz (1 cup) semi-sweet chocolate chips (cannot use milk chocolate or it will be waxy) Melt the butter and chocolate together. Continue to stir for 6 minutes on low keeping mixture boiling. Eat over ice-cream, berries or let it cool and eat by the spoon full!

A lot of people ask me what my work space looks like in my container home. I use my kitchen counter space for my office and when I'm done, it all gets stored in the cabinets below the counter. . I've been using a @logitech mouse for the last 5 years because they are simple to use, stylish, and easy to travel with. This new #LogitechPebble has it's own compartment inside the cover of the mouse that fits the USB needed to hook up to my laptop. . A lot of tiny homes have built in desks, or fold down tables, or even murphy bed desks for their office space. For me, I prefer to just use the countertop. How do you #OwnYourSpace in your home? . . . . #sponsored #logitech #deskgoals #tinyhouse #tinyhome #tinyhousemovement #tinyhouse #desk #deskspace #tinyliving #homeiswhereyouparkit #travelgram #rvlife #shippingcontainers #containerhome

Winter Pie

One way to cut down on pretty decorations while you host is to make something pretty to serve! Decorating pretty pies has become my new favorite thing! Cut 2 TBS of butter into small squares and dot over fruit filling. Then pull pie out, cover edges with foil so they don’t burn and return pie for 40-45 minutes.

Hey everyone! @dirtandglass back for another day of tiny house goodness. Situated along the Baker river on the western side of the White Mountains in New Hampshire is this lovely off-the-grid paradise. Free from cell service, the only distraction is the sound of the river and the calls of many Nee England bird species. . . . . . #tinyhousemovement #tinyhouse #tinyhome #newhampshire #getaway #camping #cabin #cabins #outdoors #offgrid #mountain #mountains #glamping #vacation #nature #earth #earthfocus #moodygram

Hey tiny house fans! My name is Chris Daniele (aka @dirtandglass) and I’m going to be taking over Tiny House Movement for the next couple days. I am an architectural & lifestyle photographer based out of Western Massachusetts always in search of the coolest, most unique and exciting tiny houses, cabins, and off-the-grid getaways. This first is one that we are always drooling over, @honeycrisp_cottage in Putney, Vermont. This perfect blend of simple tiny living and modern timber-frame design always has us always coming back. It sits on 9 acres and is surrounded by beautiful forests and hiking trails.

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